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How To Do A Quick And Easy Ponytail With Bangs Style

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

The ponytail with bangs is a stylish and unique hairstyle that flatters the face and conveys a lively and cute look. The famous singer Ariana has already made ponytail with bangs her most iconic hairstyle and you will find that it adds more features to your face and makes your face look more perfect. Here is a quick and easy ponytail with bangs tutorial for you.

I will divide the tutorial into those that require ponytail extension installation and those that require ponytail with bangs directly on your hair or wig.

1. How to do ponytail with bangs by using hair extensions

Step 1 Tools you need to do ponytail with bangs

tools for ponytail with bangs

Ponytail extension: buy a good quality ponytail extension that will last longer
Spray bottle: Fill it with some water
Rubber bands: to tie and secure your hair
Broad-tooth comb and fine-tooth comb: for combing different parts of the hair respectively
Hairspray: used to fix the style
Bobby pins: to fix broken hair
Hair straightener: after tying your hair with a straightener to straighten your hair, more beautiful

Step 2 tie your hair

prepare your hair

Start with a small braid at the top of your head, take out a bottle of got 2b spray, and spray a circle around your hair, combing your hair in the direction of the top of your head. The spray will help to make your hair fit better, without too many strands floating out, and the overall look will look more fluid. After tying your hair, curl it on top of your head

Step 3 Wrap your hair up

warp hair up

Take out several pieces of wrapping strips, wrap a layer on your tied-up pill head, wrap another layer on your forehead, spray a layer of got 2b spray and blow dry the glue with a hair dryer. Take out the bangs and cut off the excess strips leaving only the bangs.

Step 4 Apply the bangs hair piece

install bangs for ponytail with bangs

On top of the hair with the wrapped strip, attach the bangs hair piece to the wrapped strip. If your hair is thin like the one in the picture, we suggest you buy more bangs hair pieces so that they can be more layered and won't be easily noticed. After you have applied the hair piece, take out the hair dryer and blow on the roots for a while longer to make sure the hairspray has dried on your hair.

Step 5 Install the ponytail

install ponytail

Apply the ponytail extensions to your wraps starting from the top to the bottom. Never start from the bottom and work your way up, but start from the top to make sure your ponytail with bangs is high enough. If you want to make sure your ponytail is strong enough, you can choose to apply a layer of glue on the top end of the ponytail extension.

Step 6 Styling bangs

finish making ponytail with bangs

If you buy bangs, you need to adjust the length yourself. After trimming the length of bangs you want, take out the straightener and straighten the bangs. For the ponytail at the back, take out the curling iron and iron the hair to create a curly texture, then finally comb the ponytail with a comb. The ponytail with bangs will last for about a week.

2. How to do ponytail with bangs on my hair or a wig?

●Step 1: Pick a point in the center of your left eyebrow, pan to your hair, pick a point in the center of the top of your hair, and part the hair in front of this point. Tie up this part of your hair or pin it up with a clip.

divide hair

●Step 2: Use a paddle brush to comb the back of the hair near the top of the head and spray with a layer of hairspray. Take out a brown bristle brush and comb the hair to make it a little more organized. During the combing process, keep spraying some hairspray on to give the hair a fixed shape.

make ponytail

●Step 3: Place the reserved bangs lightly behind your ears and try to adjust them to cover your side forehead, then take out a toothbrush and comb them in the direction of the bangs. Then fix the end of the bangs with bobby pins on the back part of your head.

comb the bangs of ponytail

●Step 4: Take out a small amount of hair at the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail, spray a little hairspray on it in the process, and then use bobby pins to fix this part of the hair. The last thing you need to do is to give yourself a ponytail with bangs styling.

finish making ponytail with bangs

3. Where to buy high-quality ponytail extensions to make ponytail with bangs look?

We all know very well that a beautiful hairstyle must need good raw materials for installation. If you are also a person with less hair but want to create ponytail with bangs look with thicker hair volume, it is highly recommended that you buy good tools and human hair ponytail extensions with better quality.

UNice ponytail extension brings good quality while also allowing you to achieve easy ponytail styling. Simply insert the ponytail extension into your own tied hair and wrap the extensions around the ponytail. Removal is even easier and with the bonding design, you no longer need glue.

unice ponytail extension

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We also have a wide range of ponytail extension textures to meet the needs of most consumers, whether it's straight hair or curly hair, we have what you're looking for.

different types of unice ponytail extension

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4. conclusion

We have learned the process of making a ponytail with bangs using a ponytail extension and using your hair or a wig. Choosing a better-quality ponytail extension will make your ponytail with bangs look last longer and more beautiful.

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