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How To Blend Hair Extensions With Two Different Colors

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Wave Hair extensions make short or thin hair thickness and long. Choosing the hair color and highlights is as vital as the application of extension on the scalp. The application of unmatching hair extensions gives the appearance of unnatural hair which makes it important to blend the extensions and give a natural appearance. The use of two different shades of human hair extensions confirms that hair will give a natural look.

It is recommended to choose a color that matches your current hair color. Use a hair color chart to choose another color that’s one shade darker or lighter than your current hair color.

How To Blend Hair Extensions With Two Different Colors

1.First of all, you wish to create a call to settle on a color that ought to get on well along with your current nature hair color fine. it's an honest plan to settle on another color that is one shade lighter or darker than the colour of your current hair. By the way, you'll jazz by employing a hair chart, which might assist you lots.

2.If you don’t need to buy 2 separate colours, it's an honest plan for you to settle on reversible virgin hair bundles with closure that is with two-tone. To be specific, there square measure 2 hair colours with the two-tone reversible highlights. On the one hand, as for one aspect of the hair thread, there's a lighter color with a second, darker low-light. On the opposite hand, as for the reverse aspect of the hair thread, there square measure colours that coordinate to the other aspect. As all people understand, the lighter color is employed as a highlight. But, in distinction, the darker color is employed because the main color.

3.For a highlighted impact, you'll alternate clipping in hair wefts by victimization the 2 totally different colours. Let American state provide you with Associate in Nursing example, you'll position the big darker hair thread close to the nucha of your neck. After that, you'll clip within the lighter color and build it keep on top of the darker one. you'll proceed rotating colours till the hair wefts square measure put in utterly within the hair.

4.You need to clip in hair wefts that square measure darker-colored toward the lowest 1/2 the top. And in distinction, you ought to clip in hair wefts that square measure lighter-colored toward the highest 1/2 the top. If you are doing it, it'll bring the hair a natural look. that's as a result of the natural hair is lightened by the sun, at an equivalent time, the hair beneath is darker.

5.If you decide on to use reversible hair extensions, no matter what style you are,malaysian hair bundles or peruvian weave hair,you wish to alternate both sides of the hair thread. Then you'll begin with the highlighted aspect that is at the nucha of the neck. you ought to clip within the aspect that is low-lighted on prime of the highlighted aspect. And you continue to have to be compelled to proceed rotating both sides till all extensions square measure clipped in. that's as a result of if you alternating the edges, you'll mix the hair best.

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