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Everything You Need To Know About Coarse Hair

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Everyone has a desire to have soft, smooth, and shiny hair. But diverse hair types require various haircare methods. And you may discover that whether it's curly, wavy, or fine hair, there are a variety of approaches to satisfy their specific requirements. However, speaking of coarse hair, it hardly gets the attention it deserves. If you're curious about coarse hair and have an intention to know what coarse hair, how to care for coarse hair, you've come to the right place. In this passage, you can understand everything about coarse hair.

1. What Is Coarse Hair?


Coarse hair refers to hair that is noticeably rough in texture and rough to hand feel. Those with coarse hair are inclined to have wider and thicker strands than other hair types, which basically makes this hair type apt for drying and frizz. Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, chances are your hair type is coarse. What&rsquo's more, there are a lot of people who are born with coarse hair.

2. How To Identify Whether You Have Coarse Hair?


There is a simple approach to give you a hand if you are not sure whether you have coarse hair. Just pick up a strand of hair and feel it with your fingers. You don't have coarse hair If you don't feel its presence. While if you can feel strands of hair between your fingers and feel rough and thick to the touch, then you have a coarse texture.

3. What Are The Distinction Between Coarse And Thick Hair?

Coarse and thick are often used together when describing hair, but coarse and thick are not interchangeable. They refer to two separate characteristics of hair. When talking about coarse hair, it refers to the circumference of a single hair, whereas thick hair refers to the density of the hair on the scalp.

4. How To Care For Coarse Hair?

4.1 Opt for the shampoo designed peculiarly for coarse hair


If you want great-looking hair, the first step is to choose a shampoo specifically designed for coarse hair. This is because tends to be drier and more split-ended than other types of hair. Therefore, the most important thing for coarse hair is to maintain the moisture in your hair.

The best shampoo for coarse hair is one that is free from parabens, sulfates, and other drying ingredients. While finding the right shampoo for you is not an easy task, it will keep your hair healthy and shiny in a short time.

4.2 Single out the proper brush and brushing skills


For the sake of decreasing tangle, frizz, and flyaways when coarse hair dries, you had better lightly comb when wet. Combing damp hair can assist you to pull the natural oils from your scalp along the length of your tresses as well. These oils are particularly beneficial to your hair.

Nylon bristles are especially suitable for coarse hair types, for there is enough space between the bristles to prevent pulling and minimize harm to the hair. There are also various types of brushes here, such as round brushes, and flat brushes, which you can pick up in terms of your needs.

However, the size of the brush relies on the density of the hair. If your hair is thicker than others, then you ought to select a bigger brush. In addition, you should avoid over-combing your hair.

4.3 Avoid hair products containing alcohol


Alcohol is added to many kinds of hair care products, especially gels and hair sprays. Although alcohol can make the texture of these products lighter, it can take away the moisture of your hair. Since coarse hair is more likely to become dry and damaged, it’s best to choose an alcohol-free or low-alcohol product.

4.4 Try co-washing


Co-washing is an approach to washing your hair by using a conditioner or specially formulated co-wash (cleansing conditioner). Because coarse hair is inclined to tangle, co-washing contributes to weakening the hair shaft, making it smooth and simpler to comb.

Not only does it keep the hair moist, but also assists enhance the texture and softness of coarse hair. If you are intrigued by co-wash, you could give it a shot.

4.5 Use a hair mask


As a deep conditioning product, hair masks not only help to reduce breakage and dryness of coarse hair but also deeply nourish it. Compared with regular conditioners, hair masks contain more nutrients that penetrate deeper into the hair strands to give better nourishment. People with coarse hair can add a hair mask to their hair care routine, which helps to keep their hair smooth and soft.

4.6 Have a balanced diet


A healthy diet with lots of vitamins and minerals can soften the coarse hair and strengthen its tenacity. A healthy diet is therefore very important for you. To achieve better results in softening coarse hair, you can add the following foods (which are rich in vitamins and minerals)to your daily diet: lemon, spinach, walnuts, tomatoes, green tea, coconut oil, etc.

4.7 Trim your hair at regular intervals


Breaks and split ends are common in coarse hair. Therefore, with a view of better taking out damaged hair, making it more manageable, and letting it look healthier and shinier, you had better trim your hair every 7-8 weeks.

4.8 Avoid hot styling


Making frequent use of heat styling can give rise to dry hair, therefore for the sake of retaining your hair moisture, it is best for you to avoid using this heat styling. If you really can’t avoid working with hot tools, you can use some heat protectant before styling, which can minimize harm to the hair as much as possible.


I believe you have now understood what coarse hair is and how to take good care of it. If you have an interest in these approaches, you can have a try. We sincerely hope that everyone can have good-looking hair. If you have other better methods to care for coarse hair, you can share them in the comment section.

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