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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair ?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

how to wash hair


A woman's hair is the first most noticeable part of her beauty. Making sure every girl have the perfect hair-washing schedule can sometimes be tricky business.

Why Should You Wash Your Hair Extensions? 

Washing your natural hair too often can cause your hair to become dry and break, or too oily. If you wash it not often enough, it can become lifeless and dirty.

But even though over-washing is indeed harsh on strands and can strip their natural moisture, experts tell us that, depending on your hair texture, there actually can be such as thing as going too long between suds. Without regular shampooing hair can become lackluster, smelly, and worse.

Here we are going to discuss our top tips and answer your question about how often should I wash my hair.

To Wash Or Not To Wash?

The answer is as follows:

We all know that the hot summer months can do quite a bit of damage to your hair, and that’s why it’s imperative that you take special care of your human hair extensions.

Answer 1: it’s important to remember that the only way they receive nutrients and moisture is if you provide them with it by washing them, giving them treatments and replenish their nutrients with oils.

Answer 2: Washing your hair too often can cause your hair to become dry and break, or too oily. If you wash it not often enough, it can become lifeless and dirty.

Answer 3: we can't stop doing while wearing a protective style. Regardless of the hair's quality, the tension of a wig, braids or extensions, usually breeds irritation on the scalp because we assume our normal cleansing routine must cease while our natural strands are tucked away.

But in reality, many people do that......

Americans are obsessed with being clean. It’s not uncommon for people to wash their hair with astringent shampoo on a daily basis. All of this cleaning can lead to dry, damaged hair.

There’s a growing push to forgo shampoo altogether or to use conditioning cleansers that do not contain detergents. The “no-poo” movement has brought shampoo-free hair care to the mainstream.

 It’s becoming more common for people to ditch shampoo and let the natural oils balance out with the help of alternative shampoos or plain water.

Wondering how often should you wash your hair? Here's the truth.

Most people don’t need to wash their hair daily, or even every other day. How often you should wash your hair depends on quite a few factors. The basic answer, according to Seattle-based integrative dermatologist Elizabeth Hughes, is that you should wash it once it’s oily and feels unclean to the touch.

First, lets talk about What influences how often you have to wash your hair?

  • Oil: Oil is the biggest culprit behind what we consider “dirty” hair. It can leave hair limp and clumpy.
  • Type of hair: Straight and thin hair needs to be washed more frequently than curly or wavy hair. Straight hair is easily coated by sebum, which means it looks greasy much faster. Thick, wavy, or curly hair tends to be dry since the oil doesn’t coat the strands as easily.
  • Physical dirt: Gardening, cleaning, and other messy tasks may be cause for a wash. Dirt, dust, and pollen can all get trapped on the hair. Not only will these make your hair look dull, but they can also exacerbate your allergies.
  • Styling products:Styling products can build up on your hair and scalp and lead to irritation and damage. Frequent or heavy product use may mean that you need to wash your hair more frequently than if you skip the creams and sprays.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

You should only be washing your Remy hair extensions 2–3 times a week. However, if your hair is curly or wavy and therefore have had curly or wavy hair extensions installed, washing your hair once a week is perfect.

Over-shampooing your hair removes the nourishing oils that are key to keeping your natural hair healthy and shiny. As for your hair extensions, they don’t receive the oils your scalp produces, so over-washing can really strip them of the moisture they have.

 If you can’t handle fewer washes and have fine hair, you could rinse your hair with just warm water in between washes. If you have fine hair, washing your hair with too much conditioner isn’t a good idea because it tends to weigh fine hair down.

If you are looking for the right shampoo for your extensions, wigs or weave, I would like to talk about you about this problem.

Are you washing your hair too much?

The shampoo is designed to clean the scalp and remove excess oil. But if it’s overused or if you work it all the way down the length of your hair, shampoo can damage your hair.

Shampoo strips the important oils the scalp produces and can leave the hair and scalp too dry. To prevent this, only shampoo the roots of your hair. The ends will be cleaned when you rinse the shampoo out of your roots.

How To Choose The Right Shampoo?

