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3 Easy Ways To Create Natural-Looking Waves

Last updated Oct.16,2020

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We are living in the age of not-trying trying. As such, effortless beauty reigns supreme thanks to "make-up free" selfies, unfussy hair, artfully casual wardrobes and toxin-free, anti-inflammatory diets.

Unfortunately, looking effortless is not making us less busy, or any richer or less insecure for that matter.So, curious about the mechanics of it all, we decided to do a little accounting and figure out just how much time and money achieving the Platonic ideal of not trying, trying actually costs. Our findings, below:

Hair Cost

It dominates the red carpet, has been dubbed "meh head" by the New York Times and "rich girl hair" by the Cut. You know the look: long, shiny and smooth, with a few natural waves.

But soft waves with zero frizz potentially requires an arsenal of products and treatments such as:

There are many routes to an effortless look.Here are some simple hairstyles to keep you looking like you’re not.We just let you know:Your hair is as unique as you are. Our ultimate target is to help you embrace your strands and rock what you got.

If you have frizzy hair . . .

Frizzy hair is hard to love. It’s not sleek and silky, it’s not curly and adorable and it’s not wavy and sexy. It’s just…frizzy!But there ARE solutions!

In the humidity, it can be hard to manage (so much frizz!), so you should go-to hairstyle is a side braid because it keeps you cool and is super easy but still looks put-together."

side braid


If you have thick hair . . .

If you have thick hair, you’re definitely used to fielding tons of compliments from people who covet your lush, luxurious mane. But here’s something they probably don’t know: Finding perfect haircuts for thick hair is no easy task.

Thick hair is awesome. You have enough hair to decide whether you want to keep your density, make it look like you have even more, or make it look like you have less.In fact,the best way to wear it is down for a low-maintenance look.

thick hair


If you have greasy hair . . .

If you're looking for quick fix for greasy hair, we can help. Here is a easy way to hide oily roots without the faff of washing your hair... Enjoy the extra half an hour in bed.

Plaiting hair along the top of your head into a halo will act as the perfect cover for dirty roots. Pull out a few strands around your hairline to soften the style and you're all set.

greasy hair


All women are born with beautiful hair. While they may not always realize it, their lovely locks are as unique as they are, and just as amazing. We want to empower women to embrace their unique hair: To be proud of every strand. To fall in love with their look, let their hair down, and rock what they got. Visit UNice wholesale hair online store to find the perfect hair products to show your unique beauty.

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