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How To Cut Bangs On A Wig?

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Of course, when it comes to the best hairstyles out there, bangs are incredibly beautiful and popular, and many ladies can’t just get over it. Not only do bangs look perfect on any face shape, but it suits any type of wig, whether long or short.

How To Cut Bangs On A Wig?

If you have been wearing a wig with bangs for a long time and now you want to cut them, you should take proper care not to damage your wig. Bangs, if cut properly, can leave you looking more beautiful than you ever thought.

Before we delve into how to cut bangs on your wig, we need to take a look at some of the factors that you need to pay attention to before you actually cut your bangs. Let’s delve into them.

Some Factors You Need To Pay Attention To Before Cutting Bangs

1. Consider the shape of your face

Consider the shape of your face

Your face shape has a huge impact on how the bangs will look on you. There are different types of face shapes, including oval, square, circle, lung, heart, etc.  Bangs typically look good on diamond, oblong, and heart-shaped faces. For people with round or square-shaped faces, bangs can make their faces look rounder and wider.

2. The type of wig

Your type f wig can also determine how you cut your bangs. If you have a curly wig, it can be pretty difficult to cut the bangs that’s because they can look quite stringy. It is advisable to cut the curly bangs when the wig is dry and in their natural curly formation

3. How thick do you want the bangs to be

Another crucial factor you need to have in mind before you cut your bangs is how thick you want the bangs to be. Generally, thicker bangs look better than thinner ones. In addition to that, thicker bangs look perfect on longer faces. On the other hand, Whisper bangs look perfect on round or square faces.

4. Determine the length that you want

Again, you need to determine the length you want before you cut the bangs. The perfect way to cut your bangs is above the eyelashes and below the eyebrows. However, if you have a square or round face shape, you should cut the bangs shorter as it can make the face look more oval.

5. How do you want to cut the bangs- Straight across or down at the edge?

Bangs that slightly carve down at the edges generally look better since they tend to frame the eyes nicely. But if you prefer a more classic look, go for bangs that go straight across all the way to the side hairlines.

6. Decide if you want the bangs to fall in your eyes

It can be quite sexy to hide your eyes behind wispy bangs. However, no one wants to hide their eyes in their hair. You can decide if you want hair in front of your eyes or not. Generally, many people do not like hair in their eyes, and they tend to swipe it up to the side when they have longer bangs.

How To Cut Bangs On Your Wig?

How to cut bangs on your wig?

Now that you have explored some of the things you need to consider when you want to cut your bangs, let’s see how you can properly cut bangs on your wig.

1. Gather all the materials you will need

First thing, you need to collect all the items you will need for cutting the bang and ensure that you have all the proper tools before you start.

You can either use a razor or shears, depending on the look you want to achieve. You will also need a wide-tooth comb to brush your wig and part it and hair clips.

The hair clips can help you keep the rest of the hair strands out of the way as you cut the bangs. You need sharp scissors, too.  

2. Prepare your wig

Preparing your wig before you start cutting the bang is crucial. It is advisable to cut the bangs when the wig is dry.

That’s because wigs generally stretch when wet, so if you cut them when wet, you may probably end up cutting them too short and funnily. You will only realize that once the wig is dry and there is nothing you can do about it.

3. Put on your wig

Once you have prepared the wig, put it on and secure it. You can either use glue or a wig cap grip to secure the wig.

4. Section of the hair bangs

Part your front wig using a wide-tooth comb. Once you have sectioned off some hair for bangs, tie back or use the clips to hold the hair aside from the bangs, and then roll around the wig and cut it with a sharp scissor to get short in the middle and longer on the side.

5. Trim the ends of your bangs

While squeezing the hair between your fingers, hold the scissors in your dominant hand and angle the blade until it is parallel with your hair fibers. Gradually, cut the bangs.

Be very cautious when cutting the bangs. It comes very challengingly when it comes to cutting bangs on your wig because, unlike your natural hair, your wig will not grow.

So if you do it wrongly, there is nothing much you will do. In fact, you may be forced to buy another wig. This can be very expensive, especially if your wig is a human hair wig.

6. Comb it and check the length

Once you have finished trimming the ends, use your comb to connect both parts and see how your bangs look. Examine the overall length and precision of the cut.

7. Flat iron your bangs

Set your flat iron to medium temperature to straighten your bangs. In addition to that, make the ends of the bangs incurve when you are using a flat iron to straighten your human hair wig.

Once you have done that, you need to style your wig according to your preference and personal style.

The Video About How To Cut Your Bangs On A Lace Front Wig

Now you know how to cut bangs on a wig and some popular types of wig bangs, so I hope that you would feel this post useful.

It seems very easy to cut into bangs of your human hair wig. Follow the step to get a new look.

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