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Bangs Guide: How to Get and Style Choppy Bangs

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

We know that choosing bangs that you haven't tried before can be a risky and difficult decision to make. That's why we want to make sure you have all the information you need about what they are and who they fit before you decide whether to make the change. Perfectly suited bangs can bring back your confidence and a smile.

Choppy bangs transform your look by focusing attention on your face and adding mystery, sex appeal and glamour to your look. Models and celebrities alike are bringing choppy bangs back to the masses. Today, we want to tell you all about the coolest and most cutting-edge choppy bangs. Would you give them a chance?

What are choppy bangs?

Choppy bangs are bangs created by cutting techniques that are often above the eyebrows to remove volume and weight from the ends of the hair and create a lighter, thinner effect.

Who fits choppy bangs?

One of the biggest advantages of choppy bangs over thicker or shorter options is that they can be adapted to any face shape or hairstyle and can soften angular facial features. They are especially ideal for dark hair. But not all hair types are suitable for choppy bangs, they are best suited for fine, straight hair and if you have curly or frizzy hair then it is best not to try these bangs.

How should I take care of my choppy bangs?

Human hair grows about 0.4 inches per month, and while you may not usually notice any changes, you will definitely notice your bangs growing. That's why you go to the salon every few months. If you use a blow-dryer or styling tools regularly, then we recommend using protective products in your routine to protect your hair from the heat.

Choppy bangs hairstyles you can try

1: Short hair choppy bangs

1. short hair choppy bangs

You can have individual bangs with short hair. Don't think you can't have bangs with short hair! Be bold and try it.

Styling: Use a comb or a paddle brush with a lightweight styler. We recommend blow-drying your bangs before doing the rest of your hairstyle. Use a styling spray for light hold and shine and use hot air while combing through your bangs until your bangs are 80% dry.

While finishing the blow-dry, direct your hair in the direction you want it to go, either flush or with a side parting, and this is not time-consuming and only takes 2-3 minutes at most.

2: Slightly curled choppy bangs

2: Slightly curled choppy bangs

Hot weather and heavy bangs always seem a little antithetical, as those who live in warm climates all year round can attest. In hot and humid conditions, your bangs can get messy and stick together from sweating, which is not a pleasant combination.

Try slightly curled choppy bangs. Bangs that are an inch or so above your eyebrows aren't as thick or curly, and when they are separated, they look piecemeal rather than strung together.

Hairstyle: Have your stylist place the bangs between your eyebrows and the center of your forehead. But be careful with the length, any shorter and you'll have small bangs.

Styling: To style short bangs, use a comb instead of a brush. Place the comb on the top of your bangs, slowly move it towards the ends, and then use a hair dryer. Use a product like Texture Balm to effortlessly make bangs messy and have a cool matte finish.

3: Short choppy bangs for fall

3: Short choppy bangs for fall

In the summer, bangs can be frustrating. They get sweaty, frizzy and look messy. But as the weather gets cooler, bangs are a fun and easy way to update your look. Short and neat, they flatter your face and don't let your hair get in the way of your eyes.

Hairstyle: Short bangs are lighter, so they don't generate as much heat and sweat as long bangs, and they don't tend to have unattractive split ends. Even if you have strong features such as a prominent jawline or wide nose, they work well to flatter.

Styling: Short bangs are easy to style because the reduced length minimizes the curl pattern. Even if you struggle with designing other types of bangs, short bangs are a breeze.

4: Punk-inspired choppy bangs

4: Punk-inspired choppy bangs

Short layers and short bangs transform the overall look from demure to bold. The short top and long bottom have a bold, punk feel to them. The top layers can look sleek and well-manicured, or even styled as a Mohawk. This hairstyle highlights the eyes and cheekbones for a more open face.

Hairstyle: Ask your stylist to create a silhouette that falls over the shoulders, with clean edges and the same length throughout the head. Add short bangs and textured layers that correspond to the shape of your head to create a flat, lean silhouette.

Color: All light colors or add some highlights at the top to accentuate discontinuity and enhance the drama of the look.

Styling: For at-home styling, take a little of each texture paste and hairspray and mix. Apply to damp, clean hair, massage from root to tip, wait for hair to dry, and use fingers to make bangs nice and messy.

5: Curly choppy bangs

5: Curly choppy bangs

Long bangs are great to look at, and they look great on some people. But, like any trend, they don't suit everyone. If you have long bangs, you may often feel like your bangs get oily easily, look sloppy, or often feel like a bit of an eyesore.

Once you don't want long bangs, you may think the solution is to let his bangs grow to the same length as the rest of your hair. But I have a better idea. Cut it a little shorter. Yes, short bangs are really magical.

Short choppy bangs can accentuate your cheekbones. Lifting the design line away from your eyebrows, it makes your eyes look bigger and your cheekbones look higher and more layered. It also makes your face visually look longer, minimizes the presence of a large nose, and flattens a square jawline.

Hairstyle: Short bangs make hair look thicker and fuller. Even very textured bangs will have more volume and substance than the long hair variation. They are a great balance for a voluminous hairstyle.

Styling: Choppy bangs can be as easy to style as a regular curly or wavy girl's hairstyle.

Summing up

choppy bangs have the power to change your life; don't be afraid to try, be brave and sell the first step to change!

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