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Does Your Hair Need A Steam Treatment?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

As is known to us, everyone wants to keep their hair healthy. We usually choose a variety of methods to keep our hair hydrated and promote healthy growth, such as using lots of hair care products, getting regular trims, and avoiding heating tools, to name a few, but they sometimes don't deliver the results we want. Now there is a new method — hair steam treatment that can help you to maintain your hair healthy. Are you curious about it? In this blog, we will tell you everything about steam treatment for hair.

1. What Is A Steam Treatment For Hair?


Steam treatment is the process of applying moist heat to assist in opening the hair follicles, lifting the cuticle on the hair, and allowing conditioners and treatments to permeate each strand so that the hair can better absorb the moisture. Steam treatment is one of the best ways to pamper your hair as the heat helps to provide moisture to dry hair, making your hair smooth and silky.

2. How Often Should You Do A Steam Treatment?

How often you have a steam treatment relies on your hair type and hair quality. If your hair is comparatively healthy, you had better do it once a month. While if your hair is extremely dry, you can do it every 7-10 days. For do a steam treatment once a week will increase extra moisture in your hair, which can contribute to the hair becoming bouncy and smooth over time.

3. Why Should You Do A Steam Treatment?

Would you like to know why steam treatments are popular? You will find the answer from the content below.

3.1 Minimize hair breakage

Steam treatments work from the inside, permitting your hair to slowly absorb the steam and moisture from the hair care products you put on your hair. It retains the hair soft and hydrated due to the longer-lasting moisture gained, which is beneficial to inhibit hair breakage caused by dry and brittle hair.

3.2 Enhance product absorption

If your hair has low porosity, steam treatment is a wonderful way to assist moisturizing products to permeate deeply into your hair to maximize moisture balance. Since it can assist in opening up the cuticle, permitting the product to permeate deeply into each strand for perfect effects.

3.3 Boost hair growth

Are you facing hair loss? Hair steaming may be a great way to boost hair growth. When you steam your hair, natural oils flow into the scalp, nourishing it and contributing to hair growth. At the same time, it increases blood flow to the scalp and keeps hair growing healthy.

3.4 Improve hair elasticity


Determining whether a person's hair is healthy or not relies on whether the hair has good elasticity. Elasticity refers to the ability of a strand of hair to stretch and contract without breaking or suffering other types of harm. If you want your hair to have good elasticity, try a steam treatment for your hair. Hair steaming allows the hair to absorb the maximum amount of moisture and helps improve hair elasticity.

3.5 Cleanse your hair and scalp


In order to have a great-looking hairstyle, we usually use various hair care products on our hair. But these hair care products can leave some residue on the hair. If not cleaned for a long time, they will result in harm to the scalp and hair. Steaming the hair helps to remove all the buildup from the scalp, leaving the scalp clean and helping to grow and keep the hair healthy.

4. What Can You Use For A Steam Treatment?

There is a variety of hair steamers on the market. You can choose the right one according to your needs and budget.

4.1 Hooded steamer


Hooded steamers are common in salons. These steamers come with temperature and time control and emit evenly dispersed warm steam for an excellent hair flow experience. But they are more expensive and can require a lot of maintenance.

4.2 Tabletop steamer


It is more convenient and more suitable for family use. The tabletop steamer comes with a sizable hood that fits your entire head. They can also be used to steam long hair.

4.3 Hand-held steamer


It is a great option if you just want a cheap steamer. Unlike other steamer types, hand steamers can only steam a small portion of your hair. But these steamers are small, compact, and easy to store.

4.4 Hair cap steamer


Hair cap steamers are worn on the head and can be electric or non-electric. They don't generate a lot of moisture compared to other steamers. However, they are particularly popular as their high portability and low cost.

5. How Do You Steam Your Hair At Home?


If you don't have a hair steamer, don't worry. Follow the steps mentioned below for a DIY steam treatment at home and get salon-like effects.

Step 1: Wash and condition your hair

Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type and wash away any buildup from your hair. Then apply a conditioner, oil, or protein treatment throughout your hair to allow the product to penetrate deeply and add moisture to your hair.

Step 2: Put on a shower cap

Put on a shower cap and make sure your hair is completely contained to prevent any steam from escaping.

Step 3: Wet the towel and wring it out

Wet the towel with water and wring it dry (must make sure that no water drips from it).

Step 4: Put the towel in the microwave for 1-2 minutes

Putting the towel in the microwave will heat the water in the towel, which will help steam your hair.

Step 5: Wrap the towel around your head

Take the towel out of the microwave (make sure the temperature of the towel is tolerable) and wrap the damp, warm towel around the shower cap.

Step 6: Wait 20-30 minutes

Wait 20-30 minutes as this allows the moisture from the steam to permeate deeply into your hair and scalp.

Step 7: Rinse hair with cold water.

Remove the shower cap and towel from your head and untie your hair. Wash your hair with cold water as this helps seal the cuticle and lock in moisture.


After reading this blog, you must have a good understanding of how to steam your hair at home. Can’t wait to try it? Now hurry up and have a try.

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