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How to Care Malaysian Hair Sew In

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

It is extremely important to cleanse your weaving hair and scalp properly when wearing extensions in order to keep bacteria and fungus at bay. Properly washing your hair also ensures that your weave does not tangle, while also assisting in maintaining proper hair growth.

Maintaining clean hair, while wearing a weave is not a difficult task. If you know the various tricks and routines that work to keep your hair looking neat and tidy after a wash, it’s fairly easy to do.There are several steps for cleansing and washing your malaysian hair sew in that contains added, sewn-in extensions.

Things You'll Need

*Coconut oil *Shampoo *Conditioner *Towel

How To Do

Oil your scalp whenever your scalp feels itchy because of the the tight braids. Spread a little coconut oil on your fingertips and apply it to the affected areas of the scalp. Do not scratch at your head, which can result in frizzy roots and noticeable tracks.

After applying the pre-shampoo oil, comb through the hair once with a wide-tooth comb to ensure that it is tangle-free. (If the extensions are curly, separate with your fingers, but do not comb through.)This is vital that many of us would neglect do,especially when you wash your remy malaysian curly hair extensions.

Wash your hair extensions every seven to 14 days. Choose a shampoo that is high quality and gentle, such as a baby shampoo or sulfite-free product. Condition your hair each time you wash your extensions.

Rinse the deep conditioner and use the wide-tooth comb to comb extensions downward. To remove excess dirt from underneath the extensions, cover a Q-tip with tee tree oil and apply it directly along the lining of the extension, as well as the cornrow and scalp.

Style your hair carefully. When detangling your hair after a shower, start with the bottom of the extension and work your way up to reduce pulling at the hair. Never perm or color hair extensions on your own. If you want another style or color, your stylist can sew in extensions that already have the style and color you want. Use heated styling tools sparingly to prevent extensions from becoming dry and brittle.

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