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The Beginner Guide About Hair Toppers

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

If you are looking to add fullness to your thin or fine hair, you may consider hair toppers. But if you are among those who haven’t seen or used hair toppers before, many questions may arise in your head like what exactly are hair toppers? Are they the same as a wig? Or hair extensions? Today, we will provide everything you need to know about hair toppers in this blog.

First of all, let us learn what a hair topper is.

What Is A Hair Topper?

A hair topper is also known as a half wig or top piece and is an accessory that can cover the top of your head. They are lightweight and easy to use and they are excellent for adding volume to the top of your head by simply clipping into your hair, especially when you have thin or fine hair.


Unlike hair extensions which are applied to the back side of the scalp or hairline area, hair toppers for thinning crown are commonly applied on the areas on the top of the head as indicated by their name. And toppers hair is similar to a wig, just smaller than human hair wigs.

Hair crown toppers are often made of synthetic heat-resistant fibers or human hair and have different colors, styles, and sizes.

How Do I Choose The Best Hair Topper For Me?

1. Choose The Proper Size

If you want to ensure you wear a perfect hair topper for women, it is important you know how much hair thinning and hair loss you have.

For instance, you can take a measuring tape and measure your hair loss area from front to back and side to side. Then add an extra inch to each measurement, and then this will be the base size you need. It is going to give you an idea of how big of coverage you need and help you have an easier decision to make when it comes to choosing the base of your hair topper.

More importantly, there are plenty of useful videos on YouTube on how to choose topper hair piece.

2. Pick Hair Materical According To Your Need

When it comes to synthetic hair toppers, there are a lot of options for you whether you fancy curls, waves, or a sleek straight look. Even you don’t have to worry about the weather ruining your hairpiece either, as it will hold its style whatever the weather. In addition, it will be cheaper than hair toppers human hair.

While human hair toppers for women can offer an incredibly natural finish. But it requires a little more upkeep with washing and styling. For example, overexposure to heat can damage the topper just like it would your own hair.

Although human hair toppers with bangs tend to be more expensive than a fiber hairpiece, it is definitely worth the investment if it is the right one for you.


3. Choose A Color That Match Well Your Natural Hair Color

In order to make wig toppers blend perfectly with your own hair, you had better choose a color that closely matches your natural hair color. Human hair toppers have so many gorgeous colors, highlights, and lowlights to choose from. We believe you are able to find the perfect color match.

Or some wearers also can firstly choose their topper color and dye their natural hair accordingly. However, if your hair is vulnerable, please be careful and remember to seek professional advice.

4. Select Appropriate Base

The type of base that you choose should be determined largely by the location of your hair loss. There are two bases available in the market, monofilament and wefted.

A monofilament base is constructed of individually attached hairs to a soft meshing and can give the illusion that the hair growing naturally from the scalp. Not to mention that these caps are known for their comfort and for being easy to style.

If you are suffering from severe or total hair loss, hair toppers with this base are the best choice for you.

A wefted base features rows (wefts) of hair so that you can pull any of your own hair between the wefts. Naturally, it integrates your own hair with the hairpiece, creating a natural look. Also, a wefted base provides good air ventilation due to the open wefts, ensuring cooling comfort throughout the day.

How Do I Style My Hair Topper?

Usually, the best way to style them is to put them on a mannequin head, spray them with water, comb them through, hair dry them into place, apply a heat protecting spray, straighten them or curl them in the style you like. In the end, you can clip it on your head to style the way that you want.

How Long Do Hair Toppers Last?

With good and proper care, your hair topper can last between six months to over a year.

How Can You Maintain Your Hair TopperS?

If you own a hair topper, you may wonder how to care for hair toppers to prolong their longevity. Read the following suggestion to take good care of your hair toppers.

1. Wash your blonde hair topper once every two weeks. This might sound odd, but it is actually quite normal. If you wash your hair topper as often as your natural hair, there is a possibility that it may dry out, thus reducing the longevity of the hairpiece.

2. Store your hair topper in a box when not in use. In this way, your silk hair topper will not collect dust or debris that can cause damage in the long run.


3. Use sulfate-free shampoos to keep your curly hair topper moisturized and not dry out fast. After all, these kinds of shampoos do not strip oils from the hair.

4. Apply conditioners regularly to ensure hair stays soft and long.

What Is The Difference Between Wigs And Hair Toppers?

In fact, there are many obvious differences between hair toppers and wigs.

One is the size. Hair toppers are smaller than wigs. Some people consider hair toppers to be more comfortable than HD lace wigs or lace front wigs. That is because they think hair toppers are more breathable and lightweight due to their smaller portions. They even can be worn easily during hot and humid days, especially during the hot summer.


On the other hand, they have different functions. For example, hair toppers are designed to cover only a portion of the hair that is thinning or balding. But wigs can provide full coverage of the head.

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