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How To Get Beach Wave Hair At Home?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

In the summertime, no hair texture like beach wave screams summer. As an effortless look, beach wave always has its moment, and it especially fits the summer vibe. And the beach wave is a classic style and its bundles are similar to loose wave bundles, it never goes out of style and evolves into many varieties. Meanwhile, being versatile, beach wave is suitable for all ages, face shapes, hair lengths, and colors.

Beach wave as its name tells, and the texture looks like ocean waves. The look gives people an illusion that you just got out of bed in the morning and still look gorgeous. The hair is saying, “I just woke up like this”, but the hair still looks stunning.

Before you use any tools to start styling.

You should Prep your hair with the right products, you can use volumizing mousse to add more volume and enhance the texture. And it's best to let your hair air dry.

Flat iron

Flat iron

First, you need to put yours between the iron plates. After that, close the iron and use your hair to wrap the iron outside, and twist the iron and slide down your hair which parts you want to be wavy. And apply some hairspray to help the style last longer.

Curling iron

Curling iron

After separating the hair, you can take the inches of your hair and start curling the part. And you can leave some of your hair unstyled for a more natural look. You can make the curl away from your face to avoid a messy look.

Without heat tools

There are some ways to create beach waves without damaging your hair with heat tools.

1. Use a headband or curling ribbon

Use a headband or curling ribbon

Put the headband on the center of your head. Then grab the parts of your hair that you want to curl, and twist the sections around your headband. After finishing the twisting, use a hair tie to secure the end. And use the braid to do a side bun. If you style your hair before going to sleep, it's best for your hair to sleep with a silk pillowcase in case of frizz. You can just fix and finish the style by using hairspray the next morning.

2. Wave-enhancing sprays and creams

Wave enhacing spray

After washing your hair, you can use a towel or air to dry your hair. Then spray the wave-enhancing sprays on your hair from the root to the tip. And twist your hair while spraying the product. At last, you can just sit to wait for styling and finish with hairspray.

3. Brading your hair and use volumizing texture spray

Brading your hair

You can just pull your hair and twist your hair into two braids, it's the easiest way to get a beach wave. You can just have a try before you use other methods, and you may get a desirable result.

As for how to create the look. You can just use hair bundles to add your hair volume and length if you have problems with hair loss and thinning. You can achieve the desired results with just some right methods and products. It is easy to make it happen, and it's also effortless to maintain. It would be great for people who want to change their looks but fret about the results, so the look is also easy to maintain in summer.

Now here we introduce some simple ways to create the beach wave look:

We can see that the look gives people a lazy, relaxing, and natural vibe. And the secret is to create a natural look, leaving the ends of your hair unstyled. And you should know the truth that you will get bouncy curly hair instead of waves if you put too much work on your hair.

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And if you use straight hair bundles, it's perfect to change this look in simple ways.

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Of course, you can just go to book a salon appointment if you don't have enough confidence to try it yourself. And don't forget to maintain the style for a better look and effect.

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