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How To Cut a Bixie Haircut Trend For 2023

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

The bixie haircut has been everywhere since we know when, a new hairstyle for many face shapes that combines the common features of the bob hairstyle and the pixie, bringing back quick memories of the 1990s. The bixie haircut is not only popular this year, but will be the hairstyle of the year to come. The bixie haircut is not only popular this year, but will even become a popular hair trend in the coming year. This article is for barbers and those who want to try cutting bixie haircut at home, the method is simple.

1. what is bixie haircut?

The bixie haircut is a new type of short haircut that combines the common features of the bob haircut and the pixie haircut, and its name comes from the combination of these two hairstyles. bixie haircut has a variety of layers, it has a full shape like the bob hairstyle and a slim look like the pixie haircut. The bixie haircut usually has bangs, which add balance to the facial contour based on the hairstyle. In terms of length, the bixie haircut is very short, usually around the ear, and the inverted triangle shape gives you a more stylish silhouette.

2. how to cut bixie haircut?

Step 1 Part hair

Wash your hair with warm water. With wet hair, divide your hair into two parts along the entire head, using the bridge of your nose as the middle line. Use a comb in the middle of the hairline as a comparison tool and part the hair near the neck to get a nice square shape. Just pin up the remaining part of the hair with a bobby pin.

Step 2 Trim the hair at the back

There is shorter and longer hair in the back, so you need to use the shortest hair as a reference and cut it short with a fine tooth comb and a pair of scissors.

Then, go up about two and a half inches, or three inches, from the bottom layer of hair, which is between the top of the head and the top of the occipital bone. After parting the hair and placing it just above the front of your ears, start cutting the hair at a trim length of about five millimeters.

Now that your hair is layered, you can now lay down all the hair that has been pinned up. From a side angle, cut this section of hair to a reasonable length and keep it somewhat dense. It doesn't need to be trimmed too neatly, it needs to be curved so that your bixie haircut stays perfectly curved even after you swim out.

Step 3 Design bangs

Hair will be more bouncy when it is wet. You can choose to spray the bangs with a water spray bottle before cutting them. Divide the hair at the back into a triangle shape between the hair and the bangs.

When you first trim the bangs for a bixie haircut only cut off about a centimeter, if you think it is too long after cutting, you can continue to cut off 3-4 centimeters to make sure your client is happy with the bangs. When cutting the bangs, make sure that they are cut in the direction of your front.

After you have finished the front bangs, deal with the bangs on the sides. Part your hair in a vertical downward motion and tilt them towards the front. Hold the hair up between your index and middle fingers and cut it at an angle of about 45°.

Pick up the sides and cut them vertically to help you get a softer bixie haircut, and keep picking hair from the back and cutting it vertically.

Step 4 Blow dry your hair

While blow-drying, keep grabbing your hair with your hands to make the bixie haircut look more layered. After blow-drying the hair, make a slight trim to create more softness on the edges of the haircut.

After completing the previous step, check the bixie haircut from front to back and make fine adjustments to the parts that need trimming. Since there will be very small hair hidden inside the haircut, you can freely refine it. At this point, you are done with the bixie haircut cut, congratulations.

3. Bixie haircut styles recommendation

Next, let's take a look at some of the amazing styles of bixie haircuts that we should try.

3.1 Blonde Bixie With Distressed Waves

Bright blonde hair color is the perfect color for a bixie haircut, especially with this wavy look. Longer bangs without tapered ends keep the front look uninterrupted, while layers around the back and sides keep the style tapered on the head for a classic pixie haircut.

3.2 Shaped bixie haircut

If you hate spending a lot of time styling your mane in the morning, then blending and shaping the bixie is a great solution. The blended layers stack perfectly together to prevent unwanted bulk or heaviness at the bottom of the style. All it takes is a side piece and a quick blow-dry to bring this look to life!

3.3 UNice Bouncy Curl Short Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs Glueless Wig

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The bixie haircut with ombre golden blonde is an unprecedented blend, with dark roots to add a new dimension to your fashion. The lace material adds comfort and the shorter length reduces the time needed for maintenance.

3.4 UNice Bixie Haircut Ombre Golden Blonde 13x4 Lace Front Bob Wig

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This is the best wig option for adding volume and giving you the look of voluminous, full hair. the curly texture is loved by many dark-skinned girls and it is easy to maintain but looks great. Glueless wigs make your scalp healthier and free from the harmful effects of glue.

4. Conclusion

Trimming a bixie haircut requires only four simple steps, but the overall softness of the haircut should be fully considered during the trimming process. More beautiful bixie haircuts are waiting for you to discover!

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