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How to Get the Cuban Twist Hairat Home

Last updated Nov 10, 2023

Natural beauty never goes out of style, no matter what. People from all walks of life are now embracing their natural curls, coils and waves. Cuban twists are one of the most glamorous and versatile options for natural hair. This unique and eye-catching hairstyle is popular for its distinctive look and ease of care.
In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about Cuban twist hairstyles, including your concerns about how to get Cuban twists!

What is a Cuban Twist Hair?

What is a Cuban Twist Hair

Cuban Twist is a protective hairstyle that wraps synthetic hair around natural hair. It creates a voluminous, textured, statement-making look that can last for weeks if properly cared for. The Cuban twist hairstyle is often associated with Caribbean culture, but its appeal has long transcended cultural boundaries. Bold and beautiful, the Cuban twist is a popular choice for those looking for something unique and expressive.

Origin of the Cuban Twist hair styles

The name "Cuban Twist" conjures up images of Cuba, but was formed by drawing inspiration from Caribbean cultures, including a variety of traditions and styles from countries as diverse as Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The Cuban twist hairstyle is a legacy and adaptation of the intricate and artistic braiding and twisting techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation in these different cultures. These techniques have been modernized and refined to create the stunning Cuban twist hairstyles we see today.

Why Choose Cuban Twist Hair Styles?

Why Choose Cuban Twist Hair Styles

UNIQUE BEAUTY: One of the main reasons so many people love Cuban twist hairstyles is their striking beauty. The twists and coils create a dramatic voluminous look that will turn heads wherever you go. It's a hairstyle that exudes confidence and personality.

VERSATILITY: Cuban twist hairstyles are very versatile. You can customize the size and length of the twists to your liking. In addition, you can experiment with different colors and ombre for a truly unique look. Whether you prefer funky short hair or long flowing locks, Cuban twist hairstyles can accommodate your style.

LOW MAINTENANCE: Despite their sophisticated appearance, Cuban twist hairstyles are relatively low maintenance. Once installed, they can last for weeks with proper care. This means you can enjoy a fabulous look without the daily hassle of styling your natural hair.

PROTECTIVE HAIRSTYLE: The Cuban Twist is a protective hairstyle, which means it helps to protect your natural hair from the damaging effects of everyday styling and environmental factors. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to promote healthy hair growth.

How Much Is Cuban Twist Hair?

The price of Cuban twist hair extensions can vary greatly depending on the brand, length, and quality of the extensions. A pack of Cuban twist hair extensions can cost anywhere from $5 to $20 or more.

Additionally, if you plan to have a professional stylist install your hair extensions, then you need to take into account the cost of installation, which depends on the stylist's rates and the complexity of the hairstyle.

Installing Cuban Twist Hair At Home

Cuban Twist hair installation can be done in a salon or at home, depending on your preference and skill level. Here's a basic guide to installing Cuban Twist hair at home:

Materials Needed:

●Cuban Twist hair extensions

●Rat-tail comb

●Hair clips

●Edge control or styling gel

●Hair ties


●Hair dryer (optional)

Installation Steps:

Prepare Your Hair

Begin by washing and drying your hair. If you have natural hair, keep it nourished and tangle-free. If you have relaxed or straightened hair, consider braiding or twisting it to provide a strong foundation for the extensions.

Section Your Hair

Using the rat-tail comb, divide your hair into small, controllable portions and fasten the remainder with hair ties or clips.

Apply Edge Control

Apply a small amount of edge control or styling gel to the roots of each section to help smooth and secure the extensions.

Attach Extensions

Take a section of Cuban twisted hair and fold it in half. Place it at the roots of your natural hair and start twisting them together. Continue twisting until you reach the ends of your hair.

Secure the Ends

Use a hairpin or small elastic band to secure the ends of the twist.


Repeat the process for each section of your hair until you've achieved your desired look.


Use a Hair Dryer: Some people use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment to set the twists and speed up the drying process.

Care of Cuban Twist Hairstyles

Care of Cuban Twist Hairstyles

Proper care is essential to keep your Cuban twist hairstyle beautiful. Here are some tips for caring for your Cuban twist hairstyle:

Moisturize Regularly: Just like your natural hair, Cuban twist hair extensions need to be moisturized regularly. Use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to keep your extensions soft and moisturized.

Protect at Night: To prevent frizz and keep your twists intact, wear a satin or silk hat or scarf while you sleep.

Avoid overheating: You can use a hair dryer with a diffuser to style your twists, but avoid overheating as this can damage synthetic hair.

Wash gently: If your Cuban twisted hair starts to get dirty, you can wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo and cold water, remembering to wash gently to avoid tangles.

Trim as needed: As your hair grows naturally, the twists at the roots may become loose. To maintain your hairstyle, you can re-twist the roots as needed.


The Cuban Twist is a beautiful and expressive hairstyle, whether you're attending a special event or just want to embrace your natural beauty, the Cuban Twist is a great choice. With proper installation and care, you can enjoy this stunning hairstyle for weeks on end while protecting your natural hair. Why not try the Cuban Twist and let your hair be a canvas for self-expression and creativity?

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