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How to Install Glueless Lace Wig?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Glueless lace wigs are popular among most models and celebrities because of their convenience and nature. We have received many questions about glueless lace wigs, such as what does glueless lace wig mean? how do you put on a glueless lace wig? and so on. If you are interested in glueless lace wigs, keep reading, we will talk about these questions in the article.


  • 1. What is a glueless lace wig?
  • 2. Why choose a glueless lace wig?
  • 3. How to install glueless lace wigs? 
  • 4. Where to buy the best glueless silk top lace wigs?

First, let us talk about what a glueless lace wig is. 

What is a glueless wig? 

The glueless lace wigs are applied without any use of adhesive or glue. of course, if you want to use adhesive or glue to make it more natural, it is also no problem.


silk top glueless lace wig

You can opt for "glueless" lace front wigs or if you prefer you can choose "glueless" full lace wigs.

Usually, it can be fixed with an elastic belt, and inside there is a comb to fasten the wig on the scalp. Although the glueless wig is easy to wear, it still appears very realistic to the naked eyes. 

Why choose a glueless lace wig? 

There are some who are simply allergic to adhesives, the main benefits are that you don’t need to buy a lace front wig glue (adhesive) or any of the lace wig glue (adhesive) removers -once you buy your glueless lace cap wig, you're good to go! 

No tape or glue, therefore, makes applying and removing a wig very quick and convenient, if you are not looking for long-time wear, with glueless lace front or full lace wig, you can be able easily to take off their wigs before going to sleep each night. 

cheap glueless lace wigs

Benefits of Wearing Glueless Lace Wigs

  • 1. Protect your hairline
  • 2. Capabilities to treat natural hair and scalp daily
  • 3. Best suited for persons allergic to wig glues and certain wig tapes
  • 4. Easy to install with several combs and straps inside the wig cap
  • 5. Baby hairs all around the unit. 

How to install a glueless lace wig? 

To install your glueless lace front wig, you need to the follow things in advance:

1. Ensure that your natural hair is flat and secured under your wig cap. This can be achieved by braiding your natural hair into cornrows. Or you can simply tie it into a neat ponytail and braid it at the nape of your neck. How you secure your natural hair under the wig is based on the texture and length of your hair.

2. Secure your hair under a wig cap, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe the dirt off the your hairline and edge of your head.

3. Check the combs are correctly positioned. Ensure that the wig you have purchased has the small combs placed on different sides of the lace wig, around where your ears are positioned and on the sides of the back of the head.

Then let’s take a closer look at how to correctly install your glueless lace front wig:

The video below is a tutorial on the highlighted brown hair from the video! The install is glueless. She is doing this install fully glueless just only gotta be and this hair came from unice. 

Here is the tutorial of how Beauty via Jaleah installs a glueless wig

1. Pluck the lace 

It's pretty light flat ironed it and I straightened it, it didn't come ready to wear I did pluck it just a little bit, I'm gonna spray a little bit of the even tinted lace spray on the lace I plucked.it just a little bit but it did come ready to go but this looks really good. 

2. Spray the gotta on lace 

I'm gonna go ahead and pin back the hair so I can go ahead and start spraying they gotta be on my lace. I'm gonna wait till the hairspray is blow-dried on to cut off my ear tabs and focus on getting those down right now. 

3. Blow the lace 

I always have my blow dryer on a cool setting at the highest stand when I do this so always cool setting I'm gonna get in the spray the gotta be on the lace and pressing it down with a comb or my finger and then I'll come back when I'm ready okay. 

4. Razor off the excess lace 

so now I'm going to cut my hair into some sections so I can go ahead and razor off the excess lace, then I'm just going to go ahead and just start razoring off. I'm going to try to pull it up from the nevermind. 

5. Comb the baby hair 

Now that I have these little pieces flopping around I'm going to go ahead and use my rat tail comb to just make sure that's where it's going. 

She means this wig like picks her head like fits her head, she likes it very much. The same hair in the video is a pre-highlighted 13x4 lace frontal wig, it's not transparent lace, it's like a light brown but it's light enough for her.  

straight human hair highlighted wig

The glueless lace cap wigs work by the use of reinforced lace around the perimeter, adjustable straps at the back and clips, or wig combs that are attached to the top, sides, and back of the lace cap wig. 

The cap is constructed to “cling” to the head, ensuring the lace hairline lies against the head as they usually come with stretch panels, and if they don't then they'll be kitted out with adjustable straps, clips, or combs.

How Does A Glueless Lace Front Wig Work? 

The glueless lace cap wigs have reinforced lace around the perimeter and adjustable straps at the back and clips, or wig combs that are attached to the top, sides, and back of the lace cap wig. They are safer to use and easy to wear for hours. The best part is that they are harmless and one can remove them with ease without causing any mess to your natural hairs. 

Where to buy the best glueless silk top lace wigs?

The best wigs are made of human hair. No matter what kind of wigs you buy, you should find the most natural hair wig for yourself, you need to consider your other features. Such as your skin color, the shape of your face, the hairstyles you want, etc. 

unice highlighted wig

If you don’t know where to buy good wigs online, maybe you can try to search the UNice hair online, you can choose human hair lace front wigs, full lace wigs,360 lace wigs, transparent lace wigs, and other trendy wigs in any texture and color on sale now. 

Buy from UNice online wig store, The wigs are natural and the price is competitive, it is an online wig company that has been in the hair business for years. Their hair quality has been approved by lots of Youtubers and at the same time, as an OEM factory, you will be assured to get your human hair wigs of great quality at very affordable prices. 

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