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How can you tell if a wig is of good quality?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Thick and healthy hair can not only make you appear beautiful but can also boost your confidence and also make you look younger. Natural hair wigs are an excellent means that can add volume and length to your hair, exactly the way you desire. But, choosing and buying the hair wig is an overwhelming process, especially when it is about determining the quality.

How can you determine whether the wig is of good quality?

There are ways to ascertain the high quality of a wig. Let us have a look.

How can you determine whether the wig is of good quality?

1. Longer duration

The very first difference between high-quality and low-quality wigs begins with the price you pay for the product. We all want to buy it at a cheaper price, right? But this might have its impact in the long run. A good quality wig must appear like your natural hair and give the feel of it as well. Furthermore, good quality hair should be easy to handle and give you the option of washing and heating just like your natural hair. After all this, the wig will last years to come.

2. It shouldn’t look like an artificial wig

When the wig is of top-notch quality, it appears to be perfect. The high-quality wigs are designed by professionals customized based on customer needs and demands. To make the hair appear natural, the curls and waves are usually bigger and fuller. The best aspect is that you won’t feel a burden while wearing the wig all day long. Thus, there is charm and comfort combined. You have to understand that your choice of wig should be the way of your life. Furthermore, the 100% human hair wigs are made of unprocessed virgin human hair, which appears too real to look like artificial hair.

3. You can use it every day

In case you want to differentiate between a high-quality wig and a low one, the former allows you to wear it daily. You can stylize in different hairstyles, heat it, and even use hair products of your choice. Even the sweat won’t make it appear artificial. This is the beauty of a high-quality wig.

4. Styling is easy

The human hair wig is way more versatile when it comes to styling. Apart from washing and giving heat, you can color it as well in your preferred shade. But, it has to be ensured that good quality dye is used which goes with wigs.  Usually, it is seen that synthetic wigs are very hard to touch and styling is not that easy.

Why you should choose a 100% natural human hair wig?

When you are investing in hair wigs, it is important to distinguish between synthetic or animal hair and 100% human hair. There is no doubt about the fact that synthetic hair is cheap and easily affordable. But there are some disadvantages:

  • 1. Appear to be shinier in texture and may not blend properly with your natural hair.
  • 2. Doesn’t last long as it wears out quickly.
  • 3. Cannot make any modifications in terms of color or styling.

It is recommended that for a temporary purpose, synthetic hair wigs can be used.

On the other hand, virgin human hair wigs are priced much higher, but some advantages add value.

  • 1. 100% human hair wigs if maintained properly can last for years without breaking down.
  • 2. The texture and the shine are very similar to your natural hair. Thus, the wig can blend in very easily without appearing to be artificial.
  • 3. Styling will not be a botheration at all. You can use curlers and straight irons to restyle your hair wigs, similar to your very own natural hair.
  • 4. You have the option of even coloring it and giving your hair a different look.

With the 100% human hair wigs you get a lot of choices that the synthetic extension doesn’t entail.

Investing in 100% virgin human hair wig is a good choice

If you are wondering if it is a good reason to invest in the high-priced virgin human hair, when cheaper options are available, there are reasons why natural hair wigs are still preferred. The 100% natural hair wigs are extremely popular, especially among those who won’t compromise with the quality. They are made of 100% human hair without the use of any kind of synthetic product.

The best part about them is that they look natural and don’t get tangled easily, unlike synthetic hair wigs. The natural hair wig is soft and silky in texture. Furthermore, the hair doesn’t get as brittle as the synthetic hair wigs. In terms of maintenance and care, the natural hair wig is way easier and simpler when compared with synthetic or artificial hair wigs.

It is therefore easy to understand why people prefer buying 100% virgin human hair wigs even when they are so costly and expensive and there are cheaper options easily accessible. The market is filled with an array of products claiming to be natural human hair wigs. Make sure that you are making wise decisions and choosing the apt hair wig made from 100% natural, virgin human hair.

If you want a really quick change that you can do yourself, then a wig may be a good option for you. You will find that wigs can really transform the way you look. There are so many options of types of wigs, styles, and colors available today.

As shown on the video, you will find me providing a demo of EASTER GRWM MakeUp & Hair By UNice Human hair lace front wig.

Hair wig maintenance and care must be followed

It is essential to properly maintain the hair wig with a regular care regime if you want it to last longer and retain its natural look. Some of the maintenance tips include:

  • 1. It is always recommended to brush the extension properly, eliminating the tangles before you wash it. It is recommended that you avoid combing wet hair. It can damage the extension.
  • 2. Gently brush the hair twice or thrice a day regularly.
  • 3. Make use of only the highest quality shampoos and conditioners so that the natural shine and texture of hair retains.
  • 4. When you wash the hair after applying shampoo, it is suggested that you must wash it in a downward direction to avoid tangling.
  • 5. Avoid using too many blow dryers and heating curlers if you want to retain durability.
  • 6. Moisturizing is vital as well. Hence, use conditioners, but not in excessive amounts because they can leave your hair greasy and oily.
  • 7. If you are swimming with the extension, choose to wear a cap to avoid tangling the hair due to the chlorinated water.

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