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How To Brighten Salt And Pepper Hair? Your Professional Guide

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Salt and pepper hair is a combination of gray, black, and silver, which can help people to solve the problem of gray hair and give them a stylish new look. However, we all know that light-colored hair is always difficult to take care of and when it is not properly taken care of salt and pepper hair becomes dull and yellow, so how brightening salt and pepper has become a problem for people. You can learn to make salt and pepper hair brighter and some maintenance methods through the following article.

Salt and pepper hair

1. What color is salt and pepper hair?

There are many shades of grey hair and you may not be able to tell what color is salt and pepper hair at once. As the name suggests, salt and pepper hair is a color that resembles salt and pepper, with the pepper having a darker black-brown tone and the salt being white. salt and pepper hair has an overall gray, silver, and black appearance that is very beautiful. Whenever people find themselves with gray hair, they feel annoyed because it is considered a symbol of aging, but by accepting the gray hair and doing some coloring and adjusting on top of it, you will get a trendy new hair color. salt and pepper hair is one such hair color that makes people feel different and attractive.

Salt and pepper hair

2. how to brighten salt and pepper hair?

Tips 1 Check your hair for color change

Check your hair for color change

Has your hair lightened or is it just your natural hair growth? Many times when you find that salt and pepper hair is not as beautiful as it was, it is likely that your hair is growing out. For example, if your natural hair is brownish, when it grows out it will greatly reduce the brightness of the salt and pepper hair. Or for people who have aged, white hair can be as much gray paint, and if your white hair is transparent, white hair will reflect all the light shining on it. So, the difference in tone you see may just be the color of your clothes or the color of your surroundings reflecting on your hair.

Tips 2 Use a color-care shampoo

Use a color-care shampoo

If the reason for the lighter color of salt and pepper hair as mentioned above is because of clear white hair, then you don't have to deal with this hair, it's just a refraction of light. If it is because of environmental reasons, such as environmental pollution, city water quality, chlorine from swimming pools, etc. you can remove these substances. If it is due to the hair products used such as hairspray, spray, etc., you can choose to deep clean your hair to wash out the buildup and your hair will regain its original luster. When it comes to these situations mentioned above, you can choose to buy color-care purple shampoo. In the color, chart yellow is the opposite of purple, so purple shampoo can effectively remove the yellow hair from your hair and restore it to its original color.

Tips 3 Use kaolin clay

Use kaolin clay

Kaolin clay, an important raw material for many cosmetics, is often used as a hair mask by many barbershops to absorb dirt and residue on the hair due to environmental problems and product problems. Kaolin clay is a great exfoliator and detangler. It has a pH value of 6, which means it is a neutral product, so it is very gentle. You can use kaolin clay on your hair once a week, just like a hair mask. Take out a container and put two tablespoons of kaolin clay and add a small amount of essential oil and apply it evenly to your hair; however, you need to be careful not to make the kaolin clay too thick and leave it on for fifteen minutes before washing it out of your hair and finally applying conditioner. This will make your hair brighter and restore its previous shine.

Tips 4 Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Apple cider vinegar has a good plot function and can be used to rinse your hair to make salt and pepper hair brighter. In ancient times, vinegar is a good antiseptic product and using the right amount of apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair can destroy the harmful bacteria in your hair. In addition, vinegar also ensures that salt and pepper hair grows healthier and also restores dry hair to a moisturized state. The apple cider vinegar does not have a pungent smell like edible vinegar, it is edible and of course gentle to the hair. You can use apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair twice a month by mixing apple cider vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:2, then put your hair in the prepared water and wait for your hair to dry naturally. If you mind the smell of apple cider vinegar you can choose to apply some essential oils to your hair to remove the smell.

Tips 5 Whitening clay

Whitening clay

Whitening clay is also often used in cosmetics and hair products, it is a perfect substitute for chemical shampoos and has some cleansing and antiseptic properties. For salt and pepper hair, bleaching clay can help make your hair shiny and retain moisture in your hair to keep it moisturized. Again, you need to mix the bleaching clay and water in a container to get a creamy texture. When the hair is wet, apply the bleaching clay evenly on the hair and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing it out.

3. Conclusion

Salt and pepper hair has a very stylish and sophisticated look but it is also very easy to lose its beautiful color. The above five methods are all ways to bring back the shine to your salt and pepper hair and hopefully, these methods will help you to get shinier hair.

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