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How Do Wigs Made?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

The wig is a fast and easy way to change look especially for black women. Wigs are proven that hair wigs can boost your confidence and appearance by giving you what you need: more texture, more volume, more length, or both, if you are a beginner, now it comes to the question "How do wigs make "? In this article, we will talk about how to make wigs, keep reading.

How Do Wigs Made?

Wigs are made either by hand or machine. Machines are the more efficient method. Hand-tied wigs are more time-consuming but produce a more natural look with less tangling.

Preparing the hair

The first thing you should do is to make sure that the individual hairs are in the same direction. And the wig maker should carefully inspect for nits (louse eggs). Next, each bundle of hair is gently, but thoroughly, hand washed in a bowl of hot, soapy water that contains a disinfectant.

Making the foundation

The edge of the wig's foundation is cut from fine-mesh silk netting that matches the desired hair color. The paper pattern put carefully positioned on an appropriate size block. The pieces of the net foundation are joined together on the block by sewing them together.


Hairs are attached to the net foundation by a procedure called knotting. Different sizes of ventilating needles can be used, depending on the number of hairs that are to be tied together in one knot.


When the wig is fully ventilated (i.e., all the hair is attached), it is removed from the wooden block and mounted wrong-side-out on a soft block made of canvas stuffed with sawdust. A final row of knotting is done around the edge. The inside surface of the wig is pressed with a heated iron to secure the knots.


The completed wig is pinned to a soft block for styling. The hair is gently dampened by combing through with a wet comb. Curls are formed as pin curls or on rollers or cotton forms. The wig is covered with a net and dried in a warm oven. The curls are then unpinned, and the hair is combed and styled. A net is carefully placed over the finished style, and the wig is returned to the oven to set the style.

If you would like to make a wig by yourself?

Now we will share with you a complete guide for a Wig making tutorial. I will show you guys a step-by-step easy way to make your own wig.

What Should You Prepare For Making A Wig?

What Should You Prepare For Making A Wig?

Wig head (mannequin head)

Human Hair (Sew-in Extensions)

Wig Stand or Tape.

Needle & Thread, Hair Glue & Blow Dryer or Hot Glue gun & Sticks.

Adjustable Dome Wig Cap.

Wig Combs.

Wig band.


How To Make A Wig Step By Step?

How To Make A Wig Step By Step?

Step 1: Pick the Lace Cap and Hair

We note that the lace cap should match the color and general look of your scalp, As fo for the hair texture or density, the choice is up to you, but it's always a good idea to get high-quality hair, so you can keep your wig for years to come.

Step 2: Prep the Hair

"Prepare your hair extensions by measuring and cutting the extensions to fit the circumference of the wig cap," Expert suggests.

Step 3: Start Sewing

You can stitch your frontal or closure on first by hand, then secure it with the machine.

When it comes to the tracks, We recommend sewing them into the wig cap in a U-shape, starting at the back. You can do this by hand or by using a sewing machine.

If you want to make the hair appear thicker, the stylist recommends double-stitching the wefts (or tracks) together. Once you're done, style your wig as desired.

Here, the wig is finished. As you can see, making a wig is quite the process! What we said in a few paragraphs is the summary of hours of hard work.

Having a sound knowledge of wig production will allow you to make a wise and educated choice when it comes to buying a wig. If you want a natural result, imperceptible to the untrained eye and touch; if you would like a longer-lasting wig that will remain beautiful, soft, and shiny; we advise you to opt for a wig manufacturer that uses hair of the highest quality: whole Remy Hair with an intact cuticle.

If you are looking for good hair or wig websites online, you can try unice hair company, UNice hair production processes are very strict, each step has a professional staff review and acceptance, so we produced the wigs so shiny, flexible, and not easy to deformation and long life, welcome to buy!

Faq about wig made

Faq about wig made

What Are Wigs Made Of?

As you probably know, a wig can be made using either natural hair or synthetic fibers. Obviously, wigs created with real hair have a more natural look. Real hair has a texture and luminosity; its own unique color (never homogenous but a rich tapestry of shades); a unique movement; it is softer than manufactured fibers, and can be styled in any way you want.

Where are hair materials from?

In general, the 4 main sources for hair are Asia (China & Mongolia), India, Eastern Europe (Russia & Ukraine), and South America. Five to ten years ago, higher-end human hair wigs and hairpieces were made exclusively from Eastern European hair and more budget-friendly options were made mostly with Indian hair.

Why hand-tied wig is higher than a machine-made?

Hand-tied lace wigs such as lace front wigs can be more expensive than wigs without a lace frontal or closure, but that's because they are high-quality and look the most natural. For a look that's undetectable and has great styling versatility, these wigs are certainly worth the money!

If you are interested in how is hair weave made? You can watch the video below.

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