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How Long Do Human Hair Wigs Last?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

How Long Do Human Hair Wigs Last? Generally, 100% human hair wigs can last 1 year, if you take good care of your virgin human hair wigs, they can be used 2-3 years. 

To be honest, how long do human hair wigs for black women last depending on the way, how you maintain it. Besides, there are many factors can influence the human hair wigs life.

The lifespan of your 100 human hair wig is greatly affected by below 4 factors:

1.Human hair wig types(Hair Material)

There are many different types of real human hair wigs on the market, human hair lace front wig, full lace human hair wigs, classic lace wigs,360 lace frontal wigs, monofilament wigs and so on.

The raw material plays a crucial role in determining the durability of any product. Different base materials have different levels of durability.

The lifespan of a wig also depends on the cap used and of the type of hair with which it is made.

A handmade wig not usually last as long as a machine made a wig. Hair loss is, in fact, a natural process for this type of wig as the knots come undone over time each time the wig is worn, causing a progressive loss of hair. Even if well maintained, a handmade wig will have to be thickened after the first 9-12 months. 

Another element to consider is the type of hair. Remy Hair with intact cuticles have a longer shelf life, whilst hair without cuticles will need more care and last less as they have been more processed. 

Regarding toupees, those fixed with adhesive last less than those applied with clips as the latter can be removed at night.

2.The length of your Remy human hair wigs

I think the length and style of your wig can often impact how long you’re wig will last. For example, a cropped wig or pixie cut is going to last much longer than a shoulder-length blow-dry.

Why? Think about how many times you fuss with your hair when it’s down. Whether your brushing it off your face or detangling it, the friction on the fibre causes wear which is why it’s important to look after your wig! 

This is the reason why you short human hair wigs always last longer than your long human hair wigs.

3.Color of hair 

Darker colors and straight styles require less processing, while lighter colors and curly hair requires more treatment. This will impact the lifespan of your virgin human hair wigs. However, processed hair will still easily last 3-6 months with proper care, which is a good lifespan for a wig. It can be said that straight and dark colored hair systems are termed as high-quality hair systems.


As we all know, how long does human hair wig last depend on the maintenance & care of hair wigs?You have to be careful about how you keep your wig if you want to be able to use it for a long period of time.

1.How to wash your human hair wigs. Apart from the instance when there are specific and detailed instructions that you shouldn’t wash the wig, always assume you have to wash it before you wear it for the first time.

2.How to style you wigs human hair. Most wigs are already pre-style by the time you receive it, but if it’s not, you have to take it to a stylist before you wear it. It will help it tremendously if you have it professionally styled before you decide to change its original style.

3.Damage control. Similar to human head hair, they too can be damaged by over-styling and over-washing. So, be sure you don’t exaggerate if you want to be able to use your product for a lengthy period of time.

4.How to store your virgin human hair wigs. The store way is also very important. Put the wigs in a mannequin or Styrofoam head If you wear it very often. Because this way can keep the good style of the hair. You can buy the mannequin or the Styrofoam head from the seller where you bought the wigs.

5.Environmental Factors

The life span of a real human hair wig is related to Environmental Factors. 

From being barraged by sunlight that threatens to decrease its strength and rob it of moisture, to pollution and dirt drastically decreasing the life of your blowout, experts reveal the environmental x-factors that affect your style day after day.

Think of it like this . . .   Wearing your hair down on a hot summers day is going to make you feel warm and sticky and it is likely your hair will stick to the back of your damp neck, it is not good for your good quality human hair wigs. 

If your working environment is not clean if it is too much  dust or if it is greasy, your 100 Remy human hair wigs need to be cleaned  frequently, so the wigs’  life will be shorter.Or when you met  windy weather  and sandstorms, it would also reduce your Remi human hair wig life.


some cautious things you should remember. Never open the oven while wearing a synthetic wig! The sudden burst of heat will ruin your wigs, especially when the hot steam from a boiling pot of water can also cause irreparable damage.

6How often do you wear your wig ?

This is also affecting your human hair wig’s lifespan.The more you use it, the life will be shorter.You might be trying to keep wearing it until your next paycheck, but yes, virgin hair  wigs have an expiration date too! Six weeks  is just a guideline, but the maximum length of time you can wear a lace front depends on the type of adhesive you use.

Tips: If you like wearing human hair wigs for a long time, you can buy 2-3 wigs in different styles according to your own need.You can choose wavy human hair wigs, curly human hair wigs, long human hair wigs or short human hair wigs, and so on. 

So, How do expand your human hair life? 

Similar to your natural hair, it also requires maintenance, and, if not done properly, it could ruin it. So, while each wig may come with its own set of care rules, there are some that are universally valid, no matter the brand or hair type. Let&rsquo's take a look at them! 

Make your wig last long with these simple wig care tips! This video is perfect for wig beginners who want to know how to care for their human hair wig. Enjoy!

7.Long Lasting Wig You Can Choose

If you are looking for a long-lasting wig, you can choose Unice human hair wigs,they are 100 human hair wig.

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