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How Do You Hide Hair Extensions In Very Short Hair?

Last updated Jun 24, 2024

As we all know, there are many benefits of using hair extensions, like getting a completely different look and providing more volume to thin hair, or more length to short hair. However, it is difficult for those people who have short natural hair to hide their hair extensions in very short hair for a natural appearance. In this blog, we will tell you how to hide extensions in short hair.

Why Do My Hair Extensions Blend With Short Hair?

Before diving into how to hide hair extensions in your short hair skillfully, let’s first explore why hair extensions can not blend with your short hair.

1. The weight and length of hair extensions is enough;

2. The hair extensions are made of synthetic hair and look unnatural and can not blend with your short hair;


3. The color of hair extensions is different from that of your natural hair.

4. You have a lob or blunt haircut;

Now we have learned the reason why hair extensions can not be hidden in short hair perfectly, then let us learn all the tips and tricks on how to hide hair extensions in short hair!

How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair?

1.Trim or Cut the Hair Extensions

When you have short hair, short extensions will look more natural than long extensions. In order to match your hair extensions with short hair, you can buy extensions between 16-18 inches from the market. If your hair is shorter than chin length, you can even go for shorter extensions.

Of course, if you buy extensions that are longer than you would like, you can trim them at home on your own or ask for some help from a professional hairstylist.

So how do cut hair extensions to blend with short hair?

First of all, you need to prepare a pair of scissors and a comb in advance and follow up the following tutorial.


Brush through your hair with a comb to locate the short pieces of your natural hair, which can indicate where to start cutting the hair extensions.

Then hold the section of hair in between your fingers, gently cut in a slow diagonal motion, take your scissors, and with the blades open, gently slide & slice in a slow diagonal motion until you reach your desired results.

During the process, it is important to keep the blades open and moving at all times. Be careful to make sure you don’t trim your natural hair. It is perfect for adding shape to the front sections of your hair for a more tapered look.


To point cut, pick up the ends and cut straight into the hair. With the point cutting technique, it is essential to cut in straight lines to avoid cutting any length. And the point cutting technique aims to feather the ends of the hair and get rid of any blunt lines.


With slithering, take your scissors straight down in the middle of the section and use the same sliding technique with your scissors open. Similar to the slicing technique, the slithering technique removes bulk to create more feathered locks and a tapered look throughout the hair, rather than the front layers.


Lastly, to blunt cut, pull all your hair in the front and comb through. Using your fingers as a guide, slide hands down the hair and stop at how much you want to trim, and use the point cutting technique for a more feathered appearance.

2. Select A Suitable Color For Hair Extensions

Women with ombre or balayage hair should choose the same color that will blend with the ends of their hair. Even if you have dark brown or black hair and most wefts will get occupied the crown of your head, you also need to make sure the color of the hair extensions blends more with the bottom part of hair strands than the top.

Besides, you can deceive the eyes of onlookers by clipping two wefts of different colors. For instance, one weft can be a chestnut brown color and another chocolate brown.

In a word, when installing hair extensions, you can choose to match the color of the extensions to your hair, or you can opt for a different color. You can even blend two colors.

When it comes to short hair, it can be easier to go with a lighter color than your natural color, which will help to blend the extensions in more easily.

If possible, don’t buy the extensions online. Instead, please visit a physical beauty supply store to finish your purchase.

Or you can choose to buy some human hair weaves from online suppliers and even don't need to pay a lot of attention to the color. After all, you can dye the extensions to match your current hair color.

Of course, To better color, ensure the extension’s color isn’t too far off from your natural hair color.

If the color of the extensions is different from the rest of your hair, it is best to find some ombre extensions.


3. Go For A Heavier Weight Set

It’s of great importance for girls with short hair to find the right hair extensions weight set for their hair type! If you have short hair, nothing is better than choosing extensions with 220-gram extensive weight sets since many wefts will be required to hide extensions in very short hair without leaving any visible traces.

Don’t fall for the lighter set because it will look unnatural and uncomfortable. In addition, please don’t get sucked into the idea that having more hair is always better, too.

4. Curl Or Straighten The Extensions


If you want to hide extensions with short hair, you can try to take a small part of the hair extension that are made of 100% virgin huamn hair, blend them with natural hair strands, and then curl or straighten them together to make sure look more natural. More importantly, switching styles once in a while helps to refresh and elevate your appearance towards amazingness.

However, it’s worthy to note that don’t apply too much heat to synthetic hair extensions.

5. Hide The Bases Of Your Short Hair

It is perhaps the most important step in concealing hair extensions in short hair. One of the ways to do it is to pin the bottom of the hair with some hairpins into your head. You can also cover the bottom parts of your hair with a quick braid for beautiful, neat hair.

6.Pile Wefts Up

Try to pile up your wefts one after another to add extra volume to the weft. You can clip it into your hair to smoother your hair.

7. Make A Lovely Braid

Braiding is also a powerful “weapon” to get rid of bluntness from cutting the hair and makes the extensions blend more naturally.

To avoid other people recognizing you are wearing hair extensions, cut the hair around both ears, create a gorgeous braid, and pin it tightly to your head. It can help you cover your short hair sections and allows you to move around freely without touching your hair 24/7 to hide the bases.

We have already shown you the main tips on how to hide extensions in short hair effortlessly. To learn more about different ways to hide very short hair in extensions, please comment below or contact us directly.

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