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How Much Do Human Hair Wigs Cost?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

The wig is a fast and easy way to change look especially for black women. Wigs are proven that hair wigs can boost your confidence and appearance by giving you what you need: more texture, more volume, more length, or both, but how do they make? In this article, we will talk about how to make wigs, depending on a few factors that influence the cost. For beginners, many of you may be curious about how much they cost for different wigs! 

How Much Do Human Hair Wigs Cost?

In this guide, we'll look at what factors the cost of getting hair wigs. From the type of hair material used, type of wigs, and other costs, you'll be able to compare the prices and see which type of wig makes the most sense for you. There are some basic factors that affect real hair wigs and learning about them will help you choose the ideal wigs according to your budget.

How much do human hair wigs cost?

The best answer? It truly depends on the kind you're getting, quality, length, and quantity. The price will also vary from each hair store. 

After doing some research, I found out that you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $1000, depending on the previously mentioned factors, as well as the shipping and package, brand, and service. 

How much do human hair wigs cost?

Statistics say that a partial head of lower quality wigs alone can cost you between $30 to $70, while the higher-quality pieces, such as the Human Hair Wigs can cost between $100-$300 for partial, and $1,000-$2,500 for full (talk about pricey!). 

The Cost Of Wigs (And Things To Be Careful Of)Well, the average cost of hair wigs may not be as high as you think. Turns out, you can get top-shelf human hair wigs without having to pay top dollar. 

But, there are some things that you will need to be careful of. 

The average cost of hair wigs also depends a lot on the type of wigs you are looking at. While some wigs can cost as little as $20, we would advise steering clear of those ones. Completely! 

In general, the cost of wigs can range anywhere between $50 to a few thousand dollars. With the average falling between $100 - $400 for human hair lace wigs such as lace front wigs or HD lace wigs.Whereas non-lace wigs usually range between $70 - $200. 

The average cost of wigs in both categories will also vary greatly depending on several factors, from the type of wig you're after, to the length or style of hair you need and the method of application.

So, if you're thinking about investing in real hair wigs, there are many things to consider.

The first thing you may want to consider is the type of hair wigs you want.

But if you choose to have different or high-quality natural-looking hair wigs installed, it is always best to put down a little extra money to ensure that they are done properly by a professional and in a way that will not cause you any discomfort or pain. 

What is the difference? 

What is the difference?

Human Hair Wigs vs. Synthetic Hair Wigs 

The first thing that will affect how much hair wigs cost is whether human hair or synthetic hair is used. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair, but it looks more natural and can be styled with heat, colored, and cut. 

Lace wigs vs non-lace wigs

The machines made wigs are produced in large quantities and have fixed weft threads, so they cost less in manpower and material resources. It is cheaper and a great economical option. 

Factory and Distributors

Some hair company has its own factory, the price of the human hair products is direct factory price. Reducing the intermediate links, and saves you a lot. If you buy human hair products from any hair distributors, the price may be higher than the factories.

A word of advice 

A word of advice

If you want to pay the right price for your hair wig, you need to choose some wig type that is suitable for you, such as hair length, hair color, hair texture, lace type, and no on. 

If you decide to buy wigs online, then you can visit the different websites that sell hair wigs. You can check what exactly do you get, how long the hair is, how much hair in grams, and of course what the price is. 

In the end, you have to know what you are trying to achieve with hair wigs: do you want volume, do you want length, or both? You have to know how big your budget is of course. You don't want to go with the cheapest option either because in the end you will be disappointed and will end up spending more money. Trust me, I speak from experience.  Now that you have all these tips in your back pocket I hope it will be easier for you to make a decision on what type of hair wigs to go with. 

FAQ You May Concerned

How do you know which wigs to select? 

The best wig for your hair can only really be selected after a consultation, so wherever you go - pop into the online wigs store beforehand to speak to a customer service who can guide you on the best and most suitable method for your hair. 

Should you always wear human hair? 

"Human hair will always look and feel the best and it will last longer. It will also act like your own hair and be a lot easier to wash style, and maintain", says Sarah. Another reason for opting for it is that you can use heat styling tools on it which you can't with man-made.  

What's the best way to get wigs if you're on a budget?

Many companies offer payment plans so you can part-pay over a number of months. You can buy now pay later hair or wigs at Unice with Sezzle or Quadpay and klarna.

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