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Easy Way to Deal With Tender Headed Hair

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Have you experienced a tender head? Do you feel your scalp ache at the sight of a comb? A tender scalp will completely take the fun out of styling. In this blog, we will share some easy ways to deal with tender headed hair.

What Is Tender Headed?

Having a tender head, also known as having a sensitive scalp, means you are sensitive to touch, brush, pull, or other types of tension. And a variety of genetic, physical, chemical, and environmental factors can trigger your scalp sensitivity. It is characterized by sharp burning or tingling sensation on the scalp.

What Cause Tender Head?

In fact, there are a number of causes that can lead to a tender head. For example, here are some reasons that lead to tender head in the following:

1.Environmental pollution caused by dirt and bacteria;

2.Food and cosmetic allergies caused by detergents found in shampoos, conditioners, and so on;

3.Frequent use of chemotherapy such as relaxants, perms, and permanent hair dyes;

4.Tension caused by pulling hair too tight with head ties and bobby pins.

How To Deal With Tender Headed Hair

Apply Essential Oils


As we all know, lavender, rosemary, and almond oil are all cleansing and smoothing, thus helping ease the pain from your scalp. But if possible, you had better not use them undiluted as it will cause further irritation. You should mix about five drops with a half cup of water in a spray bottle and apply directly to the scalp.

Choose Proper Shampoo And Conditioner

We recommend staying away from some products that contain sulfates and mineral oils and replacing them with more natural, lighter shampoos and conditioners. Or you can also ask your hairstylist to recommend the best conditioners for tender headed hair.

Besides, you can slowly apply conditioner to the ends of your hair and run your fingers through your hair. If you have long hair, it would be better to start from the area near the back of your neck. And if it is necessary, you can use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the conditioner evenly, too.

Then leave the conditioner on your hair for a few minutes, and then rinse with warm water. In the process, remember to rinse all conditioner on your hair. If possible, please use leave-in conditioners

Wear Headband Wigs

Instead of brushing your hair every day, why not consider giving your scalp a rest and wearing a style that can last at least a week or longer. Why not consider purchasing a high-quality human hair wig? For example, headband wigs are an excellent choice for these people who have tender headed hair. That is because their hair band can eliminate tension and headaches, prevent bald spots to some extent.

In addition, headband wigs have no lace, so you won’t have to spend time cutting extra lace. Also, you don’t have to use glue for installing the headband wigs, preventing poor-quality glue from damaging your hair and protect your scalp. And headband wigs are friendly for wig beginners as a protective style as you can easily install and remove them in a few seconds. So convenient and time-saving, very suitable for busy days. What is more important, headband wigs are more affordable than other lace front wigs or HD lace wigs because of the machine-made wig cap structure.



Opt For Microfiber Towels


The course fiber of a regular bath towel can cause serious damage to your hair, for example, tangles, breakage, and so on, especially when you vigorously rub a bath towel through your wet hair. After all, hair is easy to be damaged when it is wet. While microfiber is a polyester and nylon (polyamide) fiber that is used to make fabric. Therefore, microfiber towels also promote moisture retention to prevent dry, brittle hair, and will amazingly cut your drying time in half! It is best to use microfiber towels on your hair, carefully divide your hair into some sections, and then gently blot the hairdryer to remove the excess water and reduce flightiness.

Style Simple Hairstyles


Instead of opting for micro braids or complex corn cobs that will take hours and cause a lot of pain, try some easy hairstyles for tender headed, such as braid, ponytail, short hair, bun, half up half down, and so on, which will not cause additional stress and damage to your hair. When you braid your hair or tie it in a ponytail, once you feel pain around the edges or feel a lump on your scalp, please remove it immediately so as to avoid hair loss.

Massage Your Scalp


You can massage your scalp with coconut, olive, jojoba, or any other type of oil to release blood flow and smooth tender scalp. First of all, you can start by applying light to moderate pressure to the head with your finger or a massage tool. Then dip your fingertips into the oil and continue to move across the scalp in small circular motions for at least five minutes, making sure to cover the entire head at the same time.

Trim Hair Frequently


In order to avoid the split ends and tangles, you could get your trimmed regularly. Compared to long hair, short hair is easier to brush and style, especially for people who have a tender head.

Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase


Different from fabrics like cotton, silk pillowcases can help your hair retain moisture throughout the night and reduce frizz and dryness, And the slippery smooth texture of silk will prevent tangles and frizz. Besides, a silk hair cap or satin pillowcase is a great option for you.

See A Dermatologist

It is a good idea for you to see a dermatologist who will give a professional treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

In a word, we hope you will find combing hair can be an enjoyable experience with the help of these tips.What are your tender head hair tips and favorite hair product? If it is useful, please comment below or contact us.

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