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How To Avoid Side Effects Of Hair Gel?

Last updated Jul 23, 2024

In everyday life, hair gel has been used to create the desired look and to achieve hair hold. Whether it is for daily hair styling or wearing wigs, hair gel is an essential item. This blog will take you through the reasons why hair gel causes hair loss and how to avoid hair and scalp damage caused by hair gel effectively.

1. What are the ingredients in hair gel?

●Sulfates: Sulfates are usually found in shampoos and cleansers as the main cleansing ingredient. Sulfates are often used in many health products such as hair gel because they help remove oil and surface impurities. Because of their cleansing properties, sulfates often dry out the hair and scalp and can be irritating.


●Alcohol: Hair gel contains alcohol, and although alcohol is not usually considered harmful to the hair, the isopropyl alcohol in alcohol can make the scalp very dry as topical alcohol. Alcohol is irritating and can make hair more fragile and prone to breakage.


●Parabens: Parabens are the most common ingredient in hair gel. As a preservative to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, parabens are used in hair gel mainly to extend the shelf life of the product. Although it is less damaging to the scalp, studies have shown that it can irritate the scalp. Be cautious if you have a sensitive scalp as it can cause dandruff.


●Polyethylene glycol: The main purpose of adding polyethylene glycol is to soften and moisturize the scalp, so it is often used as an emulsifier in hair care products. When polyethylene glycol penetrates the hair, it takes away the moisture present in the hair and makes it look drier.

Polyethylene glycol

2. Side effects of hair gel

2.1 Dryness and brittleness of hair

Dryness and brittleness of hair

In the composition of hair gel, we analyzed that both alcohol and caustic chemicals can dry out the hair. Hair gel causes a decrease in the moisture content of sebum and makes hair dry, and dry hair is prone to breakage and an itchy scalp in severe cases. Long-term use of hair gel can cause hair to lose its luster and become rough.

2.2 Hair loss

Hair loss

If you are very sensitive to all the hair gel ingredients analyzed above, it is better to avoid using hair gel as much as possible. However, if you have a normal scalp that is not easily sensitive, hair gel itself will not cause hair loss. What causes hair loss is the incorrect way you use it. After using the gel, we comb our hair back or pull it tight, which can lead to traction hair loss when the hair is in a tight state. In addition, hair gel stays on the hair for a long time, and not washing it in time will cause dust and dandruff, and other secretions to build up and clog the hair follicles eventually leading to hair loss.

2.3 Dandruff


Long-term dehydration of the scalp can cause scalp inflammation, and an itchy scalp and aggravate the production of dandruff. Improper sebum production, unhealthy and clogged skin pores and follicles, and weakened hair roots combine to cause and exacerbate the problem of dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, or inflammation of the scalp, which can further lead to other skin conditions such as acne.

2.4 Affects hair growth

Affects hair growth

When hair follicles are blocked, new hair follicles are affected. When hair gel is left on the hair overnight it deprives the hair of its natural oils, which causes the scalp to overcompensate by producing too much oil. When the oil builds up and starts to harden, it can hinder hair growth.

3. How to avoid hair damage from hair gel?

As mentioned above, using hair gel is not the real cause of unhealthy hair and scalp, the real cause is actually the incorrect way of using it. So there are ways to use hair gel and still maintain a healthy scalp and hair, here are some of the best tips.

3.1 Use hair gel with natural protectants

Use hair gel with natural protectants

First of all, choose a hair gel with a pure texture so that it can reduce the damage caused by chemical ingredients to the hair. Use a natural hair gel that contains coconut oil or olive oil to give you the desired look even when your hair is not dry. Natural moisturizing hair gel is essential to keep your hair hydrated.

3.2 Use away from the scalp

Use away from the scalp

Use hair gel on your hair and not on your scalp. Do not apply hair gel on your scalp to avoid clogging hair follicles. Although applying the gel fully will better create the effect you want, it is more than worth the effort. The excessive gel will make you feel uncomfortable and will clog your pores and hinder hair growth

3.3 Wash your hair regularly

Wash your hair regularly

If hair gel is left in your hair for too long, the gel will harden, making your hair brittle, dry, and brittle. This usually leads to breakage and hair loss. Avoid this by washing your hair regularly with a mild, sulfate-free shampoo. Shampoos that contain nourishing oils such as coconut are a good choice to restore any lost moisture.

4. Wigs that don't need hair gel

Improper hair gel use and added ingredients in the ingredients can make you face scalp health problems every day. But there is an easy and healthy way to try it, and that is to wear glueless wigs that don't need any glue or gel in the process but still provide you with a beautiful and stylish experience, and more importantly, those scalp health problems that used to bother you can be solved.

4.1 UNice Beginner Friendly V Part Kinky Curly Wig Upgrade U Part Human Hair Wig

With the V-part wig, your native hair can be released from the crevices, get breath and maintain its health. It also has a great highlight of low maintenance, does not require too much care, the installation process does not require the use of any hair gel, and can be easily removed after wearing. the v-part wig is a great helper for your daily life and work. This wig is currently on sale, buy it now for 15% cheaper than before!

4.2  UNice Wig Breathable Cap 13x4 Pre Cut Lace Front Reddish Brown Body Wave Wig

UNice new wig, take the 3D dome cap hair cap technology, your fingers can always reach into the cap to adjust the position. The hollow process ensures that your hair can breathe freely and there is absolutely no problem of unhealthy scalp.

5. Underlying causes of an unhealthy scalp

Have you ever thought that the root cause of your hair loss and unhealthy scalp may not be hair gel, but some small details you haven't noticed, check the following points

food habits

●Poor nutrition: lack of vitamins and minerals

●Stress hair loss: hair loss caused by excessive stress in life, which is very common today

●Irregular work and rest: staying up late is the biggest cause of hair loss, don't forget to maintain a healthy work and rest routine

●Medications: If you are recently taking certain medications, please check the instructions for any side effects of these medications.

6. Conclusion

Hair gel is not really the cause of hair loss and an unhealthy scalp, it is the incorrect use of it. If you are still worried about the damage caused by hair gel to your hair, try UNice glueless wig

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