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How To Get Blue Black Hair And How To Maintain It?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Over the past few months, blue black hair has been sweeping through salons as a new hair color trend that looks fun and cool. But deciding to dye blue black hair is a bold move that requires commitment and can damage your hair if you are not careful. how to make perfect blue black hair dye?

black blue hair

1.What is perfect blue black hair?

blue black hair

Black blue hair sounds like an easy color to get because it is roughly a combination of dark blue and black, a very subtle color. But it is often the most subtle colors that are the most difficult to obtain. Successful blue black hair is meant to look black like native hair in dim lighting and a deep midnight blue in sunlight. The perfect black and blue hair will have different colors depending on the lighting. For those who think black is too boring and blue is too bold to try, blue and black hair is the best hair color.

2. How to get blue black hair?

2.1 Preparation

Buy a dye, because blue black hair is a dark color, so you may need to use a certain amount of bleach if your hair is light. Before you start, take off all your jewelry and wear gloves on your hands to prevent the dye from damaging your metal jewelry. In addition, wear a protective film around your neck or an unwanted garment to avoid the dye from soaking into your skin.


●Tips: No matter what kind of bleaching tool you use, follow the instructions on the bleach to try it out. After all, the ingredients and content of each brand are different to avoid problems that shouldn't be there, and you are advised to follow the instructions strictly.

2.2 Mix the bleach and apply it evenly

After taking the bleach out, mix it well or shake these liquids well. It is important to make sure that your bleach is well mixed so that the color of the bleached hair will be more even. Then, apply the bleach evenly on your hair. Don't forget to comb your hair with your hands while applying the bleach so that your hair is evenly exposed to the bleach.

Mix the bleach and apply it evenly

Tips: After bleaching, you need to rinse your hair with a shampoo that has a strong cleansing effect. Since bleach opens the cuticle in your hair, your hair will become very dry without the protection of the cuticle. So don't forget to nourish your hair with a moisturizing shampoo after washing, for example, you need a bottle of deep nourishing conditioner.

2.3 Apply colorant

Take out a small bowl, add one-third of the moisturizing conditioner to the bowl, then squeeze out a bottle of black and blue hair dye and mix the dye well. After the mixing is done, put on gloves and apply the dye evenly on your hair. The expected time for these dyes to stay on your hair is about fifteen minutes. After the time has passed, just rinse off the dye with water and wash until the color is no longer washed out or until the water becomes clear.
Apply colorant

●Tips: The dye will inevitably touch your skin during the dyeing process, so it is recommended that you apply some petroleum jelly to your forehead before applying the dye to effectively avoid staining around your hair and skin. If you want to create blue highlights on black hair, you can use tin foil to separate the hair that needs highlighting.

3. How to maintain blue black hair?

3.1 Avoid cleaning your hair too soon

void cleaning your hair too soon

Blue black hair is indeed a very attractive hair color, but for freshly colored hair it is best to avoid washing your hair for 72 hours and avoiding contact with water for three days. This will allow the hair follicles to absorb the dye. The cuticle is the hair that needs enough time to close up and keep the dye in the hair.

3.2 Use color-care shampoo

Use color-care shampoo

Make an effort to use the right products to take care of it! Read the labels of your chosen products carefully and look out for ingredients that may discolor your hair. If you see the word "clarify" on the bottle, put it down! This will darken your beautiful blue-black hair.

3.3 Deep condition once a week

 Deep condition once a week

A moisturizing conditioner can be a good moisturizer for your hair and can effectively prevent dryness after coloring. A weekly deep treatment will help restore moisture to your hair and lock the color in your hair.

3.4 Avoid overheating to set your hair.

Avoid overheating to set your hair.

It's tempting to blow dry and flatten your hair every time you style it, but this can cause major damage to the color and the hair itself. Dyed hair is usually more brittle than natural hair. This brittleness is worsened by heat, so it is usually best to limit hair exposure to high temperatures to keep hair and color in top condition. If you can't stay away from the heat, use heat protection products such as sprays and serums to ensure your hair can withstand the heat.

4. Gorgeous blue black hair

UNice has handpicked two of the most exquisite looking blue black hair for you, including one with blue highlights on black hair. It helps you to maintain healthy hair while trying out new hair colors.

4.1 Skunk stripe black blue lace front wig

Skunk stripe black blue lace front wig

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Skunk stripe gives you a full sense of the popular picking technique, highlighting the sides of the cheeks to give your face a glossy look. The overall black blue tone looks to have a very rich color, suitable for any season wear, not too bright color also increases the practicality of the wig.

4.2 Silver blue 13*4 lace front wig

Silver blue 13*4 lace front wig

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This blue black hair has no highlighting, but the overall color is as stunning as glacial blue. It adds a bit of silver hair shine to the inky blue hair. It will help you achieve the most subtle black blue hair - indoors like native black hair, with a blue sheen when exposed to sunlight.

5. Conclusion

Blue black hair is very beautiful and it takes some patience and skill to try to dye it yourself. Through this article, I hope you got your own satisfying blue black hair and learned how to take care of your hair.

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