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Top Hair Care Tips for Rainy Days

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

hair care tips

Rain not only dampens your mood; it can also cause damage to your hair.

No matter how much you take care of your hair, you will always find it difficult managing them during monsoon season. It’s time we rise to the challenge and take a stand against the gloom with a few hair tricks and one very cute rainy day do.Keep reading.

What you will learn :

First, let’s talk about why care?

1. Appearance

"Once you have damp or wet hair, your style is going to collapse and you'll be stuck with that flat shape all day," Nader says. 

To avoid spending the next 24 hours in literal hair hell, limit your time outside, as well as your time in the rain. If you've been waiting for an excuse to go into hibernation, this is it. 

2. Protect your hair

When the humidity is high or when it’s pouring with rain, it can turn your hair into a frizzy mess. The hair takes in the rainwater and expands.

When it frequently rains, preventing the hair from curling up can be a never-ending battle, so you must prepare yourself. If you have natural Black hair, this can be even more frustrating as the hair curls back up almost immediately.

3. Healthy

When hair is exposed to rainwater in certain situations, that’s what causes the most amount of hair damage. When acid rain, which contains chemicals and acids, comes in contact with one’s hair; it strips the tresses of moisture and leaves the hair frizzy and rough.

What is the worst, it will be bad for your health.Not only your hair but also your skin.


So, how to protect your hair from the rain?

how to protect the hair from the rain?

1. Clean your hair

Since the rainy season adds up more dust and dirt to your scalp therefore the first thing you should do is to clean your wavy hair extensions regularly on a daily basis or on two days intervals.

2. Use a mild shampoo

Use a mild yet deep cleansing shampoo to remove any residue on your scalp left behind by rainwater. Another reason to shampoo oily hair is because your hair may become limp during monsoons and only shampooing can restore volume to your hair.

3. Condition the right way

The right way to condition your hair is to :

a) avoid using too much conditioner and

b) apply conditioner only to the ends and lengths of your hair.

Use a wide tooth comb, as mentioned earlier, to give the conditioner a good spread and follow it up with a rinse with cold water.

4. The right kind of comb

Using the right kind of comb during monsoon season is important, as it can help to cut the frizz and also prevent tangling. Not only does it help in detangling your tresses but it also serves as a good conditioning comb.

5. Avoid tight hairstyles

As if tight hairstyles aren’t causing enough damage to your hair or closures, it can get worse during the rainy season. A tight ponytail or bun can trap rainwater in your hair, and also make hair look frizzy and limp. Instead, opt for loose hairstyles, or even a shorter haircut for easy maintenance. 

6. Dry Them Properly

It is difficult to air dry your hairs in the monsoon weather due to increased humidity. You can use a hairdryer or dry it with a towel gently. If you think that combing the wet hairs can dry and untangle them easily, then put that thought aside. It will only harm your hair strands. 

7. Waterproof is good

The best way to protect your hair in the rain is to invest some money in a good quality waterproof jacket or hoodie.

5 must know hair care tips for the rainy season

hair care tips for rainy season

Rainy days might be good for cuddling and staying in bed. But when you’re out and about, make sure your hair is protected from the rain. Or better yet, follow the tips above on what you should do to take care of your hair during rainy days.

  • 1. Ensure your hair is dry.
  • 2. Twice a week is shampoo time.
  • 3. Waterproof is good.
  • 4. Pick the right comb.
  • 5. Condition the right way.

How to wear your hair on a rainy day?

Use protective styles on a rainy day. Do something straightforward like pulling the raw virgin hair up and putting on a headband or wearing a deconstructed, messy ponytail. Several styles are easy, yet sleek. Keep reading to find a few simple styles which work for any hair type.

1. Braids 

Braided hair is one of the most common hairstyles. Braids hold their style and grace in wet weather. Add a twist to the two-part braid by twisting them together and forming a bun in the back.

2. MessBunun

If the gloomy weather proves to be too much and you can’t muster up more than a messy bun, dress it up with a pretty scarf, leaving the knot on the top for some added flair. 

3. Twisted Side Ponytail

This style gives the braid a little edge. Decide which is the best side to start the braid and if a part is needed. 

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