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The Best Hair Color Ideas For Dark Skin Women

Last updated Apr 7, 2024

Ready for a change and try something new on your hair to embrace the new year? Here is a list of stunning hair colors for black women's hair inspiration when going to the salon or DIY at home. From classic and subtle brown hair colors to edgy bright dyes, there must be a color that you can play around with your hair and complement the best of yourself.

The Best Colors For Black Women's Hair

Light Blonde

Wanna something bright but classic? Having this lighter blonde color with your hair can give you the excitement that you want, and the blonde can create a contrast with a dark skin tone.

Honey Blonde

If you are voting for mixed hues, honey blonde is a perfect combination of blonde and darker colors. The honey blonde color hair on brown skin is a perfect example of adding warmth and complementing the style.

Colored Highlights

The highlight is a perfect hair color to achieve the best result with less commitment.


Great choice to have a light color on hair, and add a little brown that can blend well with ginger and still have a subtle look.

Skunk Stripe

The skunk stripe hair is bold and innovative. This hair color is perfect for someone who loves trying new hair colors.

Red Hair

Red is the symbol of enthusiasm and fierce. Though there is no limit for women of color to rock bold and pioneer colors, burgundy is a better combination of red and purple for black women to go.

Caramel Highlight

Caramel, honey brown, and all the shades put together can add a warm vibe and flatter darker skin tones.

Copper Orange

The right color inspiration for autumn and winter. And this orange hair color adds more brightness and freshness during the cold season.

Light Brown

We expect that warm brown hair colors will be one of the best hair color trends. This hair color is suitable for any skin tone and creates a natural look compared with edgy colors.

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