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How to do Bombshell Hair To Attract Everybody's Attention

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Do you want to be the center of attention during the upcoming major festivals and parties of all kinds? To look great from head to toe, you need to be a bombshell and have the eyes of the room drawn to you. It does take a lot of work to accomplish this, but no matter how you change, hair is the first change you need to make that should be done. Today we have some bombshell hair recommendations for you as well as teach you how to do bombshell hair.

1. 5 Gorgeous bombshell hair you can try

1.1 Money piece balayage hair

I put Money piece balayage hair at the top of my bombshell hair recommendations because it suits girls of almost any skin tone and face shape and is a low-maintenance haircut.

Also known as face-framing highlights, it brightens up your overall look by dying the front two strands of hair a lighter color and mixing it with the back half of the hair that is darker. The advantage of the Money piece is that it can be matched with any color of hair and can be adjusted and changed at any time. It can be customized according to different face shapes and styles, helping you to have unique bombshell hair.

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The most common Money piece hair is light brown mixed with dark brown and black with a slight curve, but it is much more than that. Many girls with individuality also choose pink and dark brown money piece hair, and you can choose any of the colors together depending on your preference. Because no matter what kind of match, with a money piece you can be the brightest bombshell!

1.2 Ginger hair color

ginger hair has a very unique color, not as bright as the big red and not as common as gold, ginger hair mixes the orange-red of the sky at sunset and the bright red of the sun, which is a soft hair color. Visually, we can visually feel that ginger hair is very bright and unique.

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As the right bombshell hair, ginger hair can keep your overall look away from monotony and boredom. Even Rihanna will choose ginger hair as her hair color for the red carpet, what are you still hesitating and waiting for? Although we don't have the same delicate features as the stars, ginger hair is enough to make you attract the attention of the whole audience.

1.3 Silver afro curly hair

Gorgeous silver shades will add an unexpected touch to your hairstyle and soften your face, which is the most suitable hairstyle for dark-skinned women.

For women in their fifties, silver afro curly hair is your best choice when deciding on bombshell hair, For women in their fifties, silver afro curly hair is the best choice when deciding on bombshell hair, it gives you the beauty of your body through the years and also allows you to discover that silver hair can be very beautiful and attractive.

1.4 Curly burgundy hair updo

Burgundy hair is an elegant and sexy hair color choice. If you are a fair-skinned girl or a healthy girl with chocolate color, you can certainly try burgundy lace wigs because burgundy is shiny red yet with the nobility and elegance of purple.

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Because purple was once considered a symbol of nobility and power, burgundy is a blend of the two colors, and such a noble color can brighten up the skin tone. We can often see celebrities choosing burgundy hair, and it is because of this hair color that they have also become bombshells, such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, and so on.

1.5 Silver purple hair with a high ponytail

Purple hair is a fantastic color, a very special color, and the color that can be the most bombshell hair.

With silver purple hair, you look like a Disney princess, and a ponytail can well highlight the curves of your face and slim upper body. You can wear bold earrings and necklaces, and you can wear a bustier dress.

2. How to do bombshell hair

After introducing the above bombshell hair, here is the ultimate guide to doing bombshell hair, so you don't have to go to a bombshell hair salon, you can easily do the look at home.

Step 1 blow dry hair

Spray some heat protection spray on your head and then blow dry your hair with a hair dryer, but it's only 98% dry.

Step 2 Apply oil

After blow drying, apply essential oils to your hair so that your hair stays moisturized and does not become very dry. This step will also make your hair smoother.

Step 3 Curl the ends of your hair

Take out a round comb, the bigger the better, take out a part of your hair and use the comb to curl it from the end to near your neck, then use a hair dryer to style the curled hair.

Step 4 put in velcro rollers

Take out a couple of velcro rollers, take out small sections of hair, and curl your hair from the ends to the roots. If you want the style to last longer, you can choose to spray a little styling spray on your hair before putting in the velcro roller. If the hair and velcro roller is too loose, you can use a bobby pin to hold them in place. You can choose to use a larger velcro roller for the back of your hair.

Step 5 apply to heat

After curling your hair, you can leave it for 20 minutes. Take out the heat styling device and heat the hair evenly. When removing the velcro roller, twist the hair around your fingers.

Final step use clips and hairspray

The essence of bombshell hair is to have flowing, beautiful bangs. Use hairspray to set the bangs, then pin them up with a small clip. Use a small brush to brush your hair behind your ears on the side without bangs to give your bombshell hair a contrasting look from the front.

3. Conclusion

Big, soft waves are the signature heavy bombshell style. But depending on your hair type, you may come up with something different. Whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, or somewhere in between, I hope you find the best bombshell hair for you and be the highlight of the show with this post.

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