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How Long Should I Wait When Bleaching Hair?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

From mushroom blonde hair to sliver blue hair, the popular hair colors change over and over again, and these bright colors require a lot of patience to color and a lot of bleach. Repeated trials in the process of bleaching your hair only increase the damage to your hair, but we have to do more bleaching treatments for better results. How long should I wait when bleaching my hair?

1. How does hair bleach work?

To find out how long to wait between hair bleach sessions we need to know what bleaching does to our hair.

Bleach hair looks like a scientific process of change rather than an art, the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia in bleach will remove the pigments that are already in your hair. It makes the hair look lighter in color and brighter in tone. And to better achieve the fading effect, many bleaches add many chemical products that are more effective. These chemical products are harsher and blend into the fibers of the hair and are able to fade the melanin in the hair very well. Although it works, it is also more damaging to the hair.

2. Can I bleach my hair twice on the same day?

Many hairdressers will go out of their way to suggest that you bleach your hair twice in one day in order to give you the closest color to the picture, which is totally undesirable. Never bleach hair twice in the same day because bleach can damage the hair cuticle and bleaching hair twice in one day can cause compound damage. When it starts to work on your hair, your hair cuticle will be opened and your hair will become very weak and prone to breakage, causing continuous damage. 

3. Can I bleach my hair two days in a row?

Bleaching your hair multiple times in one day can cause continuous damage, so is it possible to bleach your hair for two days in a row? According to Lawson, an American hairdresser, "Try to leave your hair five weeks between bleaching sessions, your hair needs to recover from this time", "The waiting time is not useless, but it is a time to help your hair grow, and recover, and to reduce bleach damage to your hair."

4. What is the ideal time between hair bleach?

As Mr. Lawson says, a minimum of five weeks or more between bleaching sessions is the ideal time. But there are no absolutes, five weeks is only for those who already have healthy hair, while those who have experienced multiple perms and coloring before bleaching should wait at least 8 to 10 weeks. hair bleaching interval is too short to allow more damage to the hair and further strip the protective layer of hair. So when deciding when to start bleaching for the second time, you should first consider what state your hair is in.

5. How often should I bleach my hair and avoid damage?

First, assess the state of your hair. If your hair is healthy and free of split ends and dryness, you may consider bleaching in about four weeks. If your hair has been permed and dyed many times, and your hair is already damaged, you need to wait eight to ten weeks before bleaching. Bleaching agents can cause scalp irritation and hair damage. By bleaching your hair again too soon, these effects will only worsen.

6. How to perform hair bleach without damage?

The same day after bleaching you need to deep condition your hair to make it healthier and more moisturized, here are some good ideas to help you restore healthy hair.

6.1 Avoid sunlight and chlorine

Sunlight exposure on a sunny day can also cause damage to your hair. Apply a heat protectant to your hair and provide good physical protection from the sun (umbrella, sun hat, etc.). However, if you have just bleached your hair and are going swimming, it is best to wear a swim cap. Pools contain chlorine, which can damage your hair. Or choose to go swimming again after a while.

6.2 Use hair care products with natural ingredients

Choosing products with natural ingredients can reduce unknown harmful ingredients and preservatives, which can be of great help to your hair recovery. Use products with aloe vera, coconut oil, and argan oil as the main ingredients, or choose fresh raw materials to make hair masks. Products with natural ingredients help your hair absorb and retain nutrients. Plus, homemade hair masks are not only convenient and cost-effective, but they're also much cheaper than a trip to the hairdresser.

6.3 Gentle shampooing

Gentle shampooing is not just about being gentle during the shampooing process, but also about using warm water for washing. Usually, we choose hot water for showers but hot water only brings physical comfort and removes the natural oils from the scalp and hair, so warm water is your better choice.

7. The most direct way to avoid bleach damage to your hair

There is a way that not only avoids bleach damage to your hair forever but also changes the color of your hair as you wish - buy a 613 blonde wig. 613 wigs are the lightest blonde hair color in wigs, and all the wigs sold by UNice are selected from 100% real hair, which has all the characteristics of real hair. 

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I believe we all know that the color of the hair after bleaching is a light yellow, which means that our original hair pigment has been removed. What is worth mentioning about the 613 blonde wigs is that it does not require bleaching but can be added directly to the coloring agent. With 613 blonde wigs, you can stay away from the damage caused by bleaching and still have the freedom to dye your hair the color you like!

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