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How To Dye Perfect Red And Pink Hair?No Harm To Hair!

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Are you ready for the newest hair color of 2023? red and pink hair is becoming popular for all to see, the warm and bright hair color is everywhere on social media and we have all the information you want to know about red and pink hair. We have all the information you need to know about red and pink hair. In this article, you will understand pink and red hair well and learn how to dye your hair this color.

1. What is red and pink hair?

Similar to ombre and balayage, red and pink hair can be used in a variety of ways, mixing pink and red together to create your own unique hair color. For example, you can choose to go from a dark red to a pink gradient look, or you can choose to add pink or red highlights to your hair. Or you can go for a more trendy look by dyeing both sides of your hair pink and red, which are both part of the pink and red hair look.

red and pink hair

2. How to dye pink and red hair color?

Next, I will take you to learn how to successfully dye red and pink hair at home, this time with red as the base color and pink as the highlights. When you don't have very light-colored hair, it is recommended that you buy light blonde extensions to use on your hair and dye it pink. 613 blonde hair would be your best choice so that you don't need to use bleach on your hair and you can achieve the effect of pink hair.

Step 1 watercolor the hair extension

watercolor the hair extension

Prepare a container and a pot of warm water and take out your hair extension. pour your hair dye into the container of warm water and stir the water and hair dye together, adding some hair dye and stirring once to prevent pigmentation and unevenness. Put the extensions into the water and soak them well before removing them.

Step 2 dye your hair

dye your hair

Before dyeing your hair, comb your hair well to avoid tangles and tangled hair. Mix the hair dye in a container and mix well. Hold the hair with a small clip and dip a brush into the dye and start dyeing from the roots. When dyeing longer hair, after applying the dye, use your hands to smooth out the dye a bit more so that the hair is more evenly colored. Just wait patiently for the rest of the day and let the hair sit for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 3 Finish the hairstyle

Finish the hairstyle

In this step, your hair weaves and your own hair has been colored, so just install the hair extensions on your hair. When the pink hair extensions are dry, use a paddle brush to comb through both the hair and the extensions. Use a long, thin comb to divide the hair into sections, tie half of the hair on top of the head, take a small amount of hair out of the remaining hair and use a brown brush to fluff it up a bit.

Finish the hairstyle

Take out a piece of hair extension and fix the clip under the hair so that the hair extension is finished binding on the hair. After installing the hair extensions, then put the hair down and just take the rest of the part and install it in the same way. You can make a fine cut to the hair so that it can become more layered.

3. How to maintain red and pink hair?

red and pink hair

With any colored hair, it is most important to protect its color. Proper care of red and pink hair color is essential to keep it looking its best, so you don't need to make multiple trips to the stylist for touch-ups.

* Deep Conditioning:  Make sure you deep condition your hair once a week after you have just colored your red and pink hair. Both bleaching and coloring can cause dryness and frizz, so hair is in great need of hydration and nourishment. A deep treatment once a week will help your hair lock in moisture better and keep it away from dryness and tangles.

* Color Protecting Shampoo:  Use a color-protecting shampoo to wash your hair so that it can retain its original color. When you clean your hair with shampoo, normal shampoos can wash the color out of your hair it because they are too strong. So you can use color care shampoo to make pink and red hair color vibrant.

*Avoid heating your hair:  heating your hair after coloring will dry it out quickly and damage the color of your hair.

red and pink hair

4. Conclusion

Red and pink hair is very attractive and allows you to express your personality, but don't forget to take care of your hair, keep the color bright and keep your hair in healthy condition. If you want to add pink highlights to your red and pink hair with a hair extension like the blogger in the video, we suggest you use 100% human hair to avoid tangles, reduce static and keep your hair smooth.

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