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Fifteen Easy And Classy Graduation Hairstyles You Need To Try In 2022

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

It is graduation season again soon, which signifies an opportunity to conclude years of tight study and congratulations to all graduates for a new and full of variety journey to the starting line of the“real world”. And there are many graduation traditions that we all know, such as wearing graduation caps and gowns, pomp and circumstance, and throwing graduation caps in the air. Then I will sincerely recommend some easy and classy graduation hairstyles to you.

Graduation Ceremony

It will put an end to your four years or five years in university in the form of graduation souvenir and baccalaureate gown, which also means to start a new chapter of your life. What is more important, this is the moment all of your family members will show up with their phones and maybe even professional cameras to take many photos of you to commemorate your graduation. In preparation for your big day, we’ve pulled together these easy and convenient graduation hairstyles that will look fabulous underneath your graduation cap.

Side Braid


Whether your hair is straight or curly, styling your hair with a side braid is perfect for the graduation ceremony as it looks cute and classy with your graduation cap. You can design a lovely fishtail braid, a dutch side braid, or so on to take part in the memorable graduation ceremony. Don’t forget to loosen your braid to increase its volume, which can make your prom hairstyle look more natural and romantic. You can use a lace front wig to achieve this graduation hairstyle.

Low Ponytail


The Low ponytail is a chic and simple hairstyle for graduation and suits you for graduation day because it will be so comfortable to put on your graduation cap with less maintenance for a long time. There are no reasons to miss the graduation hairstyle for long hair that can bring a fabulous, delicate, and elegant look for you. Besides, you can clip on barrettes, tie on a ribbon or slip on a headband to the low ponytail, which will add a bit of charm to your hair. If you want to be more convenient, a UNice headband wig is a priority option for your graduation hairstyles.

Low bun


You can’t go wrong with the simple hairstyle for the graduation ceremony. Why not consider the low bun? There is no way better and easier than putting your hair in a bun for the cap. You can also attempt to complete this simple graduation hairstyle with waves, curls, minimalist accessories, braids, some bangs, or some fresh flowers.

Loose Waves


If you look for an elegant and chic graduation hairstyle for your hair, try to make natural loose waves and leave them down. When putting on a graduation cap, it still can shows your beauty and attractiveness faultlessly and leave a deep impression on others. Of course, colored hair bundles also be used to design this hairstyle.

Pix Cut


It is the best choice for you if you are finding a graduation hairstyle for short hair. You can draw light make-up in this hairstyle for a gentle look and add some stylish bobby pins to keep your cap in place.

Graduation Party

No matter what your degree is, or wherever you get it from, the graduation party is a time to celebrate your achievements. Commonly, all girls will put on a beautiful and formal gown to enjoy an unforgettable time at the party. There are some exquisite graduation hairstyles for your reference that can go well with a dress.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle


When it comes to the half up half down hairstyles, you can add a braid, twist, ponytail, and so on to your hair in order to be more stylish. Also, you can add a little glamour to yourself by choosing a ribbon or flower crown that will foil your baccalaureate gown. After all, accessories can add a whole new level of style to your hair and make you become the center of the crowd wearing the same thing.

If you just have short hair, you can consider a T-Part wig that is 100% human hair and can be styled as your own hair according to your need.

Braided Crown Bun


Braided Crown Bun is super easy to maintain and never out of fashion. It goes with a long gown or ethnic outfit and is a priority option for your graduation day to capture all those perfect moments. By it, you will become outstanding and gorgeous on that significant occasion.

Wave Bob


To be honest, short hair can be styled as readily as long hair. If you have shoulder-length or short hair, you can keep it sweet and simple with waves or choose braids, buns, ponytails, and so on.

Fluffy Braided Bun


With formal graduation hairstyles, there is never a better option to adorn a few hair accessories. This cute look with an airy loopy is completed with a couple of well-placed blooms, added for extra pizzazz and delicate touch of tenderness.

Low Pealed Updo


If you’re on the hunt for chic hairstyles for prom, the low pearled updo will meet your needs. Featured a thick braid above the low bun, the hairstyle is ideal for arriving at any party with delicate pearl accessories.

Graduation Trip 

In the future, some people will tend to pursue further studies to upgrade themselves or choose to find an ideal job. Whatever your choices will be later, many students plan to have a graduation trip before entering the real world. And I share a bunch of different graduation hairstyles that are basic and simple to do while traveling.

Top Knot


No time to blow out your hair when traveling? The top knot will be your best option as it is a go-to style whether your hair is curly or straight, long or short, thin or thick, and we are so confident that it will look fabulous on you!

Low Pigtail


Trying off some low pigtails or even braiding them will keep your hair under the control of you and won’t run out of your way in the journey. With the simple, chic, and gorgeous graduation hairstyle, you won’t be distracted when viewing the breathtaking scenery during the trip.

Double Buns


If you like to make your hair edgy while traveling, trying the double buns would be a perfect choice. Not only is the hairstyle effortless, but perfect to tie up all your hair during your trip, which makes it very comfortable.

Lazy Bob


The lazy bob is a feminine and chic hairstyle for graduation that doesn’t require styling on most hairstyles. And even though you don’t get a few haircuts, it also won’t be out of shape. If you want to change your look and have a different feeling, you can straighten or add some curls easily and quickly.

Waterfall Braids


Waterfall braids are one of the most beautiful and feminine braid styles, and it can create a cascading effect, which means it works perfectly with soft wavy hair. Besides, you can add a dutch braid or some fresh flowers to a body wave wig for a better look.

Are you ready for the graduation season? You can try one of these easy and classy graduation hairstyles we sincerely recommend to you. I am sure that you will get a fantastic and outstanding look in many people.

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