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Can Wigs Cause Acne?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Have you found that whenever you wear your wigs you tend to get breakouts on your forehead along the line on which you placed your wig, or on your scalp? Can wigs cause acne? Many wig wearers don't have the exact answer. In this article, we will talk about the right answer, and how to get rid of and treat acne.

What Is Acne?


Acne is a skin common condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells and also called pimples or zits. It causes whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples. Most often, the outbreaks occur on the face but can also appear on the back, chest, and shoulders.

Can Wigs Cause Acne?


Actually, human hair wigs will cause acne predominantly on your forehead because of contact dermatitis. And contact dermatitis is caused by the constant movement of the wig on the forehead, which causes inflammation that results in acne.

Luckily, there are some useful ways to prevent acne. Keep reading to learn more ways to prevent forehead acne.

How To Prevent Wig Acne

As is well known, prevention is always better than cure! That’s why the best way to prevent scalp acne is to ensure that you are maintaining your wig and using the correct products and hygiene methods. Here are 3 ways you can get rid of scalp acne:

1. Properly Apply Styling Products

Although using care and styling products is important to take care of and style your lace front wig, excessive product use while wearing the wig clogs the scalp which eventually causes pimples on your skin.

Therefore, when you apply these products, please make sure to apply products with your hands and cautiously apply them far from the hairline and avoid using too many hair products as possible as you can, such as hairsprays and gels.

When you use hair products at home, we suggest tying a band or scarf along the hairline before spraying and wiping your forehead just in case you have any products left on your skin.


2. Regularly Wash Your Wig And Scalp

Wig and scalp hygiene plays an essential role in avoiding clogged pores. After all, our body produces oils and sweat every day and every once in a while we apply products to our hair to keep it moisturized and shiny. In this case, the build-up of products and dirty hair will lead to acne both on the skin and scalp.

Thus, the wig should be washed at least once a week. Of course, the frequency of washing your wig mainly depends on how your lifestyle.

If you often go to the gym, work in a kitchen, or in a dusty environment, you need to wash your wig and your natural hair more often to ensure your natural hair and scalp under the wig are fully protected at all times.

3. Don’t Wear Your Wig As Often

If you often wear a wig, it will easily heighten the chance of experiencing acne due to the increased friction and inflammation, as well as the larger amount of time your pores are in contact with sweat and dirt. So don’t wear your wig every day and sometimes give your natural hair and scalp a break.

We know it is a difficult thing to do. However, if you have bad forehead acne that was caused by your wig, must consider giving it a break at least until you’ve managed to clear up the acne.

How To Treat Acne Caused Wearing A Wig?

Every people have different reactions to wigs, products, and methods. If you are experiencing acne caused by wearing HD lace wigs, don’t stress. Here are a few treatment methods to help you treat acne.

1. Use medicated shampoos that contain a range of natural and gentle agents such as tea tree and salicylic acid when washing your hair and scalp, which will assist in washing away excess oil and debris, as well as removing bacteria, allowing for a clean scalp;

2. Eat more food that supply of vitamins A and E;

3. Keep your hands off your face;

4. Don't forget to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily;

5. Make sure you spend at least 15 to 20 minutes every day doing yoga or mediation, which will help rejuvenate your body and mind which in turn helps bring down your stress levels;


6. Try not to let these hair products come in contact with your skin;

7. Keep your face clean and wash it once or twice a day with mild soap or face wash;

8. Change your pillow cover once in four days and choose a pillow cover that is made out of natural fabric.

9. Never skip washing and cleansing your face with a mild face wash after an intense or sweaty workout session.

10. See a doctor and ask for professional treatments;

How To Wash Your Wig to Prevent Acne (A Step-by-Step Guide)

We have known it is extremely important to wash a wig to get rid of and treat acne. With a clean wig, it will not only look and smell fresh and amazing, but the cleanliness of it will reduce the amount of dirt buildup on your scalp and hairline, reducing the risk of getting skin acne.

Now, have a look at the guide on how to wash a human hair wig professionally step by step.

Step 1: Untangle The Wig

First of all, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently brush these knots out before washing, which will allow the shampoo and conditioner to reach all areas of your wig easily, thus providing a thorough clean, as well as avoiding any product being trapped and remaining in your wig.

It is best to start from the bottom and work your way up toward the roots.

Step 2: Rinse The Wig

The next step is to get your lace front wig wet. Place your wig under the faucet and use cool to lukewarm water to fully submerge it.

After rinsing, gently remove the excess water with your hands, and do not rub, twist, or wring it.

If you have a long-length wig, place it under a shower faucet to prevent the locks from going down the drain.

Step 3: Apply The Shampoo

Place a small amount of shampoo into your hands and stroke the hair from roots to ends, keeping the shampoo away from the wig cap.

To remove the shampoo, run cool water from the base down to the bottom of the hair. Once you’ve gotten rid of the shampoo, use a towel to gently blot the hair before applying conditioner.

Notice: 1. It’s important not to be heavy-handed when it comes to shampooing and avoid scrubbing or rubbing the hair as it could damage the strands.

2. For the best results, please use a clarifying shampoo that is specially made for human hair wigs that are gentle enough not to damage the hair and they are designed especially for your wig’s needs.


Step 4: Apply The Conditioner

Gently apply the conditioner evenly to the hair, starting from the top, brushing downwards to the ends. And allow the conditioner to leave on the wig for about 5 minutes. Of course, it is best to follow the directions on the bottle.

Once the time is up, run cold water from the top of the wig down to the ends of the strands to make you get rid of all the conditioner before blotting it dry.

That is because if any conditioner is left in the wig, it will increase the chance of dust and sweat building up in the wig, thus creating an acne breakout.

Step 5: Dry The Wig

Remove the wig from the water, lay it on a dry towel, pat dry gently, and then leave it on a wig stand to air dry.

Once it’s no longer wet, you can style your wig as you normally would.

Notice: Avoid using a blow dryer and brushing the hair until the lace wig is completely dry.

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