One important thing to keep in mind when shampooing your extensions is that not all shampoos perform on extensions the way they do on your natural hair. Some shampoos contain chemicals like sulfate, alcohol, and salts, which will rob your new beautiful hair of its natural nutrients, luster, and moisture when used in excess. 

You’ve probably already heard a thousand times, “Only use sulfate-free products!” Not only do they benefit your hair extensions by extending their life, they’re also beneficial to your natural hair. 

Most sulfate-free shampoos won’t remove the natural oils your natural hair and scalp produce, which they need to keep both of them healthy. It’s a simple, sulfate-free product that smoothes, detangles and protects.

How Often Wash Your Hair Extensions, Wigs, Hair Weave, and Braids?

Hair Extensions

We all know that you should always “wash it before you wear it” and your hair extensions are no different. Most experts agree it’s not necessary to wash your extensions every day. Instead, you should try to wash them three times a week for optimal cleaning and moisturizing.


Depending on how often you wear the same hair wig, it only needs to be washed once every 10 to 15 years. However, you need to be particular about the shampoo you use on your wigs. Look for a sulfate-free shampoo approved for use on synthetic hair. This will ensure the wig material is protected and looks like genuine hair for longer.

Hair Weaves

A hair weave is a great way to add volume or length to your natural hair. Regardless of the type of hair used in the weave, it is essential to wash with a sulfate-free shampoo every seven to 10 days. Please note that when washing your weave, it is important not to use any motions that can tangle the hair. This can cause the weave to pull out sooner than expected.


How long a woman keeps her braids or weaves in is totally up to her, but at some point, that hair and scalp will need to be cleaned.

It is up to you, as an individual to decide how often to wash your hair when it has extensions in it. The main concern when it comes to washing your hair is usually maintaining the neatness of the hairstyle.

Video Of How To Wash Your Sew In Weave. 

Hey loves! Here's How To Wash Your Sew In Weave And Real Hair Underneath! Most importantly, it shows you how to wash your real and natural hair underneath your sew-in! She also shows you how to grow your natural hair while it is in a protective style, and moisturize your scalp to prevent dandruff and build up! 

Faq about washing hair

1. How often should you wash your hair?

The truth is that there’s no right or wrong answer to ‘how often should you wash your hair.’ Your hair is as unique as you are, so the right hair-washing frequency depends entirely on your individual needs. Those with thick, curly or dry hair may only need to wash their hair once a week, while many prefer to wash their hair every day…

2. Is it bad to wash your hair every day?

The short answer is no: washing hair every day is absolutely fine. Maybe your hair is naturally oily, you exercise (and therefore sweat) a lot, you use lots of hair products or your environment demands regular hair cleansing. Whatever your reason for washing hair every day, as long as you’re using a shampoo that gently purifies

3. Do I need to shampoo twice? 

Lather,rinse,repeat might sound catchy, but it's not always necessary. If your styling routine isn’t product-heavy, and you wash your hair regularly with an effective shampoo, you can feel free to skip the ‘repeat’ altogether. Spend the time you’ve saved on treating your hair to a weekly mask 

4.Does colored hair need special treatment? 

Have you ever dyed your hair, only for it to become dull and lack-luster after a few washes? You’re not the only one. Maintain your colored hair’s vitality and vibrancy by using a shampoo and conditioner that’s specially designed to help preserve vibrancy. 

5. How often should you condition your hair? 

There’s only one hard and fast rule when it comes to hair washing, and that’s to make sure you follow up with a conditioner. So, how often should you condition your hair? The answer is just as often as you shampoo your hair, however regularly that might be.


There are a number of different things you need to take into account when trying to decide on a specific hair-washing schedule. We can’t tell you how often you should be washing your hair, but you might want to think about your day to day activities.

Running around and getting sweaty will mean your more likely going to have to wash your locks a lot more than the average person, but that’s nothing a little dry shampoo can’t fix. As we previously mentioned less is more, the less you wash your hair, the better and the more you will get out of it.

This also applies to hair extensions, try and see how long you can go without washing your hair. You will soon find that you can go a couple of days without slathering it in shampoo, it will do wonders for your hair and it will also give you a lot of time back you spent washing it!

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