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How To Cut Wedge Haircut In An Ideal Way?

Last updated Jun 26, 2024

The wedge haircut is a refreshing change for many women, and this retro short haircut for fine straight hair has been a retro trend since 1970. The wedge haircut is ideal for women with short, fine hair and slim women in their fifties. If you are a barber and want to cut wedge haircuts for your clients or if you are a regular person but bought a wig and want to make your own wedge haircut, this article is your best helper to cut wedge haircuts in an ideal way.

How to Cut Wedge Haircut?

Step 1 Bangs Trim

Bangs trim

First, keep your hair at 50% wet, and divide your hair into two parts, front and back. The front part of the hair is used to trim the bangs. If you want the bangs to look fuller and to better decorate your forehead, you can choose to leave more hair in the front. The bangs will be trimmed in layers so that the end part of your hair looks like an inverted triangle.

Step 2 Clipper Trim the Innermost Hair

clipper trim the innermost hair

Now start working on the back half of your hair, leaving the longer hair at the top of the back of your head, splitting it into the left and right sides of your hair, and securing them with clips. Take out the clipper and start cutting the hair closest to the neck.

Because wedge haircut gives a very full feeling at the back of the head in the overall look, and this fullness comes not from the amount of hair but from the layers. This requires the inner hair to be cut shorter and then gradually extended to the outer layer.

Step 3 Cut Hair at 45°

Cut hair at 45°

Put down the hair left at the back of the head, take out the scissors, and trim the hair at a 45-degree angle. Take out a strand of hair, hold it between your index and middle fingers, and trim the root part of the hair with scissors. After trimming a part of the hair and taking out a comb, comb through this part of the hair to check if it is neat and beautiful.

After trimming, your hair will look round and full from the back. Please always remember that the essence of wedge haircut is at the back of the head, so make sure to trim it with more layers.

Step 4 Adjust Hair According to Bangs

Adjust hair according to bangs

After trimming the back part of the hair, we need to adjust and modify the hair with the front bangs, so that the two parts of the hair blend better.

Step 5 Blow Dry Hair and Trim

Blow dry hair and trim

We cut the general shape of wedge haircut in wet condition, but the hair in wet condition and the dry condition are completely different. So blow dry your hair and trim it from the neck to make your hair look neater. Then use scissors to cut the back part of your head with more layers and a natural transition to the bangs.

Are Wedge Haircuts Out of Style? Definitely No

Wedge Haircuts

Are wedge haircuts out of style? Of course, it is! The wedge haircut is currently in a fashion not only for those over 50 but also for many young women who are trying it out. After all, a wedge haircut is really a hairstyle that makes your appearance look more streamlined and competent.

We generally say that celebrities are the leaders of hair trends, do celebrities like wedge haircuts? What kind of hairstyle inspiration can we get from the actress' hairstyle?

Best Wedge Haircuts to Try

Wedge Haircuts With Dark Roots Blonde Hair

Wedge Haircuts With Dark Roots Blonde Hair

For women who have a thin and pronounced neckline, wedge haircuts can be trimmed a little shorter. The dark roots with blonde hair color combination add a new element to this hairstyle, so you don't have to worry if wedge haircuts are out of fashion, but you can look like you have the most popular hairstyle and color of the moment. 

Side Part Wedge Haircuts

Side Part Wedge Haircuts

If you want to make your head look more rounded and full, and prefer side-part bangs instead of bangs, side-part wedge haircuts are the best choice for you.

The overall golden color is perfect for dark-skinned girls to try, and placing the bangs on one side can show a unique temperament and a personalized attitude toward fashion. The most important thing is to have a pair of large earrings that will add a lot of unique temperament for mature women.

UNice ombre golden blonde wedge haircuts can perfectly replicate the same hairstyle of Rihanna. The overall look can give you a visual sense of a full head shape. The bangs, provide you with the freedom to play, you can use a curling iron to roll the bangs out of the shape of large waves and ride on the brow bone, you will look more beautiful than Rihanna.

Wedge Haircuts for Women Over Fifty

Wedge Haircuts comparison

With a comparison chart, you can see very visually how amazing wedge haircuts are in making a woman look younger! By choosing brown hair color and pairing it with air bangs, wedge haircuts will not only enhance your overall facial curves but also make you look more refreshed.


Who wouldn't love a hairstyle that makes them look younger? If you want to try wedge haircuts but don't want to cut your hair short, check out UNice's shot wedge wigs or follow the above instructions to make your own wedge haircuts!

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