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How to Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron(With Pictures and Video)

Last updated Jul 5, 2024

Ladies love curls. The bigger the better, just ask Beyonce! But what happens when your beautiful virgin hair curls decide to drop and never come back? Smooth, shiny curls are a fun beauty upgrade, and the look is a lot easier to achieve than it might seem.

curl hair

There are many hair tutorials out there that show you how to curl hair. So we write this article to show you different ways how to curl your hair with a curling iron as well as how to curl your hair with a flat iron.

Things you will need :

A professional flat iron

Spring-loaded curling iron or a professional Marcel curling iron

A large cutting or detangling comb

A thermal heat spray to protect from heat damage

Styling brush 

Before We Begin We Want To Offer Some Curling Hair Tips:

1. Wrap as if you were using a curling iron (don't close the flatiron completely).

2. Use less heat for blonde hair and scale up as hair darkens.

3. You can tell if you're putting enough heat in with the flatiron by feeling the hair. It should feel warm, which lets you know that the heat is reaching all of the hair.

4. You can't put too much hair in at once, or it'll be too tough.

5. Don't do the tips of your hair until the end, as they require the least amount of heat to retain the curl

How to curl virgin Brazilian weave?

Step 1: Prepare

Prep your bundle deals virgin hair with a heat protectant. As mentioned in an earlier post, I prefer to use CHI Silk Infusion, but there are approximately five million other products you can choose to use.

Step 2: Comb Out and Pin-Up Hair

Take a small section of hair, and insert it into your flat iron. Your sections can vary in size for a more natural, beautifully imperfect look this is up to you. You may also decide where you would like your curl to start and can place your flat iron accordingly.

Step 3: The Basics of the Curl

Twist your wrist, (the one holding the flat iron :)), about a half-turn, then pull, then twist again, then pull. Keep repeating this until you reach the end of your hair. For a more beachy feel, keep the very ends of your hair out of the iron.


how to curl hair

Step 4: Flat Iron Up

Continue with Step 3 (either version) throughout your entire head of hair. For more variation and imperfection with your style, you may opt to switch the direction of your curls, vary the section size, and begin the curls at different parts of your sections. You may want to change the direction of your curls near your face, (depending on the side), if you wish to have them sweep away from your face. Again, this is a personal preference that is entirely up to you.

Step 5: Finished Look

Comb your fingers through to break up the curls. Take your hands and shake your hair out. Apply a light wax or pomade through your ends to give a more pliable texture.

Video of how to curl hair

In this video, we learn how to curl true virgin hair extensions following Teaira Walker.

Remember to work with small sections and just like anything you want to be great at ... practice is necessary! Don’t rush these curling iron and flat iron techniques, take your time learning them before attempting on yourself. Most important, don't forget your thermal spray! You don't want to end up with the little girl on YouTube :)

Once you get the hang of these curling techniques, get creative and combine different techniques! It’s time to get curling! Otherwise, you can buy the sexiest curl hair online.

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