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Hairstyle Inventory of The Venice Film Festival 2022

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

A hairstyle is a choice that people make according to their various needs and desires to achieve a specific effect or reflect their different personalities and aesthetic standards. At the Venice Film Festival 2022, we can see people choose their classic or fashion hairstyle to look more spiritual and elegant. Let’s take a look at some of these hairstyles today.

1. Classic Hairstyles

A hairstyle that suits you can not only modify the shape of your face and head but also have a visual effect on your figure. Classic hairstyles have a long history of development over the years, so people can learn from them and find one that can amplify their strengths and traits in the Venice Film Festival 2022.

1.1 Long straight hair with central parting


Long straight hair has always been recognized as one of the most glamorous hairstyles and can be a great way to bring out a woman’s softness. Honey brown hair is very natural and gives a soft aesthetic that will add a degree of intimacy.

Julianne Moore&rsquo's choice of long straight honey brown hair can show off her confidence and gentleness. With her hair parted in the middle and placed behind her ears, it shows off her delicate face and excellent shoulder and neckline, just like a swan swimming on the water, elegant and confident, generous and spontaneous.

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1.2 Half updo with silk hair bows


The half updo is a hairstyle that combines a casual vibe with a delicate style. Not only does a half-tie give your hair a neat and clean look, but it also brings an age-defying effect. When attending an important event, choosing this hairstyle can make people focus on your delicate face and make you look petite and lovely.

Sydney Sweeney added a black silk hair bow to her half updo.  This not only made the hairstyle look more sophisticated, but also echoed the black dress she was wearing, adding to the overall harmony.

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1.3 A high ponytail with baby bangs


To say which hairstyle is the real “Icon” of the classic hair world, the high ponytail deserves it. The high ponytail is one of the favorites of supermodels and celebrities since will never go out of style.

A ponytail will look neat and clean, and it has a very pure feeling. This hairstyle will make people feel like they were students, so they will feel youthful. In addition, a high ponytail can prolong the face shape, and create a small V face.

It is wise for Elisa Sednaoui to choose a long high ponytail with baby bangs. Because this hairstyle can reduce the distraction of people’s visuals and make them concentrate on their faces and clothes. And this hairstyle can also reflect her youth and vitality, leaving a lively and optimistic impression.

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1.4 Long bob with flat, defined waves


Bob has long been a favorite choice of people, which can be found during recent years at the Venice Film Festival. Bob is a symbol of independence and determination, and choosing this hairstyle can convey the inner belief of being strong and confident.

Cate Blanchett’s hairstyle is flat, defined waves Bob. These soft curves can add some beauty to a Bob to create a warm image. In addition, the light golden hair color exudes a radiant luster under the light, which complements the brilliant blooming flowers on the chest, creating a sense of vitality that is both youthful and energetic, mature and confident.

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2. Fashion Hairstyles

Fashion means bold and trendy, innovation and breaking. Fashion hairstyles can break people’s inherent cognition and develop a new direction for hairstyle innovation. Here are some novel hairstyles that appeared in this film exhibition, which attracts people’s attention. 

2.1 A sculptural hairstyle


Trendy hairstyles need to be finely designed by an experienced hairstylist to create a stunning effect since people’s sight will be firmly drawn to the hairstyle. Combined with an amazing outfit that echoes each other, it is sure to produce a magical effect.

Barbara Palvin makes an avant-garde and bold choice. This sculptural hairstyle is simply a work of art. The hairstylist Owen Gold used his skillful technique and a generous amount of hair gel to carefully fix Barbara’s hair into this three-dimensional, layered hairstyle that is both romantic and futuristic, and technological.

The sculptural hairstyle lengthens her visual height and gives her a very tall look. In addition, it nicely contours Barbara’s face, amplifying her strengths. It is really an impressive hairstyle.

2.2 Wet-look hair


Wet-look hair has become popular for women in recent years and is chosen by a large number of celebrities. The wet-look hair is the glossy appearance of hair that is treated usually with a gel. A famous hairstylist said that “The wet look is having a moment because it's for any girl, so it's accessible and for the most part easy to do.”

Grace Elizabeth’s short, wet hairstyle weakens the impact of the haircut on the overall look, attracting the eyesight to her face and the necklace. A large amount of white space highlights the smooth lines of her face and neck, showing off her charming figure. In addition, the wet hairstyle holds all hair firmly in place, avoiding misalignment and giving a neat and sharp look. This cool and tough temperament will be more appealing than the sweetness of her previously long hair.


As fashion pioneers, celebrities have the power to lead and create fashion trends. We can learn from their hairstyles and apply them to our daily lives to enhance our exquisiteness. But not all hairstyles are universal. Whether it is a classic hairstyle or a fashionable one, it is important to choose one that suits your face shape and your overall outfit. An unsuitable hairstyle can definitely have a very big impact. Thank you very much for reading. If you like any of the above hairstyles or want to know about other hairstyles, please leave a comment below.

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