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Easy Summer Hairstyles Anyone Can Try With Hair Bundles

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

With the coming of summer, many wig companies start to sell all kinds of hair bundles, such as colored bundles, three bundles with closure, four bundles with closure, and so on. Of course, UNice is no exception. This summer, you can buy many high-quality human hair bundles at an affordable price from UNice.Therefore we also pull together some easy summer hairstyles to rock with your best hair bundles.

Long Straight Hairstyle


There is no denying that the long straight hairstyle is the most durable hairstyle of various hairstyles. You only use a flat iron to straighten your hair carefully to get a sleek appearance. Don’t forget to spray some hair gel to make hair look silkier in the end. To add some different styles to long straight hair, you also can try to design some braid or put on some exquisite accessories.


And many black women all hope they can own natural black long straight hair because of the silky, smooth, bouncy features. Therefore, Peruvian straight hair bundles are one of the hottest and most popular human hair bundles among women because they can give them a gorgeous and natural look. Besides, they are soft, no shedding, no tangle, and will even last for a long time with proper care.

Beach Waves Hairstyle


Nothing is more suitable for more glamorous occasions than soft and elegant waves. Whether you want to join in a party or participate in activities on the beach, the beach waves hairstyle is a great option for you as it can perfectly show your feminine charm. If your hair is straight, you can use a curling iron to curl hair to gain beautiful beach waves. In addition, there are many new tips about how to get curly texture without heat. Hairstylist Justine Marjan ever recommended sleeping in braids, or wrapping your hair around a scarf, socks, or tights can help set your hair in the shape you want without any heat.


What is more important, you can get some Brazilian body wave human hair bundles to get this beach wave hairstyle as they don’t need much energy and time to maintain their look. And they are welcomed by Hollywood stars and celebrities on account of the beautiful shine and ease to take care of. Now UNice provides three bundles with closure and four hair bundles with closure at an affordable price with the black women. Like other high-quality human hair bundles, Brazilian body wave human hair bundles are no shedding, no tangle, and very bouncy.

Low Ponytail


Remember to never underestimate the beauty and charm of the low ponytail. Even though it looks very easy and dull, it is a popular choice for many women as it is convenient, classic, and can keep all hair away from your face, especially in summer. For example, Nia Long typically often styles a low ponytail with her hair parted down at the middle.


If you want to challenge different styles with a low ponytail, you can pick up some cheap hair bundles with other textures, such as loose wave, natural wave, deep wave, and so on. And here we sincerely recommend Peruvian natural wave hair bundles that are soft, silky, and have sightly natural waves. And they are available in 8-26 inches and can be straightened with a flat iron, and still hold their curls. Furthermore, you also can opt for some Peruvian straight hair bundles with closure to sew in a human hair wig, which is more affordable than directly buying a natural wave human hair wig.

Side Bun hairstyles


If you want to try an effortlessly chic look, it is a good idea to design a side bun like Amber Anderson. All you need to do is to secure your hair into a side ponytail, wrap the side ponytail to create a bun and then fasten it with some baby pins. What easy and stylish it is!


Why not consider using some colored hair bundles to style a chic side bun? There are many brown hair bundles, honey blonde hair weaves, burgundy hair bundles for you to go for. We believe these trendy hair colors can spick up your side bun.

Ombre Wave hairstyle


Ombre hair color can be one of the best options for these girls with curly hair. On one hand, curly hair will increase the volume of hair and make hair look more fluffy. On the other hand, ombre hair color can make you get more attention and stand out from the crowd.

So you can try some ombre hair bundles with different colors. And there is no ombre color like brown to pep up a long hairstyle with body waves. With black as the base and brown to fill up the rest of hair, your style is anything but boring.


Half Up Half Down Hairstyle


Do you want a charming hairstyle for naturally curly hair or wavy hair? This half up half down hairstyle will do the trick. It can be paired with various cute summer clothes and look and will show a more graceful temperament if adding some curls.


And Malaysian curly hair weave bundles are our hot-selling product because their curls are very tight and can give you a natural look. Besides, we all think it will be better and more impressive if adding some fresh flowers to the curly hairstyle.

In short, there are easy hairstyles you can try with hair bundles at home by yourself for the summer above. You can make a bold trial, and we are sure it will give you a different feeling to enjoy the fun of this summer.

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