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How to dye brazilian hair

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

human hair

In this fashionable age, Are you had a perm. Do you dye your hair?After all, everyone says, When you dye your hair, you'll be more beautiful. Are you looking to give your look a whole new dimension? Then you should consider investing in 100 percent Brazilian hair extensions.Versatility is the biggest benefit that Brazilian hair extensions offer over the synthetic ones.

Why choose Brazilian virgin hair?You can color or dye your Remy Brazilian hair extensions as your own. On the other hand, it can be styled and dyed the same way you would your own natural hair. You also have the freedom to use a variety of styling tools and techniques such as curling irons and flat irons. This added versatility to style Brazilian hair extensions and add virtually any color more than makes up for the higher price and makes it a worthwhile investment!

If you are looking for a bit more oomph than what our colored hair weaves offer, then you might be curious how to dye your hair extensions at home! Here's a quick reminder that you can do anything with human hair extensions that you can do to your natural hair.Keep reading, you may get some help!

What you will learn:



Things you need:


The material you will need



  • A brush; Hair color; A color bowl;
  • Plastic wrap; One pair of gloves; A Towel;
  • Aluminium foil; A wide tooth comb; Brazilian hair extensions; Conditioner.


How to do step by step


  • First, you should comb through the human hair extensions using a wide tooth comb to ensure you get rid of any tangles. If you have any stylish products applied to your hair make sure you wash them off ahead of time before the color application. After the disentangling and washing process is over, dry your hair thoroughly to ensure a perfect process.
  • Next, prepare of the hair color mixture. To ensure you protect your hands, put on gloves before this step. Ensure you follow the user preference that came along with the two main ingredients (the developer and hair color) before you mix them in the applicator bottle. You should then close the bottle and vigorously shake it to ensure thorough mixing of the chemicals.
  • Then, it’s now time to coat every strand of your Brazilian hair extensions with the dye. In this step, users prefer applying excessive dye to using less dye that will not be enough. You are supposed to comb through the extensions to ensure even spread of the hair color. When done with the dying process, cover your hair with a towel and make sure you have read the instructions thoroughly to know the allotted time they should stay with the covering.

how to dye hair step by step


  • Fourth, rinse excessive hair color from the extensions. Use warm water and rinse the extensions fast and thoroughly. After all hair color is removed, use shampoo to wash the extensions and then apply hair conditioner. Combing the extensions gently after applying conditioner.
  • Fifth, use cold water to rinse your colored Brazilian extensions to get rid of the conditioner.wash out using cold water. This wash off helps make the hair look shiny and also seals the hair coloring.
  • Finally, after all these steps, you are supposed to dry your hair. Air drying is the most preferred method to dry as it preserves moisture and makes your hair look shiny. For those that love fastened activities. A diffuser or a hair dryer in this step could come in handy with no major effects to ensure your Brazilian hair is well dried.


Video of how to dye hair at home


For many beauty enthusiasts looking to add a touch of elegance to their hairstyles, they always try their best to find all of the methods to improve their skill to beauty their virgin hair weave and themselves.So, we provide a video of how to dye your hair at home by yourself.


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Warm up


In fact, Whether long curly hair needs o dye, depend on individual temperament mainly. It's better not dye it if you are even type Because black hair is more spiritual.  If your skin very white, It would be more watery and beautiful, It's like this black mid-length curly hair, Medium length, To the scrolls of the shoulder,  Make it looks very classical.  If you're more fashionable, It would be nice to dye it. Like chestnut, flax, etc. It looks edgy and cute. The curly-haired girl in the fashion line might as well have a try.

Video of how to dye hair to blonde

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