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How Do You Hide Hair Extensions Wefts?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

To be honest, as much as we love hair extensions to add length or fullness, especially in hot summer, the importance is that no one knows you’re wearing hair extensions. Therefore, it’s super important to make sure your wefts are concealed so that your extensions blend seamlessly into your natural hair.

How To Hide Extensions Wefts

If you’re not familiar with how to hide hair extensions weft, we’ve put together a few tips on concealing your hair extension wefts to help you get a seamless blend so that no one will know you’re wearing human hair extensions.

1. Use Proper Amount Of Hair Extensions

Everyone desire full, thick hair so there is one question they will often ask: “How many bundles do I need?”. Although most hair bags carry a lot of hair, you don’t need all your hair most of the time. It actually depends on the hair type of your hair, your desired length, and how much hair you already have.

For example, straight hair extensions is usually less dense than curly hair, so you’ll need more bundles for a fuller look if you have straight natural hair. Instead, curly hair extensions usually has more density and does not necessarily need so many bundles to get a full look. For a full natural look, 2-3 bundles can be used.

Besides, be sure to consider the length you want as well. As a general rule, the longer the length of your hair extensions, the more bundles you will need.

Luckily, there is a simple way to know how much hair extensions you would need: when you grab all your hair in a ponytail, the thickness of the ponytail is how much hair you are going to need for adding.

There is a chart below to determine how many bundles of hair extensions you need according to different lengths for you as a reference.

LengthHow Many Bundles Do You Need?
12 inches 2
14 inches 3
16 inches 3
18 inches 3
20 inches 3
22 inches 3
24 inches 4
26 inches 4
28 inches 4

2. Add The Hair Extensions In The Right Area

When you try to add weft in hair to increase hair volume, there are some points you need to be aware of.

Don’t add wefts of hair extensions too high, for example, do not fix it in the position of the hairline we create, which will give away your human hair weaves or clip-in extensions.

Rather than clipping or braiding your hair extensions at the root, you can place them to sit about 1cm down from where your hair is parted, which can ensure that your wefts are lying flat to your head and also ensure the clips have enough hair to grab onto so that they’re super secure in your hair.


Don’t add the hair extensions close to your crown. After all, higher than eyebrows may make your natural hair too little and may belong sparse, and can’t properly hide those annoying clips.

Of course, if you insist on adding hair to your head, it is best for you to try to straighten your natural hair with styling tools so that it can mix with weft to complement each other.

Don’t add hair extensions too close to your scalp to avoid friction and damage after a long period of time.

3. Leave Enough Hair To Cover Wefts

In order to make sure your hair extension wefts can be totally covered you need to leave enough of your own hair on top of your extensions. This is why we don’t recommend clipping in your wefts any higher than eye level as well. Once they’re all clipped in as if any of the wefts, leave some natural hair falling over the extension to make the hair look a little more natural.

4. Backcomb The Hair Above

On a super windy day, your hair will be parted by the wind, thus exposing the top of your wefts. Thus, it’s worth backcombing the hair above to make sure you’re covered.


All you need to do is take the top section of hair to brush until they are smooth and then pull up until it is taut. Next, take a comb or backcombing brush to tease hair backward from towards the root to get volume at the roots.

Doing this will prevent it from parting so that your hair extensions wefts stay hidden underneath.

5. Use Root Touch Up Spray

As hair extensions don’t come with roots, they will contrast with the natural regrowth of your hair parts. To blend the top of the wefts perfectly into your own hair, you can use some root touch-up spray to create a faux root.


The root touch-up spray will make your extensions blend seamlessly into your natural hair at the top so that no one will notice you are wearing hair extensions.

6. Make Sure They’re holding Steady

There’s nothing like a weft slipping out of your hair to give away the fact that you’re wearing extensions. In order to hide hair extensions wefts, it is important for you to ensure your hair extensions are held in place.

Before you clip in or install them, you can backcomb your hair at the root so that the clips have more to grab onto. It is effective for fine hair as it can help to add some extra volume, too.

7. Add Hairspray To Hair

After you install all hair extensions, you need to make sure it is crisp or not provocative, thus appearing some flyaways. Nothing is better to add a little flexible hair gel to tame the top hair and hide wefts.

8. Layer Your Hair Extensions


To get a more natural look, you can ask a professional hairstylist to trim and layer hair extensions, which will blend your natural and hair extension hair together.

If you wear hair extensions and can't hide hair extensions wefts, please follow and try these tips. We believe these tips may help you a lot. Of course, if you have better tips, welcome to share them with us.

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