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How to care and maintain your curls

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Many women love best hair  curly rocks because they think a woman with curly hair is special. Just like her hair, is not always easily tamed. She is a statement maker, an original, that oozes confidence and personality.She chooses to veer off the straight and polished path, in this case, she chooses to stray away from straight and polished hair because it tends to be boring and she is anything but! Many men prefer a woman with naturally curly hair. However, curly rocks so quite fragile that need more care and maintain, keep reading, we will share some tips on this blog.



What you will learn from this article:


Facts about curly hair extensions.

Why your hair looks frizzy after it dries?

How to care and maintain your curly weave? 


Facts about curly hair extensions


Undoubtedly, curly hair is the sexiest, and women with straight hair spend their free time and money trying to get it as curly as possible.Curly hair makes women seem more welcoming and approachable.

Meanwhile, frizz seems to be the bane of every curly girl's existence, especially in the summer months when humidity levels are higher.I am often asked about products and methods to combat frizz, so I compiled this information to help you tame your mane and get more frizz-free wear out of your styles!

Why Your Hair Looks Frizzy After It Dries


You are not giving your best hair extensions enough moisture.Dry hair is frizzy hair, so if you are experiencing frizz, your hair is likely asking you for more moisture. You can also try a lasting leave-in conditioner that will help lock in moisture and keep your hair happy all day long.

You are brushing your hair after your shower.Detangling wavy and curly textured hair is a must or you can wind up with mats in your hair; however, after the shower is not the time to do it. Hair clumps best when it is soaking wet, so once you are out of the shower, getting the wavy hair to clump becomes more difficult.

You are not being gentle enough when removing clips.For volume on wavy and curly hair, clips can be used to help create lift at the roots and help it dry. If you use this method, you have to remember to be incredibly careful when removing those clips. Sometimes clips in the back are hard to see and when you get stuck you could be ruffling up hair and causing frizz.

How to care and maintain your curly weave?


Don't overdo it. Generally, curly hair is prone to being dry, which is the reason why it's so important not to over-wash it. Excessive shampooing opens up the cuticles and strips the hairs of their natural oils, which will dry out your curls even more.

Know your ingredients. The key is to use products specifically made for curly hair, which is also sulfate and alcohol-free.Too much chemical would damage your virgin curly hair extensions, the more you use, the worse your hair will be.

Deep condition at least once a week.If your hair is susceptible to dryness, frizz or dandruff, keep away from products with alcohol and treat hair to a deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week.Brush the oil through the hair with a natural bristle hair brush.

To combat the frizzies, refrain from blow dryer overuse. Adding heat to air only increases the problem.If you must use a blow dryer, use a diffuser, which is specially formulated for curly hair.If you could, you would better let air dry.

Get the right haircut.There are so many secrets to getting the right haircut for your naturally curly hair. For instance, you should avoid bangs, longer hair works better than shorter and it's a myth that you need a specialist in curly hair to cut yours.

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