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Flock of Seagulls Hair: The Bold and Edgy 80s Hairstyle That Defined a Generation

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

In the world of 80s fashion and music, the style of the "Flock of Seagulls" band became iconic, particularly their signature haircuts. Their haircuts were unique, daring, and definitely memorable, with a distinctive shape resembling the wings of a seagull.

What is a flock of seagulls hair?

What is a flock of seagulls hair?

This hairstyle is characterized by a short and pointed haircut on the top of the head, which is combed upward and backward, like the wings of a seagull. The hair is shaved off at the sides and back, which adds to the edgy and futuristic style. The hair is usually dyed in various colors, with blue and blonde being the most popular. Let's break down the hairstyle of this group of seagulls. 

Long bangs hang down from one side, well beyond your eyes. The bangs may even completely cover one of your eyes. Then comes the most distinctive feature of this hairstyle. Your side hairs will be a bit spiky, and they need to look like the wings of a bird.

Mike Score was the one who came up with this look. He was the founding member and lead singer of the British New Wave band A Flock of Seagulls. They were preparing to play in Trinidad in the early 1980s. Mike was practicing David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust hairstyle in front of a mirror.

That means he's looking for mullets and spikes on top of his hair and in the front. The band's bassist, Frank Maudsley, also attempted to do his own hair while standing in front of the mirror.

They pushed each other and tried to use the mirror to their advantage. Frank accidentally touched the top of Mike's head, causing the front of his hair to fall out just as Mike finished tying it. The sides, however, remained raised.

This is how the famous seagull flock haircut came to be. Mike liked it and brought it to the stage, where it quickly became known as the "gull flock" haircut, a hit and a signature feature of the 1980s new wave and synth pop genres. This haircut was seen on fans of the band in concert and on the streets, making it a cultural phenomenon. He wore it for several years.

This style did not spread like wildfire and everyone fought for it. However, some men appreciated and adopted the style, and it became rare after the age of 80.

flock of seagulls hair

Aside from Mike Score, the only other person you've probably seen with this haircut is Matthew Perry, whose iconic character Chandler Bing on the FRIENDS show got it in one of the flashbacks.

How to get a seagull flock haircut?

Creating this hairstyle is actually quite easy. This style requires long, straight hair. Also, there are many hair products available. We will describe in detail how to do it.

Foremost, you need to get your hair a little wet. The best way to do this is to use a bottle and spray your hair with water.

Then, you have to use a root lifter. It is a hair care product that will make your hair fuller and thicker. It will pull your hair away from your scalp and will not let it lie flat.

Next, you will need to use a texturizing spray. This product will help to style and give your hair the shape you want it to have. You can't create "wings" without its help.

Now, you must blow dry your hair. This is the last step before you can really start styling. Blow-drying will loosen your hair and prepare it for styling.

After that, it's time for the most important step. You now have to make your hair look different. You will need a brush and a comb. Brush the hair on the sides to create the wings. Then, comb the front of your hair and gently sweep the long bangs to the side.

Finally, use a generous amount of hairspray. This is not the natural state of any type of hair. So, you'll need a lot of hairspray to keep this style in place.

3 Flock of Seagulls Inspired Haircuts That Work in 2023

You've learned how to give a flock of seagulls a precise haircut. This hairstyle, however, is not suitable for 2023. It would be a fun style to incorporate into your Halloween costume. Otherwise, it's best to leave this look behind. However, we do offer three styles that are inspired by seagull flocks in some way. These are more appropriate for modern men.

Subtle Flock of Seagulls

Subtle Flock of Seagulls

The first style is very similar to the original Flock of Seagulls haircut. It's simply a more subtle variation that Mike Score has tried. Your hair is not tied up on the sides in this style. You would simply brush your hair up and give it some height. So, instead of wings, you'll be brushing the sides more.

Your hair will fall down the sides, forming long bangs in the center. You will not choose a side swept style, and your bangs will not extend beyond your eyes.

Winged Haircut

Winged Haircut

This is not a variation on the seagull flock haircut. You could call it a modern take on the 80s hairstyle. If you enjoy winged hairstyles, why not try winged haircuts?

You should also keep your hair long in the back for this look. The side hair will not be pinned down. Instead, let your hair around your ears and in the back fly a little. As a result, the hair around your ears will resemble wings. You would still choose a bangs style, such as a seagull hairstyle, for the front.

Messy Style

Messy Style

Men who like the asymmetrical seagull flock hairstyle should try this look. You should definitely experiment with the messy top look. You will have the front fringe that is still reminiscent of the original style. However, for this look, choose shorter bangs that do not extend past your brows.

Make your hair on top of your head look messy and disheveled. To achieve an asymmetrical look, use hair care products or simply your fingers.


Although the seagull hairstyle is now synonymous with the 80's, its influence can still be seen in modern hairstyles. The boldness and creativity of this style has inspired many later hairstyles and looks, and it remains a popular reference for hairstylists and fashion designers.

In short, the Gull Flock hairstyle is a unique and iconic style that perfectly captures the energy and spirit of the 80's music and fashion scene. It remains a timeless symbol of the era and continues to inspire today's fashion and style trends.

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