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unice black friday 2022

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Complete Guide To Shop On Black Friday At UNice

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Wondering how to find the most hassle-free way to shop on Black Friday despite inflation and epidemic supply chain issues, here is a summary of how to prepare for Black Friday and what UNice has done to ensure each customer's peace of mind. To help you better understand how to get the fastest, most money-saving, and hassle-free shopping at UNice on Black Friday, please read on.

1. How to place an order at UNice on Black Friday

Still ignorant of placing orders without knowing any deals? Or always can't grab the products you want this Black Friday? It's okay, now all your worries will be solved.

1.1 Do a good job beforehand with the length and density strategy

On Black Friday, whatever the brand, there will be extraordinary discounts, and this is indeed the time of the year to choose a few more quality hairstyles for yourself. When buying a wig from UNice, you can be sure that all wigs are made of 100% human hair and are of very good quality. So what you need to do in advance is to pick the length, color, and density of UNice hair. Different lengths and densities mean different prices and based on the hair lengths in the table below, you can take out a tape measure and figure out what length you want.

Usually, there is a large visual difference between the length of curly hair and the actual length of curly hair, and curly hair needs to be straightened when measuring. Choose the length and density you want first so that you can easily order and pay directly.

1.2 Add in advance to avoid congestion, and then choose a better deal

Do you often encounter on black Friday day to choose a product, when the payment is about to network status crash? Because on this day, people will be shopping in droves, the network speed will also be relatively slow. So it is more recommended that you choose UNcie hair, will like the wig length density and other good choices, and then add to the shopping cart in advance. This can effectively avoid network congestion and the regret of not being able to buy their favorite wig, after adding it to the shopping cart as long as you wait until the day of Black Friday can be ordered. In addition, UNice also has a selection of more favorable activities, and the combination of payment is cheaper.

1.3 Sign up for membership to get benefits

If you are not yet a member of UNice, go to the home page and sign up! UNcie points can be accumulated and redeemed for coupons, which means you can buy your favorite wig at a cheaper price. You can earn points by going to the points page, completing daily tasks, and signing in. New and existing customers can enjoy the benefits of points!

1.4 Join WhatsApp groups in advance for deals and the latest news

If you want to get more deals and the latest wig information before Black Friday, you can apply to join the UNice WhatsApp group. Not only can you get timely order status updates, but you can also enjoy exclusive customer service. Get the latest sales information before the average person, helping you to buy more affordable wigs. In the group we have also carefully prepared a variety of easy-to-maintain hair tutorials for customers, not to be missed. 

2. Exclusive privileges for UNice customers on Black Friday

This Black Friday, UNice has customized exclusive privileges for every customer who chooses and trusts us to protect their Black Friday shopping.

2.1 All you want can buy at once - installment payment

Real wigs have better quality but also have higher prices, UNice's rich and diverse wig selection will indeed make people can not help but pick more wigs. But we deeply understand the huge impact of the economic crisis on life under the influence of the epidemic, to meet the needs of customers while also taking care of the realities of customers, UNice allows you to buy everything you want at once! No more stress with installment payment

2.2 Receive the wig of your choice earlier - fast logistics

Many women choose to buy wigs offline because the logistics of online shopping are too long, they want to receive the goods as soon as possible so that they can participate in the next Christmas, New Year, and other important events. For a small number of products that need to be shipped from our China warehouse, the express time frame is 5-7 days. No matter which warehouse you ship from, you can be assured that the wig will be delivered to you in the shortest possible time, so you can reduce the waiting time.

2.3 Easy return if you don't like it or it doesn't fit - no reason to return

At UNice, customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Our dedicated quality and quality assurance team will inspect your items before they are shipped. The quality of our products is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the item you receive, we can easily arrange an exchange or refund for you. No reason to return your items makes your Black Friday shopping more confident.

2.4 24/7 online service for all questions

You can contact us on our website or via email/text message. the UNice Hair team works 7 days a week. 24 hours a day. We always guarantee a response (SMS and email) within 24 hours. Your satisfaction is our mission. We will answer all your questions about wigs, logistics, and other aspects of your hair.

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