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[Hair Review]Unice pruvian curly hair review

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

UNice was born in 1999,in Henan, China with 15 years experience. It developed from a small local textile processing enterprise and gradually into a global human hair enterprise in the world. Unice gets more and more affirmation and recognition in recent years ,what’s the reason?Here are some answers:

Tiffany James

Okay Guys. so I am not one to really leave reviews. its just not my thing HOWEVER. I had to leave a review about this peruvian hair bundle. I had a quick vacation come up and I need hair in a few days so I decided to order hair off of amazon because of prime ( Prime is life). I'm always skeptical when it comes to ordering virgin hair online however this Hair is truly AMAZING. Curly hair at that!. Guys the trick to taking care of curly hair is keeping it moisturized. Yes it does shed however every curly hair sheds . the shedding is very minimal tho. I got three bundles of 24 inchs. Soon I'm going to order just 1 more bundle for more of a dramatic look but i look this hair guys and thought i should share. My Ig is Modernmercer if you would like to see more. dated 08/29/16 * three weeks update.



Very nice hair

1st. The hair is soft and beautiful and curly as you know reading other

reviews, ends , texture, curly pattern nice it's like a jerry curly

2nd. The hair can be dyed (I dyed it jet black)

3rd. The hair seems a little shorter than expected but remember the hair is length when it is stretch.

4th. Very very little or no shedding.

5th. The smell! People need to chill because the smell is like any honestly 100% hair weave...deep shampoo, condition, and lil frabic softner will make the smell literally go away.(unless I just got lucky with a good pack idk)

unice hair


When it comes to human hair weave you literally have to treat it Like your own. This hair say 5a and it work just like a 7a hair would...I have natural really beautiful hair and it blends perfect with my spanish curls. :)

Perfect, it had a lil smell not as bad as ppl made it seem once you cowash it smells like regular human hair &there was no brown coming from it. The hair is true to length (of course it's curly though). I thought it wouldn't be enough cause i have a kinda big head but 3 bundles were perfect. 18,20&22 inch I want to try some more hair types i love this stuff everybody asking me thinkin about taxing them for this prized posession €

peruvian hair

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