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How To Do A Quick Weave Step By Step

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

A quick weave is one of the favorite choices of lots of women for its ease and convenience. You can get quick weave short hairstyles, long hairstyles, straight hairstyles, curly hairstyles, and any other easy quick weave styles by quick weave with lace frontal or closure.

Want to learn how to do quick weave? Keep reading:

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What's A Quick Weave?

A quick weave is a full head weaving technique where tracks are glued to a wave or skull cap. The entire style is done on a foundation that's easily applied to and removed from the head. It's a custom-made wig.

With a quick weave, you can create any look with any type of extension hair. It can be long or short, curly or straight, all one color or filled with highlights.

Let your imagination run wild! If you want a style with your hairline showing this isn't the best weaving option for you. Look into sewn-in weaves and regular bonded tracks.

How To Do A Quick Weave

Benefits Of A Quick Weave

  • Fast and easy style options.
  • Zero to low maintenance hairstyle.
  • Fully customizable with lots of possible variations.
  • Gives your hair a break from styling.
  • The cost-effective way to get a weave style.
  • Easy takedown when you're ready to move.
  • No damage was done to your own hair.

Cons Of A Quick Weave

    Although quick weaves have many benefits, they may not be the best option for everyone. Then we’ll tell you a few of these cons below.
  • Doesn’t last as long: Quick weaves only last about a month since the glue quickly wears off.
  • Easier to shed: Hair used for quick weaves is more likely to shed since you need to cut tracks or hair wefts to fit around your wig cap during the installation.
  • Damage your natural hair: There is no doubt that you need to some hair glue, gel, and modeling products. If you choose to slick back your hair instead of braiding it, you risk damaging and drying out your natural hair under the wig cap.
  • Cause hair loss: If you get hair glue on your hair during the installation process or if you aren’t using a high-quality wig cap, the biggest concern with quick weaves is the potential for hair loss and damage. And poor-quality glue can also damage your hair if they come in contact.

As you learned, most cons are a result of improper installation. Thus, you must be aware of how to install quick weaves correctly.

Items You Will Need

  • Hair Glue
  • Hair Weave
  • Scissors
  • Comb and Brush

How To Do A Quick Weave Step By Step?

This method is becoming more popular as a simple way to add hair extensions. Let's discuss exactly what they are and how to quickly weave them step by step.

First, wash and condition your hair bundles deals. Soak your hair with setting lotion put your hair in a ponytail in the back and put it in a bun. Or style your hair with the setting lotion so it can be as flat as possible.

Start from the back. Take weave and measure track from ear to ear in the back of your head. cut track and glue. The front of your hairdo same from ear to ear. This will give you your start.

Tutorial: How To Do A Quick Weave?Follow the circle pattern with the weave and glue. Cut smaller pieces to place in the right spot. Once you become familiar with this technique you can follow your head with the whole track by applying glue.

Once you get to the top of the circle you will need to make a closure piece some weave closure pieces are included but some are not. take a 2-inch piece of track to apply glue. Roll hair up with glue and let dry. Hold track upside down and spread weave apart glue.

Tutorial: How To Do A Quick Weave?

This tutorial video will help you learn how to apply the infamous Quick weave Technique. You can also do that within 10 minutes. To be continued...Subscribe for more helpful videos.

How to Do a Quick Weave by Unice Hair

Hairpieces she used: 2 1/2 bundles 20", 20", slightly less than half of 18". UNice Hair Bundles

Want to learn how to get a quick weave? It doesn't matter what type of hair you have and it's so easy you can do it yourself. Imagine all the styling possibilities you'll have!

How to Install a Quick Weave?

In a nutshell, here's what you'll need to install a quick weave:

  • Weave extensions, human or synthetic
  • Hair glue
  • Protective wig cap (either the color of your natural hair or hair wefts)
  • Scissors
  • Blow-dryer (optional)
  • Molding gel (optional)

Installing a Quick Weave

With steady hands and patience, anyone can apply a quick weave. After preparing all the tools, we can begin to install a quick weave step by step in the right way:

1. First of all, you need to use a wide-toothed comb to brush hair extensions slightly. Keep in mind that you had better choose the best hair extensions that match the texture of your natural hair.

2. If possible, you can apply a setting solution to your natural hair so that hair holds in place during the entire process. The next step is to put a wig cap on your head. Of course, don't forget to make sure your natural is clean and completely dry before wearing a protective wig cap. After all, putting the cap on wet hair can cause mold to develop on your scalp.

3. Finally, create a part of your hair that forms the rectangle to fit your hair weft/ extensions.

4. Now it's time to get your weft ready for installation. Form a u-shape with the weft and cut it according to the part in your hair that you created in the first step. Then apply some hair glue and use a blow dryer to soften the glue.

5. Put your weft hair on your natural hair in such a way that the glue faces towards your own natural hair. Remember that you don't apply the glue directly to your scalp.

6. Wait for a few minutes to allow the glue to dry, and then tug the hair extension to ensure it has properly attached to your own hair. Next, repeat this process until all of the weft hair has been applied.

7. Finally, comb through your hair to blend the weft hair with your natural hair and style these hair extensions according to your need.

Are you planning on wearing the style for a few weeks? Take the proper precautions with retaining moisture in your hair. If a deep condition and or protein treatment is overdue, take care of it before you install your quick weave.

Or you can watch the following video as a reference. 

How to Remove a Quick Weave?

Even if you installed a quick weave by yourself, we recommend going to a Pro for removal and for post-quick weave care if possible. They can help you safely remove the quick weave and use some hair products to help you nourish your natural hair afterward removing.

Of course, you can also remove a quick weave at home using oil-based products and warm water. If you are going to remove it at home, you’ll need to take your time with each step to avoid pulling out your hair. Luckily, removing a quick weave should be easy if it was properly installed.

