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Everything You Need To About Bubble Braids

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Speaking of braided hairstyle, we always think about box braids, lemonade braids, cornrow braids, and so on. Have you heard of bubble braids? Bubble braids are the latest hair trend on the streets and on social media. The reason why bubble braids are particularly popular is that they not only are chic and versatile but also extremely simple to make. Now, can’t you wait to understand the bubble braids? Don’t be in a hurry. In this article, we are going to introduce everything you need to know about bubble braids for you.

1. What Are Bubble Braids?


Bubble braids are named because of their bubble-like appearance and also are regarded as lantern braids, which refer to one or more ponytails tied with a hairband in succession along the ponytail with about an inch or two of space in between. Bubble braids have made some changes on the basis of ponytails, but compared with simple ponytails, they obviously have their own characteristics, which make people look more playful and lively.

2. Why Should You Do Bubble Braids?

Cute and playful bubble braids appeal to a lot of stylish girls. So why are they so popular? Here are a number of advantages of bubble braids.

2.1 Quick and easy

What makes bubble braid so popular is that it is extremely simple to make. In comparison with other braided hairstyles, it doesn’t require to be complicated, or superb skill, just some elastic bands can get the cute and chic bubble braids. It is perfect for those who have struggled with hair braiding skills for a long time.

2.2 Diverse styles

Don’t like the bubble braids that are always the same? There is an assortment of bubble braids for you to choose from, such as half up half down bubble braids, two high bubble braids, etc. In addition, you can also select brightly colorful elastic bands and fashionable hair accessories to create a more wonderful appearance.

2.3 Low maintenance

Compared to other hairstyles, bubble braids don't require much product to maintain the style. You just need a cup of hairspray, a silk scarf, and your shower cap to protect and maintain this hairstyle. So why not try bubble braid hairstyles boldly?

3. How To Do Bubble Braids?


Bubble braids can be made into a variety of hairstyles, for instance, single bubble braids, half up half down bubble braids, double bubble braids, and so on. But the method to make them is entirely identical. You can learn to make bubble braids according to the following steps.

Step 1: Prepare the supplier

For the sake of creating stylish and playful bubble braids, you first need to fully prepare what you need— some elastic bands, a fixation gel, and some styling products.

Step 2: Create the ponytail

Tie your hair into a smooth ponytail at the height that works best for you and wrap it with an elastic band closest to your scalp. At this point, you can also determine what kind of bubble braid you want to do, for example, if you would like to do a double bubble braid, divide your hair in half from the middle and tie a ponytail on each side.

Step 3: Add your elastic bands

Add another elastic band in the first few inches, then continue adding more elastic bands at equal distances. In order to have a more gorgeous look, you need to keep the space between the elastic bands as even as possible.

Step 4: Create the bubbles

You now need to loosen the hair between them by pulling on each section in order to create a bubble look.

Step 5: Finish the look

When you complete your bubble braids, you need some setting spray to keep your hair from flying out. What's more, you can add some lovely and voguish accessories to your bubble braids to show your unique personality.

4. Stylish Bubble Braids Recommendations

Today we will recommend a variety of fashionable bubble braids for you.

4.1 Two high bubble braids


Bubble braids are making a comeback because they are versatile and stylish. There are many ways to work with hairstyles, allowing you to find the look that appeals to you the most. If you want a look that shows off your facial features, you can try two high bubble braids. Because it draws attention to the face, it is extremely proper for those with symmetrical features.

4.2 Softball bubble braids


You can choose the size of the bubbles in terms of your preference. If you want a bold girly look, you can make bigger softball-sized bubbles. This look is generated by using fewer hair elastics along the length of the ponytail and combing each section back to add volume, keeping each bubble larger and more visible. The longer and thicker your hair is, the more personality you will have.

4.3 Small bubble braids


If you don't like softball-sized bubble braids, then you can opt for small bubble braids. It's suitable for all hair lengths and textures, and you can play as much as you want to achieve the bubble braid effect you want. Instead of a single small bubble braid, you can have multiple small bubble braids for a sporty, fun look.

4.4 Boho bubble braids


You can make bubble braids with a boho look if you would like to have a dreamy and romantic appearance. It is extremely proper for those who want to wear bubble braids to special events, such as weddings or proms. In order to get a wonderful and lively hairstyle, you need to maintain the bubbles as loose as possible, permitting the hair to loosen around the face and soften your facial features.

It is right for those who have long hair, especially works best with longer hair that is naturally wavy or curly.


Now, are you fascinated by bubble braids? Can’t wait to try bubble braids? If yes, start your bubble braids journey now! They will not let you down. Furthermore, if you have other fashionable, lovely, and wonderful bubble braids, we particularly welcome you to share them in our comment section.

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