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Holiday Hair - Welcome to the Upcoming Holidays

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

It's the coldest and last month of the year again. Whether it's the weekend, the upcoming Christmas theft, or New Year's, does the thought of attending all sorts of holiday parties bother you a bit? Things related to the holidays make dressing up extra fun. Not only clothing and makeup, but hair is also very important, and our hair has the power to change us.

From Thanksgiving to New Year's, creating a matching style for your hair can enhance your look and overall mood, no matter the occasion. Below, we've gathered some hairstyles for all kinds of holidays that we hope will give you some inspiration.

Velvet bow ponytail

Velvet bow ponytail

If you ask me what represents winter, I will not hesitate to say velvet. Linen is the symbol of summer and velvet is the symbol of winter. Adorn a velvet bow on the ponytail, how like a beautiful Christmas present! This iconic holiday hair catches the eyes of others with its soft, plush appearance through characteristic embellishments. The just-right length of hair creates the perfect flip at the back of the neck. If you have fine, straight hair, a ponytail of this texture is more manageable.

To do this hairstyle, tie your hair into a tight ponytail at the top of your head and secure it with an elastic band. Then, use a round brush to turn the hair out and fluff the ends. Finally, tie a large velvet bow at the base of the ponytail for decoration.

Side-parted holiday hair

Side-parted holiday hair

Wavy curls are in many people's hair, and if you want to set yourself apart for the holidays or festivities, contoured waves with shiny bobby pins that cascade to the side is an easy and straightforward way to do so. This style is effortless, as long as you have big waves.

To create this look, blow dry your hair with an anti-frizz cream, and once your hair is dry, use a one-inch or 1.5-inch curling iron to add waves and finish with a texturizing spray to hold and add volume. Then pin part of your hair back with the pretty hair accessories you bought and you're done.

Headband Holiday Hairstyles

Headband Holiday Hairstyles

If you don't know what to accessorize your hair with, then you'll want to go with a headband. You can't go wrong with a headband for almost any occasion, as long as you pick the right one. If you're partial to a messy updo, a headband can be the finishing touch to this hairstyle and make this style special.

Hair accessories are an easy way to change your look, and a fun ribbon or scarf [used as a headband] works great during the holidays to add that unique vibe.

Crown holiday hair

Crown holiday hair

What girl doesn't have a dream of being a princess or a queen? With big waves and a crown, it couldn't be more appropriate for a holiday party look. After the crown is embellished with diamonds or pearls it can be both elegant and noble, as well as playful and cute.

To get the best out of this hairstyle, you first need to have full waves, which are easier to maintain with a curling iron. Narrow the rollers to 0.75 inches and curl your hair away from your face. Gently comb through with a comb and spray with a texturizing spray to add volume, then put on your favorite crown, and wow, where did that princess come from?

Hairpin style holiday hair

Hairpin style holiday hair

Bobby pins are a familiar hair accessory for many girls. If you feel that your curls are a bit monotonous, take a bobby pin and put it on your curls before you go out and it will look different. Yes, this is the work of the hair clip.

This look is especially good if you have a lot of texture in your hair. Generally speaking, in order for any hairstyle to work, you need to prep it to help keep it shiny and healthy, and if your hair is dry, give yourself a deep treatment once a week, even something as simple as running coconut oil left in your hair for an hour, will help."

Holiday hair embellished with flowers

Holiday hair embellished with flowers

Is there anyone who doesn't love flowers? Whether it's everyday life or holidays, flowers have a very important place. People often express their feelings by sending flowers on special holidays, so it's nice to think about putting a floral decoration in your hair - peonies, star flowers, roses.

If you're curious about the details of your hair, make sure your hair is dry by spraying a heat protection spray throughout your hair. Start at the roots and create waves with a triple-barrel flat iron. Stick your hair into the clips and let go. Move the iron down your hair, following the continuity of the shape toward the ends.

Leaving some curls around your face, gather your hair loosely into a low bun and secure it with an elastic band. Then spray with hairspray to hold the hair in place and finish by placing the flowers separately where you want them. If you don't want to take the time to fix the flowers in your hair, you can go buy a clip with more words, it will be much easier.

Bobby pins for a center-parting

Two side bobby pins for a center-parting

This look is one that is based on a center parting, adding decoration to the hair on either side, with two thin bobby pins on either side adding a gorgeous touch to it.

First, create a center parting with a paddle brush, then spray on a heat protectant and use a flat iron to straighten the hair. Brush your hair back from the crown, using hair that hides the parting line, lift the roots and gently brush back to give a visual appearance of more volume, followed by a teasing brush to brush the sides of the fringe down and behind the ears. Add bobby pins and finish with a spray of shine spray.


So many beautiful hairstyles, do you like any of them? If so, hurry up and take action! After all, there are many holidays in December that need to use these hairstyles. If you want fuller ponytails and hair, come to UNice hair and see how you can have naturally beautiful hair in the shortest possible time!

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