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Professional Guide To Making Finger Waves Short Hair

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

The finger waves short hair is a popular hairstyle from the 1920s and is a reprise of a classic look. In recent years we often see this hairstyle on red carpets and parties, and yes finger waves are gorgeous and are a great look for important occasions. This is a step-by-step tutorial that teaches you how to create finger waves on short hair.

finger waves short hair

1. What do you need to make finger waves short hair?

To be honest, finger waves require a lot of skill, it is not so newbie friendly and requires you to be prepared with tools and patience. Here are some items you need to have on hand as well.

●A fine-tooth comb: A fine-tooth comb will help you create a more refined hairstyle by smoothing over hair that has been coated with gel and mousse.

●Hairspray and mousse: Mousse can help you get a smooth and hydrated hairstyle, and also provide some hold. Hairspray is the most essential tool for creating a look, and it allows you to ensure that your curls do not fall out.

●Hair dryer: A hairdryer can do heat styling and also shorten the length of time you have to wait for your hair to dry.

2. Step-by-step tutorial to make finger waves short hair

Step 1 Wash your hair and comb it

Wash your hair and comb it

Only clean hair can ensure that the style will last longer. After washing your hair, use a comb to adjust your hair. Design your hair according to the direction you choose to part your hair. Generally, we see finger waves hairstyles with side parting, you can choose to part two-thirds of your hair to one side to ensure a good base for your hairstyle.

Step 2 Apply mousse

Apply mousse

Mousse is essential to get a stylish hairstyle. Apply an even layer of mousse to all your hair before you start all the styling adjustments. The smoothness created by the mousse will allow you to create finger waves without tangles or tangles.

Step 3 Make finger waves on your hair

make finger waves on your hair

Take out your comb and make S-shaped waves on your hair, starting at the roots and working your way to the ends, following the S-shape all the way through. The fine tooth comb is so obvious because of the fine adjustments that need to be made to the hair. If you have shorter hair, it is even more recommended that you create more waves out of it. On the side with more hair, use your fingers to create grooves.

Step 4 Wrap and style your hair

Wrap and style your hair

After completing the above three steps your hair has the basic shape of finger waves short hair, the next thing to do is to shape the hair. Use styling tape to wrap your hair and a silk scarf to fold them up for extra security. If you plan to put it under the hair dryer, wrap the band around your hair, pick up a book and sit back.

Step 5 Styling


The final step is to remove the styling tape and spray your hair with a styling spray over the finger waves hairstyle and you're done with your finger wave short hair!

3. Finger waves short hairstyles to light your red carpet

3.1 Short and wavy finger waves

Short and wavy finger waves

Finger waves are definitely not the wet, scalp-hugging hairstyles you see in the video above. finger waves represent a unique wave, a curvature created with your fingers, and they work especially well on short hair. Whether you're going to various parties or going on a date with friends, such short and wavy finger waves are perfect for you. Just like the heroine in the beautiful Sicilian legend, the charm of short hair is enough to make everyone stop.

3.2 Wet and wavy finger waves short hair

wet and wavy finger waves short hair

This finger wave short hair is perfect for those who have shorter and thinner hair. People with thick hair can choose to use heat styling devices to make their hair curly, but people with thin hair are hard to do this unless they are wearing wigs. Then for people with less hair, the wet and wavy finger waves hairstyle is the most suitable choice. By the way, this is also the same celebrity hairstyle, Zendaya has also tried.

3.3 Golden blonde finger waves hairstyle

Golden blonde finger waves hairstyle

Many dark-skinned women shy away from blonde hair until they have tried it, and the same is true for finger waves. But when you see how well the golden blonde finger waves hairstyle looks on darker-skinned women, you may be able to put your doubts to rest. Darker skin tones need some bright colors to mirror the skin and make it look more radiant. What's more, natural tans do get a lot of tries and blonde hair might be your breakthrough to show your personality.

4. Conclusion

After everything is set for the look, don't forget to apply bright, rich lipstick for yourself. After all, the vintage look of finger wave short hair is perfect for rich lip color.

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