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UNice free part hair closure review by Malibu Dollface

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Do you have difficulty choosing hair and comparing hair quality? Brazilian curly hair bundles with closure may be a very popular hairstyle and hair texture for women who are concerned about hair extensions. I hope this blog will help you know more about UNice Brazilian curly hair bundles with free part lace closures.

Malibu Dollface used UNice 3 bundles Brazilian jerry curly hair weave and an ear-to-ear free part lace closure. He made a thick, gorgeous hair wig with UNice virgin hair, and here is his review.

Malibu Dollface

Malibu Dollface: a famous Youtuber who is concerned about beauty, fashion, and hairstyle. He is good at styling different amazing hairstyles, I think he is very fabulous! The hair he designed was always very beautiful. He said he like his UNice Brazilian hair, and he stand by it. It is bouncy and smooth. Here is the Brazilian hair curly bundles review of Malibu Dollface:

Brazilian Curly + Lace Frontal Review

Malibu Dollface is very excited with his Brazilian curly hair weft, he shared the curly hair look on Youtube, and get many comments. 

Mizz Peach: It's funny that I'm always skeptical about UNICE hair because it's so cheap price-wise. I always said now if Malibu doll face does a review then I'd believe it.

Tiffany said: Mizz Peach I was the same way! I was like, "too cheap, it ain't real" BUT I tried it anyway, in the Brazilian Loose Wave and so far, 3 months in and it's actually worth it.

alexisrulles14 said: Tiffany right I saw the prices compared to Ali grace and I was like WTF. SO CHEAP but all the reviews were almost good. Especially since I'm on a budget and I'm getting hair for my bday. The body wave is what I want. This would be my first time getting and installing weave, so hopefully, I'll know when I ordered it!

Forever Esther XXI said: Love their hair it's so affordable! Just reviewed their Malaysian loose wave if anyone wants to check it out. 

Shazzon Middleton: Agreed! I ordered from there too && I still use the hair....after a good condition it comes back to life. 

Shay's World: I have their Malaysian Curly with a frontal and I LOVE it! It's been months and it looks like when I first got it! Mine is a lot fuller than yours is through the frontal isn't as full but it works I too love it better when it's wet! When it's dry it tends to poof. 


UNice hair weaves and lace closure provides a natural-looking alternative. With an approximate 4*4 base to work with, the closures provide 100% protection of your natural hair.  

In spite of virgin Brazilian curly hair closure, UNice also offers many other human hair types for customers: Virgin Malaysian body wave lace closure, Indian straight closure hair, etc. 

Brazilian hair bundles with closure 

Brazilian hair bundles use 100% virgin human hair, which can be bleached, permed, and chemically processed. 3bundles and 4bundle deals of Brazilian hair are available at a favorable price for fashion women. 

If you are looking for the best price with top quality virgin human hair products, customer-orientated return policy, and services, free shipping, UNice is the right place for you! Buy the best quality Brazilian body wave hair with a unice coupon code, a big surprise for you. 

Brazilian hair closure lace frontal 

Straight Brazilian 4''x4'' hair closure and 13''x4''ear to ear lace frontal Sew In with baby hair. Which helps customers to create a natural-looking hairline. Free part closure, Middle part closure, Three-part closure for you to choose.

UNice Lace closures use high-quality Brazilian human hair. Handpicking best quality human hair and handmade human hair bundles and hair closure makes UNice Hair the best choice for customers.   

Chrismas Big promotion for all virgin human hair

To give back to our customers, UNice has put forward a week big promotion for all virgin hair products. 

UNice Christmas Big Sale 

Time: Dec.20 - Dec.25th 

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