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How To Find a Reliable Wholesale Hair Vendor Online?

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If you are considering venturing into the hair business, this can be a smart move because the hair industry is one of the industries expected to see tremendous growth. The current annual hair sale is estimated between $8-10 billion. This is why everyone wants to get a share of this lucrative industry. 

okay, guys so here's the long-awaited article that you guys have been asking for how to find a good hair vendor online, just as you know, it is super hard for beginners to find good hair wholesale vendors, but with my tips and tricks, it'll make it a little bit easier to finding a consistent vendor or finding you know what works for you. 

Now I'm going to give you some tips on finding virgin hair vendor websites and ways you can find them in places you can go that you can find them as well. This article gives you the ultimate guide to help you choose the right hair vendor. Keep on reading to learn more. There are many ways you can find the vendor online, I'm gonna show you now. Keep reading: 

Tips for How to Become a Hair Distributor

6 Tips for How to Become a Hair Distributor 

1. Do your research

Before anything, you need t make a list of your potential wholesale hair vendors. After that, you need to do extensive research about each of them. You can also find more information about your potential vendors on their websites. Gather as much information about these distributors as much as you can. After that, you can contact each store to ask them whichever questions you have.

2. Get to know your selected vendor

After researching your hair distributor and picking the vendor of your choice. It’s now time to know them better. Of course, you need to work with a trustworthy and reliable vendor. Your ordered goods should reach you on time. If you are dealing with an overseas company, you can use video calls on Skype for your communication.

It is easy to know how responsive a company is and how kind their employees are just via a few messages with the hair wholesalers. Trust your guts. If you notice any potential problems, such as unresponsive vendors, vendors giving out unreasonable promises, or a sloppy website, just pass and look for another vendor. This can help you avoid facing so many problems in the future.

3. Read the company’s Fine Print

The next crucial step you need to take is to read the company’s fine print. What are the company’s sale conditions?  Is there a guarantee on their promise? The company should have all these data included on their website if indeed they are reliable hair vendors. In addition to that, the company should include return policies and shipping times on their websites, too. If all this data is lacking, that indicates a red alert, and you need to avoid doing business with that particular vendor as much as you can.

4. Ask the vendor for samples

Type of hair products

A trustworthy and reliable hair vendor should offer samples. This is the only way you will know which kind of hair are you committing your money to. It would be unwise of you to put a bulk order of unseen products. Ask the vendor to provide you with a straight or wavy hair sample. You can then install the hair on yourself, your friend, or your colleague. You can dye, light, or heat the hair to see how it behaves. This is the only way you can determine if the hair is of high quality.  Samples generally are an excellent way to gauge the quality of a particular hair. This is why you should never ignore asking the seller to provide you with a sample.

5. Choose the right payment channel

If you want your transactions with the vendor to go smoothly, you need to choose a convenient payment method. One of the most secure and convenient payment methods is PayPal. It is also used in almost all countries. Other payment methods you can consider include Western Union, Sezzle, etc.

6. Start thinking about your business plan

Now that you have found the right hair vendor, it is time to make your business plan. Are you considering being a retailer or a distributor? Are you planning to sell the hair online or at a beauty shop? If you are planning to sell plenty of hair, you need to choose a vendor who has enough products that meet your requirements.

However, it is advisable to start with minimum orders to ensure that the hair is of high quality. Once you have understood all the aspects of the hair business and you start making huge sales, you can increase your orders. You can also look for a mentor in the hair business to offer you insights that can help your business grow. 

Things you should consider before you choose a wholesale vendor online 

1. Hair quality

2. Type of hair products

3. Hair package

4. Hair price

5. Free gifts

6. Customer service

7. Return policy

8. Design label

9. Shipment

10. Payment methods

buy now pay later hair

Once you find a vendor there are questions that you need to know about your vendor, such as you can ask your vendor to give you their price for a consistent price list of every single thing they offer.

Other questions that you can ask are just like how do they produce the hair products? Are there synthetic fibers in their hair? Have they ever had issues with lice?

