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Eight Impressive E-Girl Hairstyles To Be On Trend In 2022

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Recently, we can find many style icons and celebrities spotted wearing popular E-girl hairstyles, such as Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, and so on. And some hairstylists even predict the trend will be huge throughout this year. Do you want to see it or try a new look? Now keep scrolling to see those best E-girl hairstyles of 2022 for you to try out.

Before reading the following E-girl hairstyles, let us learn the definition of trendy E-girl hairstyles.

What Is E-Girl Hairstyle?


Originating among online girl gamers, the E-girl hairstyle is similar to the scene trend we sew in the early 2000s, with winged eyeliner and striped tops, even blending a more modern aesthetic that is often enhanced through social media.

What Is The Feature Of E-Girl Hairstyle?

While the E-girl hairstyles often feature chunky face-framing highlights and contrasting colors, and are even accompanied by 90s-themed accessories, such as butterfly clips, and scrunchies, and so on. This year, the trend also got a big boost due to the return of 90s hairstyles.

Eight Impressive E-girl Hairstyles Inspirations

E-Girl Hairstyle With Bangs


Bangs are a trending E-girl hairstyle since they can make you look younger, give you a more feminine look, and add a cool 90s or early 2000 vibe to your hairstyle.

If you are bold enough and ready for a cool E-girl hairstyle, why not consider trying some knock-out bangs? It may be the top E-girl hairstyle now and can add more charm to your style, perfectly frame your face, and add a cool punk rock vibe.


If you want more of a punch, we sincerely suggest you match this look with your favorite boyfriend-style jeans and a band tee.

Blonde Highlights


There is no doubt that one of the most popular E-girl hairstyles is chunky blonde highlights. These blonde money piece highlights with the middle part look amazing as they can perfectly frame your face and give you a younger appearance.

If you are not ready to bleach your natural hair, we suggest you choose a money piece highlight wig as an option. It can help you get a fresh, vibrant look without you having to dye all your hair. Moreover, you won’t have to take extra effort to ensure that your money piece highlights last longer.


Two-Tone Hair


When it comes to E-girl hairstyles for short hair, you can’t mention the two-tone hair. The classic two-toned hair is one of easy E-girl hairstyles and maybe inspired by the new Disney movie starring Emma Stone. Your hairstylist just needs to divide your hair into two parts along the center and dye each half a different shade. And the two-tone hair can take the bold, graphic, and cartoon-inspired elements of the E-girl hairstyle to a new level.

Although black and white, black and blonde have already become the most popular combinations because of the sharp contrast, you can also opt for softer options. For example, plenty of people are also trying pink, blue, red, orange, and subtle pastels to create a sweet and pretty finish, which is less intimidating and easier to grow out of.


But when you choose color, please aim to pick shades that will complement your tone to enjoy the fun of colors. Or when you decide to try the two-tone hair, you had better show a picture of the look and tone you love with your hairstylist.

Butterfly Clips


Butterfly clips are back and better than ever. If you are not ready for a bold E-girl hairstyle, you can use some colorful butterfly clips to create a cute E-girl hairstyle. They’re small, versatile, and filled with personality. They can pull hair into a half up half down style, accentuate the length of a braid, or keep bangs out of your face.


More importantly, those accessories can also add a touch of wit to any boring hair day. Now add some cute butterfly clips to your smooth and soft hair for all the festival outdoor activities!

Pink Highlights


Pink highlights are popular with electronic girls everywhere for their cute, quirky, and feminine look. Besides, they can offer interesting and vibrant touch with your look. According to your skin tone, you can experiment with more vibrant hues like hot pink or go for a soft and subtle rose shade. Please keep in mind that if you have naturally dark hair, you will need to bleach some sections first before highlighting with pink dye.

If you have trouble dying your natural hair or worry about the damage of dying, it is a great option for you to add some 613 blonde hair bundles to your hair, and then dye them into pink. After all, our hair weaves are all made of 100% virgin human hair so that they can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled as your own hair according to your need.


And nothing is better than to match it with the cutest plaid skirt and vintage sweater. Of course, you can add some cute accessories, like barrettes and butterfly clips, too.

Rainbow E-girl Hairstyles


Can not decide between rainbow hair and E-girl hairstyles? Actually, the two hair colors can combine seamlessly.

Space Buns


Many people think only some super crazy hairstyle or hair color can draw major attention to you and really pull off the E-girl look. That isn’t the case at all. There are many E-girl hairstyles for lone hair that don’t require any dye and look very low-key. And space buns are considered one of the most trendy and low-key hairstyles.


Just split your hair in half, like the way you would if you were going to put your hair in pigtails. But instead of pigtails, you need to make cute little buns as tight or as loose as you want for the ultimate space bun look.



In fact, E-girl hairstyles are not all quirky hair colors. If you don’t want to dye your hair yet, it is the perfect hairstyle to achieve the E-girl hairstyle for curly hair. Because they look youthful, playful, and sweet. Whether you choose a full braid or just half up half down style, you could add some curly hair extensions to accomplish the sweet and innocent style.


What do you think of these E-girl hairstyles? If you have a better, welcome to comment below.

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