Here’s how to remove your quick weave at home:

1. Clip your leave out so it’s out of the way, add an oil-based hair product to your hair to loosen the glue, and leave the product in your hair for a few minutes. You can use your regular shampoo or pick up a special glue-removing shampoo or conditioner.

2. Run your hair under warm water. During the process, let the water run down the edges of your wig cap to help loosen the glue.

3. After a few minutes, start removing your wig cap. After that, put your fingers under the wig cap and slowly start removing it. It should easily slide off if it was properly installed.

4. Use your finger to massage your hair product in the area around your leave out. If your quick weave gets a little stuck around your leave out, continue running it through warm water and then massage hair product around that area to loosen the glue until you are able to take the wig cap fully off your head. Be patient! After all, you might pull out some hair if you rush.

5. Pull off the wig cap, undo any braids and start washing out excess glue. Don't forget to use a deep cleansing shampoo to clarify your hair and get rid of excess glue and product and follow up with some deep conditioning to nourish your natural hair.

Faq about human hair quick weave

Why do people love a quick weave?

This makes weave installation faster and more affordable.

The quick weave method also causes less tension on your natural hair as well as your scalp.

The wefts are attached to the cap instead of your natural hair, which makes it easier for you to remove and replace the hair extensions.

Lastly, a quick weave is low maintenance.

How long does it take to do a quick weave?

A quick weave is a great alternative to traditional sew-in because it is cheaper and faster. This weaving technique can be completed in about 1.5 hours, much faster than sewing-in.

How much does it cost to get a quick weave?

A typical install of a quick weave is $100 and when you include the cost of the hair (~$60), the whole look is achieved for $160.

How long is a quick weave supposed to last?

Quick weaves may not last as long as sew-in weaves because the bonding glue may begin to wear out naturally. If done properly, a quick weave can last up to 4 weeks before it becomes necessary to remove. Even though quick weaves are fast and easy to install, the style is not healthy for natural hair.

How many bundles do you need for a quick weave?

Usually, you can get three bundles with closure or frontal for your primary sew in, that's typically the magic number for your average sew in. With three bundles anywhere from 8 inches to 18 inches; your weave will be full, flowy, and glamorous. Quick weave with lace closure is very popular in the market.

Can you wash a quick weave?

Yes, you can. The adhesive used to bond a glued-in hair weave is not water-soluble and is perfectly safe to wash. A well-cared-for glued-in weave will last roughly one to two months before the glue begins to loosen. During that time, you will have to wash your hair regularly to prevent salt, dirt, and mold from accumulating.

It is highly suggested that you should wash your quick weave if you don't want the glue to be loosened or accumulated with the mold, dirt, or salt.

Can you go swimming with a quick weave?

It is important to be careful when swimming with a hair weave, especially if the glue has been used to help hold your extensions. Chlorine and other chemicals in the water--as well as salt from the ocean--can break down the glue and build up in the braids. This is not healthy for your hair and it can loosen your weave.

Is a quick weave better than a sew-in?

Quick weaves are bonded to a wig cap, while a sew-in is sewn into the hair.

Sew-ins last longer than quick weaves but take longer to install and typically cost more.

Compared to quick weaves, sew-ins also add more tension to your head since you need to tightly cornrow your hair. However, sew-ins are more secure and can cause less damage during the installation.

Quick weaves are a great option if you want a style that looks polished, is quick to install and is easy to remove. A quick weave is great for when you want to change your hairstyles within a short time, or you're unable to braid your hair.

But most hairstylists suggest opting for the sew-in weave because it can be healthier and look more natural for your hair. Of course, braids need to be done properly.

Getting help from a Pro can help you avoid common mistakes and hair disasters. More importantly, pros can also give you style and maintenance tips to make sure you’re always looking your best!

Check for a Pro in your area so you can see if a quick weave is a good choice for you.

What is the best hair for the quick weave?

There are 2 kinds of hair used to make quick weave namely human hair and synthetic hair.

A quick weave made from human hair looks more natural and realistic but more expensive than synthetic hair. Besides, it also needs more careful care. The origins of human hair will decide on its quality. Undoubtedly, healthy hair must be better than unhealthy hair because weak hair can make dry and brittle extensions. Human hair is also considered the best hair for a quick weave bob.

Quick Weave Styles

When installing a quick weave, you'll have little to no leave-out. Therefore, you can pretty much have any style you want! there are some more quick weave hairstyles for you.

If you want to have a sassy yet classy look, then go for a bob quick weave hairstyle!

Quick weave long hair can give you this versatility quickly and easily.

It's popular for people to go for shorter looks with quick weaves.

Some curls can make all the difference. It's easy to pull off for any facial type, and it keeps your look youthful.

Quick weave can be reused and worked for a long time. No matter what you want what quick weave hairstyles, you can get loose wave quick weave, jerry curl quick weave, afro quick weave, shoulder-length quick weave, quick weave long hair, blonde quick weave, deep wave quick weave, straight hair quick weave, or other quick weave styles.

It's a great alternative to the traditional sew-in and is used as an efficient protective style. A quick weave is one of the most favorite choices of lots of women for its ease and convenience.

You can do quick weave short hairstyles, long hairstyles, straight hairstyles, and curly hairstyles, and any other easy quick weave styles by quick weave with lace frontal or closure. If you want to find the trending popular quick weave hairstyles, you can read this article: Top 18 Best Quick Weave Hairstyles for Black Women 2020

A quick weave will allow you to create many beautiful hairstyles with weaves and promises to change your look positively. With a quick weave, you can freely change your figures with different types of hair extensions from long, short, straight, or curly, mixed with color or even highlights.

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