How To Do A Quick Weave

A weave involves attaching wefts, or tracks, of store-bought hair to your own hair to add extra body and length. It’s attached by way of needle and thread stitching or bonding glue. Sewing in a weave is a very simple if you master, Want to learn how to quick weave?Keep reading:

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What's a quick weave? 


A quick weave is a full head weaving technique where tracks are glued to a wave or skull cap. The entire style is done on a foundation that's easily applied to and removed from the head. It's basically a custom-made wig.

With a quick weave, you can create any look with any type of extension hair. It can be long or short, curly or straight, all one color or filled with highlights.

Let your imagination run wild! If you want a style with your hairline showing this isn't the best weaving option for you. Look into sewn in weaves and regular bonded tracks. 

Items you will need  

  • Hair Glue 
  • Hair Weave 
  • Scissors 
  • Comb and Brush 

How to do a quick weave step by step? 


This method is becoming more popular as a simple way to add hair extensions.Let's discuss exactly what they are and how to quick weave step by step. 

First, wash and condition your hair bundles deals. Soak your hair with setting lotion put your hair in a ponytail in the back and put it in a bun. Or style your hair with the setting lotion so it can be as flat as possible. 

Start from the back. Take weave and measure track from ear to ear in the back of your head. cut track and glue. The front of your hairdo same from ear to ear. This will give you your start. 

Tutorial: How To Do A Quick Weave?Follow the circle pattern with the weave and glue. Cut smaller pieces to place in the right spot. Once you become familiar with this technique you can follow your head with the whole track applying glue. 

Once you get to the top of the circle you will need to make a closure piece some weave closure pieces are included but some not. take 2-inch piece of track apply glue. Roll hair up with glue and let dry. Hold track upside down and spread weave apart glue. 

Tutorial: How To Do A Quick Weave?


This tutorial video will help you learn how to apply the infamous Quick weave Technique.You can also do that within 10 minutes.To be continued...Subscribe for more helpful video.


How to Do a Quick Weave by Unice Hair

Hairpieces she used: 2 1/2 bundles 20", 20", slightly less than half of 18",Brazilian body wave with closure


Benefits of a quick weave  


  • Fast and easy style options. 
  • Zero to low maintenance hairstyle. 
  • Fully customizable with lots of possible variations. 
  • Gives your hair a break from styling. 
  • Cost effective way to get a weave style. 
  • Easy take down when you're ready to move . 
  • Absolutely no damage was done to your own hair. 
 Benefits of a quick weave



Want to learn how to quick weave?It doesn't matter what type of hair you have and it's so easy you can do it yourself. Imagine all the styling possibilities you'll have!


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