Nowadays, wigs are playing a more and more important role in people’s daily life, especially for those people who are suffering from hair loss or want to create a new look. Recently, we launch a new type of human hair wig-V part wig. In this blog, we will introduce everything about the V part wig in detail you should know.

What Is A V Part Wig?

In fact, a v part wig is also called a thin part wig or a v shape wig, which means it is a modified half wig with a v-shaped opening on the top, you can cover the v-shape hole with your own hair. You can also interpret the V part wig human hair as a wig sewn on a v-part wig cap. You can blend your own hair through the v-shaped opening at the top of the wig, then create a natural hairline. In some ways, the v part wig is the upgrade of the U part wig that can leave out 99%-100% less hair than a U part wig human hair.

The Features Of The V Part Wig

Breathable And Comfortable

No Lace, No Glue, Or Gel

No Leave Out Needed, No Sew In

No Stocking Cap Needed Super Natural Looking

Blend Perfectly With Your natural hairline

Matches The Roots Of Your Hair

Can Put ON And Take Off Everyday

O Skill Needed Wig


What Are The Advantages Of The V Part Wig?

1.Flexible hairstyle: The thin part wig can allow you to wear your own scalp with no leave out or just small strands left out according to your need. Besides, you also can freely make a side part or middle part according to your preference. And you also can add some accessories to try different styles, such as headbands, clips, and so on.

2.Affordable price: Compared to a lace wig, the V part human hair wig is more affordable because of the machine-made construction.

3.Easy to wear: You can wear and remove the V part wig easily and quickly so that you can change your hairstyle faster.

4.Enough space: The V part wig can allow your scalp and hair to break so that you have the access to cleanse and care for it regularly.

5.Helpful for hair growth.

6. Natural look: If you wear a leave out you never have to worry about the wind blowing your leave out out of place and revealing a track or weft. Instead, it will simply look like your own real hair roots!

Who Need To Wear A V Part Wig?

1、The V part 0 skill needed wig is suitable for these people who are suffering hair loss or dreaming of thick and full hair. It can help you hide some hair problems and add some volume and length to your hair.

2、It is an excellent option for some girls who are allergic to glue or have sensitive skin. The v part wig is made of 100% human hair, no glue, and even no any synthetic. It means there will be no scalp irritation due to the chemical, no pulling of the skin because of the glue. With the high-quality v part wig human hair, you even don’t need to spend too much time cutting and hiding the lace.

3、And it is very friendly for beginners who haven’t tried human hair wigs before. After all, you don’t need to cut the extra lace.

4、More importantly, it is also a lifesaver on busy days. Because the v part wig no leave out is easy to wear and even can put and take off every day.

5、The thin part wig with clips is a great option for people who want to let their scalp have a break but still with a nice hairstyle.

6、This V part wig for sale is perfect for women who prefer their wigs to look more natural and real in real life. You even don’t have to deal with hidden lace holes, aggressive baby hair, or trying to blend with your natural hairline. Now you can wear your own natural hairline and part with no leave-out or just some thin strands of your hair left out.

How To Install A V Part Wig Human Hair For Beginners?

Step 1: Prepare freshly washed hair in advance and add some leave-out conditioner to your hair to make your hair and skin is moisturized.

Step 2: Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair to avoid any tangles or knots.

Step 3: Leave a small section of hair at the front to cover up the V-shaped opening at the top and then braid the rest of your hair into cornrows, making it as flat as possible. If you have short hair, you could pin your leave out.


Step 4: Clip the V part wig on your braided hair to attach the thin part wig into place and adjust the adjustable straps to get the best fit. There are 5 clips in the cap construction, there are 3 specifically for the part area and then two in the back.

Step 5: Cover up the opening of the V part wig with the section of hair you leave out.

You can look at this video for a reference. 

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