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How to Get Tight Curls, Your Ultimate Guide

Last updated Apr 16, 2024

Many people continue to like the eternal attractiveness of tight curls despite the always shifting fashion trends in hairstyles. Here, we go into great detail about tight curls in this extensive tutorial, along with instructions on how to get and keep your own stunning curls.

tight curls

How to Get Tight Curls

The easiest way is to get a tight curl perm, but if you just want to try this hairstyle for a short time, you can try DIY, mainly using a curling iron. The video below may help you get better guidance.

Tight Curls With Curling Iron

◆ Use a small-barrel curling iron (diameter of around 0.5 to 1 inch) to get tight curls.

◆ Next, separate your hair into smaller parts and wrap each area around the curling iron.

◆ Hold the curling iron in place for ten to fifteen seconds before releasing it.

◆ Once you're done styling, wait until all of your curls have cooled before using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to part them gently in order to add additional volume.

Hairstyles With Tight Curls

Tight Curls Long Hair

Tight Curls Long Hair

Tight Curls Short Hair

Tight Curls Short Hair

Tips for Maintaining Tight Curls

When we get a new hairstyle, we will think of ways to maintain it, especially curly hair. Curly hair easily lacks moisture and becomes frizzy. On how to care for it, we turned to professional hairdressers to get some advice.

Moisturize Regularly

Naturally occurring or chemically treated, curls have a tendency to be dry, therefore it's critical to moisturize them. When washing your hair, you can comb through your curly hair with a wide-tooth comb first, and then use a moisturizing hair lotion or deep conditioner to keep your hair hydrated.

Use Silk Products

Think about using a satin or silk pillowcase or putting on a satin bonnet to shield your hair from the flattening of your curls as you sleep. Click to see more: How To Sleep With Curly Hair.

Reduce the Frequency of Heat Styling

I suggest air drying or using a diffuser while blow drying wet curly hair. After chemically treating tight curls, it is important to minimize the usage of curling irons and hair straighteners as they can produce frizz and damage to the hair.

Ultimately, it's crucial to take care of your curly hair gently and refrain from pulling it. Your hair will get healthier with careful maintenance.

How to Loosen Tight Curls in Black Hair Naturally

Here are some natural ways to relax tight curls if your curls are too little and you want them to be fuller.

tight hair perm

Coconut Oil Treatment

It's common knowledge that coconut oil is moisturizing. Massage heated coconut oil into your hair, paying special attention to the curls, and leave it in for at least 30 minutes before rinsing with a mild cleaner. This may cause curls to become more pliable and controllable.

Aloe Vera Gel

To uniformly distribute the product, apply a tiny amount of aloe vera gel to damp hair and massage it gently. Aloe vera lessens frizz and helps hydrate and shape curly hair.

Stretching Advice

To stretch your curls, utilize heat styling products or experiment with kinder techniques. When your hair is still moist, you can try twisting or braiding it and allowing it to air dry. Curls may get longer and less tight as a result of this.

Tight Curls vs Loose Curls vs Spiral Curls

Natural curls come in a variety of popular forms, such as tight curls, loose curls, and spiral curls. These gorgeous natural hairstyles each have unique characteristics of their own.

Tight curls are characterized by tightly curled or coiled hair strands that create small spring-like curls. These curls have a smaller diameter and frequently have a closely packed appearance. Natural, tight curls may require more moisture care to prevent frizz and maintain definition. Typically, type 3C and 4 hair often exhibit tight curls.

Loose curls are more relaxed and wider in diameter than tight curls. They form into soft waves or curls and flow more loosely down the hair shaft. Type 2 hair can be called loose curls.

Spiral curls have a uniform spiral pattern that often creates a visually striking look. Usually uniformity and tightness from root to tip. Type 3 hair is more similar to spiral curls, specifically types 3A and 3B.


Due to their indisputable allure, tight curls have endured the ages, winning people over and attracting attention. Come and try this hairstyle, I'm looking forward to the charming moments you share!

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