Do they offer custom packaging or custom boxes or tags or bundle wraps or satin bags, you can also ask them will they let you tour their facility or their factory wig factory through video chat you can also ask to see the physical product through video chat those are some things that you can ask them and see what they say. Besides, if you have questions can ask them directly. 

Where to find a reliable wholesale hair vendor? 

If you want to get the most sales out of your hair business, you need to ensure that you sell high-quality hair. No customer will come back to you if you sold them low-quality hair. The only way you can ensure that the hair you are selling is of high quality is by partnering with a reputable hair vendor. Unfortunately, finding the best hair vendor can sometimes be quite challenging because there are plenty of them in the market, making it hard to know which one is better than the other.

If you have made up your mind about starting a hair business, but you don’t know how and where to find a wholesale hair vendor, you are in the right place.

UNice Hair, as one of the leading manufacturers and brands from China, focuses on providing reliable and natural 100% virgin human hair.  We source the globe, to provide the different regions of hair such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian & Indian hair to distributor business owners & wholesale vendors all around the world.  

Our capacity & capability allow for us to not only handle the volume of production & order but also maintain the highest quality of virgin human hair.  Therefore, we’re able to pass on an amazingly competitive rate for our clientele to grow with us.   

What benefits you can if you wholesale hair from UNice?  

1. Hair Quality 

The hair we sell is 100% human virgin hair. It is not chemically processed and it is steam processed.  The hair can be dyed, curl, restyle with no shed, no tangle. 

What benefits you can if you wholesale hair from UNice?

2. Multiple Hair products 

Hair bundles: Body Wave/ Curly Hair/ Straight Hair/ Natural Wave/ Deep Wave/ Loose Wave/ Super Wave/ Water Wave

Hair Closure:4*4 Lace Closure/ 5*5 Lace Closure/ 6*6 Lace Closure/ 7*7 Lace Closure 

Hair Frontal:13*4 Lace Frontal/ 13*6 Lace Frontal/360 Lace Frontal 

Hair Wigs: Natural Black Hair Wigs/ Colored Wigs/ Blonde Wigs 

3. Wholesale price 

We have our own factory, so the factory-direct price is very competitive with the same quality hair in the hair market. 

4. Exclusive customer service 

1. Help u out during the whole order processing 

2. Free label service: Over $500, we can design and print your own label

3. Expedited shipping available: Order over$ 800, free expedited shipping 

4. Global Warehouse available 

5. Sample order available 

To make sure you can test the hair before you buy hair in bulk order, we offer sample orders. you can choose any hair texture from length 8-10 inches. The sample order is only for 1 bundle of hair. Pls, be noticed the sample order price is very low, so we can only offer 1 bundle sample order.

6. Multiple Payment Methods 

1. Credit or Debit Card 

2. Paypal Standard Payment 

3. Bank/Wire Transfer 

7. Return policy 

30 days No Reason Return, No worry about the backlog of stock. For not hot selling products, you can return it back to us to exchange them for hot-selling ones. 

8. Wholesale Customer Exclusive Deal 

Wholesale  Customer Flash Deal 

Buy X Get Y Cash Back 

Buy X Get Free Y 

Summary: UNice Hair Wholesaler Privileges 

UNice Hair Wholesaler Privileges

Minimum Order $500

Accumulate Order Over $2000 enjoy 12% OFF

Accumulate Order Over $5000 enjoy 15% OFF

Accumulate Order Over $10000 enjoy 20% OFF

The More You Buy, The More Competitive Price You Get!

30 Days Easy Return

Can Buy Sample to Test Hair

Wrap Label Customize & Print For Free

Tag Design For Free & $35 For 200PCs Print

Free Express Shipping, UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS 

Do you know how the UNice hair comes into bundles or weaves after it was cut from donors? Watch the video to reveal the untold story behind the amazing hair. Don't forget to share it with others!

Start a Sample order at a Very Low Price Now!

So now you have known how to become a hair weave distributor. We hope that you could make a conscious decision when starting the business. If you want more detailed information, please read our guide of Wholesale Human Hair & Lace Wigs Contributors carefully.

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