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Hairstyles to Try for Women over 40

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Age is nothing but a number! Age brings us more than just signs of aging, there is something more important than age that grows with time. Most women have grown into a confident woman after 40, giving up chasing trends in favor of a personal style that suits them: a woman who knows who she is and what she likes.

Hairstyles to Try for Women over 40  yaars

Hairstyles for 40-year-old women to try

The only taboo for women over 40 is not finding a style that works for you. Don't run away from your age, getting older is a privilege. As the "mom" stereotype continues to fade - let's drop the bad "mom hair" jokes - and take a look at hairstyles for women over 40 that suit all hair types and face shapes.

There are no rules about what type of hair women over 40 should have; they should focus more on what hairstyle suits her lifestyle, her style and, most importantly, her hair type.

Mega-Shiny Collarbone Waves

Mega-Shiny Collarbone Waves

The same classic bob can be blown out with a round brush for a sleek effect, just like Michelle Obama's famous inauguration hairstyle, with tons of volume and shine.

Effortlessly styled with a small amount of finishing oil to enhance shine and reduce frizz and flyaways, no strand of hair is out of place.

This is very important, at any age your hair should be healthy and in tip-top shape, giving a new sense of confidence.

Traditional Chin-Length Bob

Traditional Chin-Length Bob

There are many hairstyles that are powerful and bold, such as the sharp chin length bob. Using a straightening cream, blow dry your hair and slide your hair dryer head down with a round or flat brush.

Finish by applying a shine balm, or other high-shine product, to your hair to keep it looking smooth and shiny.

Choppy Pixie

Choppy Pixie

Women who wear their hair short after 40 usually stem from confidence, both professionally and emotionally. Plus, after years of coloring or bleaching, a great hairstyle with shape, sophistication and allure is what counts.

Enhance traditional cut pixie pieces of hair by mixing a medium hold gel and shine cream in your hands, then swish through your hair from side to side for a complete look.

Modern one-length hair

Modern one-length hair

Sleek one-length hair is representative of the "ageless" and "super slick" hairstyle. Also, this hairstyle works well on Type 3 and Type 4 hair, and a cute ear plug can look young and show a beautiful angle on an 'old' face.

Hiding behind the hair is not an option here, hold your head high and show them who is boss.

Grow out pixie short hair

Grow out pixie short hair

The longer pixie cut is an easy wash-and-go look that requires minimal styling. With a myriad of styles and lengths that don't require consideration of hair texture, pixie cuts work for many women.And this hairstyle is timeless and effortless.

Simply mix a medium-strength styling gel or cream with a shine or light oil to enhance the layers of the cut and bring out the texture with a glossy, satiny look.

Coily Fauxhawk

Coily Fauxhawk

This edgy pixie cut is a total dream for those who have tight, bouncy curls, by cutting off the sides and back and leaving the length on top.

The quad looks incredible because the volume looks so cool when it stands tall, and you can also use color to create an extra dimension throughout the hairstyle; color can make the curls pop and look more defined.

This is the time in life when you know who you are and you should never be afraid to show it off!

Layered Fringe Curls

Layered Fringe Curls

A good hairstyle is all about the individual's personality, features, and hair texture. For a long oval face, the bob style is perfect, going from chin to shoulder-length with a fringe to add some layers to the wavy curls.

For some spunky personalities, the soft fringe and fake wet cascading waves are a playful twist on the classic bob silhouette.

Asymmetry hair

Asymmetry hair

It's always lovely to see a woman over 40 with a creative style. It is a hairstyle that can reflect character, personality, elegance and confidence.

You can take a cue from Charlize Theron and rock a sleek asymmetrical bob with short hair on one side and the other extending to the chin or beyond.

If you haven't tried anything by age 40, it might be time to give it a shot and step out of your comfort zone, which can be anything you haven't done before, like bangs, a new haircut, or trying some bold colors. Being wild and adventurous is different for everyone.

While this style is advanced, know before you cut it that if your hair is not type one, it will take some work to nail the pin-straight smoothness.

Lion haircut

Lion haircut

A lion head with curly hair, which means cutting your hair into a face frame, creates drama mainly with bangs, creating a very cool shape with lots of layering at the top and sides, very sexy just because you are over 40 and you should never settle for what the world tells you should have.

Keep pushing the limits - Being older doesn't mean being boring, so don't hesitate to try new, adventurous styles. Enhance the shape of your curls by running your fingers through your hair with a hydrating serum to add volume and definition to lackluster curls and waves, giving your curls a more textured look.

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